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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-1-883822-00-2Santa's Scientific Christmas [With Video]
1995978-1-883822-05-7Dianne N. EppThe Chemistry Of Vat Dyes (Palette of Color Monograph Series)
  ''978-1-883822-06-4   ''The Chemistry of Natural Dyes (Palette of Color Series)
  ''978-1-883822-07-1   ''The Chemistry Of Food Dyes (Palette of Color Monograph Series)
1999978-1-883822-09-5Mickey Sarquis · A. M. SarquisFat Chance-The Chemistry of Lipids (Science in Our World)
  ''978-1-883822-10-1Mickey Sarquis · A. M. SarquisStrong Medicine-Chemistry at the Pharmacy (Science in Our World)
2000978-1-883822-11-8   ''Dirt Alert-The Chemistry of Cleaning (Science in Our World)
2009978-1-883822-12-5   ''Science Fare: Chemistry at the Table (Science in Our World)
1999978-1-883822-13-2Mickey SarquisChain Gang-The Chemistry Of Polymers (Science in Our World)
2000978-1-883822-18-7Susan Gertz · James Kaufman · Mark Meszaros · Brian Shmaefsky · Mary Ann Solstad · C. Michael WoodwardBuilding Student Safety Habits for the Workplace: Student Text
  ''978-1-883822-21-7Mickey Sarquis · Lynn Hogue · Terrific Science PressScience Night Family Fun from A to Z
2002978-1-883822-26-2Mickey Sarquis · Linda WoodwardPolymers All Around You (2nd Ed)
1997978-1-883822-28-6Terrific Science PressInvestigating Solids, Liquids, and Gases with Toys: States of Matter and Changes of State - Activities for Middle and High School Grades
1995978-1-883822-29-3Jerry Sarquis · Mickey Sarquis · John WilliamsTeaching Chemistry with TOYS
1996978-1-883822-34-7Susan Gertz · Dwight Portman · Mickey Sarquis · Terrific Science PressTeaching Physical Science through Children's Literature
2006978-1-883822-40-8Terrific Science Press · Beverley Taylor · Dwight Portman · Susan GertzTeaching Physics With Toys: Hands-on Investigations for Grades 3-9, Easyguide
2007978-1-883822-45-3Terrific Science PressBreathing Room! Indoor Pollution Activity Handbook