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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1994978-1-883672-06-5Mollie Katzen · Ann HendersonPretend Soup and Other Real Recipes: A Cookbook for Preschoolers and Up
1993978-1-883672-08-9Barbara K. PollandThe Parenting Challenge: Practical Answers to Childrearing Questions
1995978-1-883672-09-6Bill HarleyNothing Happened
2004978-1-883672-11-9Nancy BlakeyMore Mudpies: 101 Alternatives to Television
1995978-1-883672-13-3Robert Skutch · Laura Nienhaus ZarrinWho's in a Family?
1990978-1-883672-17-1Isl SwansFairies A To Z Display
1995978-1-883672-18-8Marissa MossAmelia's Notebook
2004978-1-883672-19-5Nancy BlakeyThe Mudpies Activity Book: Recipes for Invention
1996978-1-883672-21-8   ''Lotions, Potions, and Slime: Mudpies and More!
1995978-1-883672-27-0Maryjean W. Avery · David AveryWhat Is Beautiful?
  ''978-1-883672-28-7Sheri BrownriggHearts and Crafts: Beautiful Crafts to Make and Enjoy All Year 'Round
  ''978-1-883672-29-4Joan M. Bergstrom · Craig BergstromAll the Best Contests for Kids
1996978-1-883672-30-0Betty M. JonesA Child's Seasonal Treasury
  ''978-1-883672-37-9Denice Skrepcinski · Melissa T. Stock · Lois BergtholdCody Coyote Cooks!: A Southwest Cookbook for Kids
2004978-1-883672-38-6Mary J. FogertyBabysitter's Companion: All Fill-In-The-Blank Book for All the Names, Numbers, Times, and Places You Want the Babysitter, Mother's Helper, or Anyone Who Takes Care of Your ki
1997978-1-883672-39-3Sheri BrownriggHearts and Crafts-6 Copy Prepak
  ''978-1-883672-44-7Sue Ellen SternDivorce Is Not the End of the World: Zoe's And Evan's Coping Guide for Kids
2004978-1-883672-48-5Peggy L. SteinhauserMousetracks: A Kid's Computer Idea Book
1997978-1-883672-49-2Shen RoddieToes Are to Tickle
1997978-1-883672-50-8Remy CharlipArm in Arm: A Collection of Connections, Endless Tales, Reiterations, and Other Echolalia
2004978-1-883672-51-5Rachel BialeMy Pet Died: A Let's Make a Book about It Book
1998978-1-883672-54-6Phillip M. Hoose · Hannah Hoose · Debbie TilleyHey, Little Ant
  ''978-1-883672-58-4David M. SchwartzG Is for Googol: A Math Alphabet Book
1997978-1-883672-59-1Deborah Turney ZagwynThe Pumpkin Blanket
1996978-1-883672-61-4Marissa MossAmelia Writes Again
2004978-1-883672-64-5James KleinGold Rush!: The Young Prospector's Guide to Striking It Rich (For the Junior Rockhound)
1997978-1-883672-66-9Robert SkutchWho's in a Family?
2004978-1-883672-67-6Barbara K. PollandFeelings: Inside You and Outloud, Too
1997978-1-883672-68-3Sherab Chodzin · Alexandra Kohn · Marie CameronThe Wisdom of the Crows and Other Buddhist Tales
2004978-1-883672-69-0Remy CharlipPeanut Butter Party: Including the History, Uses, and Future of Peanut Butter
1998978-1-883672-75-1Ray Troll · Bradford MatsenRaptors, Fossils, Fins and Fangs: A Prehistoric Creature Feature
1999978-1-883672-77-5Sue Ann AldersonWherever Bears Be: A Story for Two Voices
2003978-1-883672-78-2Erik Jendresen · Joshua M. Greene · Li MingHanuman, based on Valmiki's Ramayana
2004978-1-883672-79-9Elisabeth Kubler-RossRemember the Secret
  ''978-1-883672-82-9Lauren ChildI Want a Pet
  ''978-1-883672-86-7Nancy BlakeyThe Mudpies Book of Boredom Busters
  ''978-1-883672-88-1Mollie KatzenHonest Pretzels: And 64 Other Amazing Recipes for Kids
2000978-1-883672-89-8Kevin Nierman · Elaine ArimaThe Kids 'N' Clay Ceramics Book
2004978-1-883672-94-2Sue H. PetersonSwim with Me: A New Fun Approach to Learning to Swim
1998978-1-883672-96-6Owen Paul LewisStorm Boy
2004978-1-883672-98-0   ''Grasper: A Young Crab's Discovery
1999978-1-883672-99-7Paul Owen LewisP. Bear's New Year's Party: A Counting Book