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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-1-884357-00-8Sidney GoldsteinThe Basketball Player's Bible
1994978-1-884357-07-7Sidney GoldsteinThe Basketball Coach's Bible: A Comprehensive and Systematic Guide to Coaching (Nitty Gritty Basketball Series)
1995978-1-884357-08-4   ''Basketball Fundamentals (Nitty-Gritty Basketball)
  ''978-1-884357-09-1   ''Planning Basketball Practice (Nitty-Gritty Basketball)
1994978-1-884357-13-8   ''The Basketball Player's Bible: A Comprehensive and Systematic Guide to Playing (The Nitty Gritty Basketball Series)
1995978-1-884357-14-5   ''The Basketball Shooting Guide (Nitty-Gritty Basketball)
  ''978-1-884357-18-3Sidney Goldstein · Sidney Goldenstein · Sidney Basketball Player's Bible GoldsteinBasketball Pass Cut Catch Guide: Nitty Gritty Basketball Series
1999978-1-884357-30-5Sidney GoldsteinThe Basketball Shooting Guide 2nd Edition (Nitty-Gritty Basketball Series)
1999978-1-884357-31-2Sidney GoldsteinThe Basketball Scoring Guide (Nitty-Gritty Basketball Series)
  ''978-1-884357-32-9   ''The Basketball Dribbling Guide (Nitty Gritty Basketball Guide Series)
  ''978-1-884357-33-6   ''The Basketball Defense Guide (Nitty-Gritty Basketball Series)
  ''978-1-884357-34-3   ''Basketball Pass Cut Catch Guide (Nitty Gritty Basketball Series)
1998978-1-884357-35-0   ''Basketball Fundamentals (Nitty-Gritty Basketball Series)
1998978-1-884357-36-7Sidney GoldsteinPlanning Basketball Practice (Nitty-Gritty Basketball Series)
1999978-1-884357-77-0Nitty-Gritty Basketball Video 1: Fundamentals 1 [VHS]
2001978-1-884357-78-7Nitty-Gritty Basketball Video 5: Shooting 1 [VHS]
  ''978-1-884357-79-4Nitty-Gritty Basketball Video 6: Shooting 2 [VHS]
2004978-1-884357-82-4Sidney M. GoldsteinBasketball Offense 1: No. 12 Offense Basics
  ''978-1-884357-83-1Basketball Offense I: Offense Basics
  ''978-1-884357-86-2Basketball Offense III: Team Offense
  ''978-1-884357-87-9Sidney M. GoldsteinBasketball Offense III: No. 14 Team Offense
2002978-1-884357-88-6Nitty-Gritty Basketball Video 11: Defense 3 [VHS]
2000978-1-884357-90-9Sidney GoldsteinNitty-Gritty Basketball Video 2: Fundamentals 2 [VHS]
2008978-1-884357-99-2   ''The Basketball Coach's Bible