Spinsters Ink

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1995978-1-883523-05-3Elizabeth PincusThe Hangdog Hustle: A Nell Fury Mystery
  ''978-1-883523-08-4Val McDermidCommon Murder: The Second Lindsay Gordon Mystery
1996978-1-883523-09-1Shelly RobertsRoberts' Rules of Lesbian Living
  ''978-1-883523-16-9Sandra Butler · Barbara RosenblumCancer in Two Voices
1997978-1-883523-17-6Val McDermidDeadline for Murder: The Third Lindsay Gordon Mystery (Lindsay Gordon Mysteries Series)
  ''978-1-883523-19-0Shelly RobertsRoberts' Rules of Lesbian Break-ups
1998978-1-883523-24-4Val McdermidReport for Murder
  ''978-1-883523-25-1Shelly RobertsRoberts' Rules of Lesbian Dating
1999978-1-883523-30-5Val McDermidConferences Are Murder: The Fourth Lindsay Gordon Mystery
1999978-1-883523-32-9Joni RodgersSugarland
2000978-1-883523-37-4Val McdermidBooked for Murder (Lindsay Gordon Mystery Series)
2001978-1-883523-40-4Barbara MacDonald · Cynthia RichLook Me in the Eye: Old Women, Aging and Ageism
2002978-1-883523-45-9Val McDermidKick Back: A Kate Brannigan Mystery
  ''978-1-883523-48-0   ''Dead Beat (A Kate Brannigan Mystery)
2003978-1-883523-50-3   ''Crack Down: A Kate Brannigan Mystery
  ''978-1-883523-51-0   ''Clean Break (Kate Brannigan, Book 4)
2002978-1-883523-52-7Michelene EspositoNight Diving
2004978-1-883523-56-5V. L. McDermidBlue Genes (Kate Brannigan, #5)
2008978-1-883523-61-9Blayne CooperThe Last Train Home
2009978-1-883523-63-3Anita MasonStranded
2008978-1-883523-66-4katherine-v-forrestLiberty Square: A Kate Delafield Mystery
2006978-1-883523-67-1Jane MerchantFrench Postcards
  ''978-1-883523-68-8Jennifer L. JordanUnbearable Losses: A Kristin Ashe Mystery
  ''978-1-883523-69-5Jennifer L. JordanExisting Solutions
2006978-1-883523-70-1Jennifer L. JordanA Safe Place to Sleep
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  ''978-1-883523-76-3Blayne CooperUnbreakable
2006978-1-883523-77-0Francine Saint MarieThe Secret Keeping
2007978-1-883523-78-7Dani O'connorA Poem for What's Her Name
2010978-1-883523-80-0Katherine V. ForrestApparition Alley (A Kate Delafield Mystery Series)
2007978-1-883523-81-7Ann RobertsFurthest from the Gate
  ''978-1-883523-82-4Dani O'connorEyes of Gray
  ''978-1-883523-83-1Linda MorgansteinOrdinary Furies
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2009978-1-883523-92-3Blayne CooperStranded
2008978-1-883523-93-0Jennifer L. JordanIf No One's Looking (A Kristin Ashe Mystery)
  ''978-1-883523-95-4Ruth PerkinsonBreaking Spirit Bridge
2008978-1-883523-96-1Teresa StoresBackslide
  ''978-1-883523-97-8Dani O'connorDresses and Other Catastrophes
2003978-1-883523-99-2Susanne E. JalbertYou Are Our Voice: Articles, Essays, and Interviews About Global Women Entrepreneuring and Women's Issues