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1993978-1-883272-00-5Ted TesserThe serious investor's tax survival guide
1985978-1-883272-01-2Larry SpearsCommodity Options: Spectacular Profit With Limited Risk
1997978-1-883272-05-0Options Essentials [VHS]
1999978-1-883272-06-7John BoyerKen Trester's Complete Option Trading Camp [VHS]
2000978-1-883272-08-1Jay KaeppelThe Four Biggest Mistakes in Futures Trading
  ''978-1-883272-11-1John BoyerTechnical Analysis For Short-Term Traders [VHS]
  ''978-1-883272-12-8   ''The Systematic Trader [VHS]
1996978-1-883272-15-9Jr. Richard ArmsThe Arms Index (Trin Index): An Introduction to Volume Analysis
1995978-1-883272-16-6Victor DevilliersThe Point & Figure Method of Anticipating Stock Price Movements: Complete Theory and Practice
  ''978-1-883272-17-3Larry PesaventoArtificial Intelligence
1996978-1-883272-18-0David L. CaplanThe New Option Secret
1997978-1-883272-19-7Bernard BaruchShort Sales and Manipulation of Securities
  ''978-1-883272-20-3Charles J. CaesTools of the Bear: How Any Investor Can Make Money When Stocks Go Down
1998978-1-883272-22-7Jay KaeppelThe Four Biggest Mistakes in Option Trading (Trade Secrets Ser)
1998978-1-883272-23-4Darryl JobmanBar Chart Basics: Big Returns Using Bar Charts (Trade Secrets Ser)
  ''978-1-883272-24-1Juel E. AndersonTrading, Sex, and Dying
1999978-1-883272-25-8Richard Arms. JrProfits in Volume: Equivolume Charting
  ''978-1-883272-26-5Joe KrutsingerTrading Systems Secrets (Trade Secrets Ser)
  ''978-1-883272-27-2Charles LebeauDay Trading Systems and Methods
  ''978-1-883272-28-9John CraneA Traders Handbook: The Reversal Day Phenomenum
1999978-1-883272-29-6John J. MurphyJohn Murphy on Chart Analysis
  ''978-1-883272-30-2David StendahlProfit Strategies: Unlocking Trading Performance with Money Management
2000978-1-883272-31-9Roger C. GibsonSimple Asset Allocation Strategies
1999978-1-883272-32-6John BoyerLarry McMillan's Option Strategies Course [VHS]
1996978-1-883272-33-3David L. CaplanThe New Option Secret - Volatility: The Weapon of the Professional Trader and the Most Important Indicator in Option Trading
1999978-1-883272-35-7John BoyerThe Ultimate Trading Performance Seminar [VHS]
  ''978-1-883272-37-1Lawrence BlackMicrotrading CDrom Course & Training Manual for Day Traders
  ''978-1-883272-38-8Day Trading 101- Myths vs. Reality [VHS]
  ''978-1-883272-39-5Day Trading Today with Oliver Velez
1999978-1-883272-40-1Cut Your Trading Taxes in Half [VHS]
  ''978-1-883272-42-5Day Trading Tools [VHS]
  ''978-1-883272-43-2A Stock Traders Guide to Trading the S&P 500 Futures
  ''978-1-883272-44-9Disciplined Trading [VHS]
  ''978-1-883272-45-6Technical Analysis 101 [VHS]
1999978-1-883272-46-3Effective Short Selling [VHS]
  ''978-1-883272-47-0Clif DrokeTechnical Analysis Simplified
2000978-1-883272-48-7Clif DrokeElliott Wave Simplified
  ''978-1-883272-49-4Larry D. SpearsCommodity Options: Spectacular Profits with Limited Risk
  ''978-1-883272-50-0John BoyerLessons From The Trading Trenches [VHS]
  ''978-1-883272-51-7Pinpointing Entry & Exit Points [VHS]
2000978-1-883272-52-4John BoyerThe Intelligent Online Trader [VHS]
  ''978-1-883272-53-1   ''Pattern Cycles Mastering Short Term Trading with Technical Analysis [VHS]
  ''978-1-883272-55-5   ''Trading with Nasdaq Level II Quotes [VHS]
  ''978-1-883272-56-2   ''High Probability Chart Reading [VHS]
  ''978-1-883272-57-9Day Trading Smart Right From The Start [VHS]
2000978-1-883272-58-6Day Trading Wizard [VHS]
2012978-1-883272-59-3John J. MurphyCharting Made Easy
2000978-1-883272-60-9Oliver Velez · Greg CapraSwing Trading with Oliver Velez
  ''978-1-883272-61-6Ed Downs7 Chart Patterns That Consistently Make Money
2001978-1-883272-66-1Clif DrokeMoving Averages Simplified
2000978-1-883272-79-1John BoyerPower Day Trading - Successful Strategies [VHS]
  ''978-1-883272-80-7C. Colburn HardyTrader's Guide to Technical Analysis
  ''978-1-883272-82-1Carol Ann WilsonThe Financial Guide to Divorce Settlement
  ''978-1-883272-83-8Victor De Villiers · Owen TaylorThe Point & Figure Method of Anticipating Stock Price Movements
2000978-1-883272-84-5Steve WoodsThe Precision Profit Float Indicator: Powerful Techniques to Exploit Price and Volume
  ''978-1-883272-85-2John BoyerStrategies For Profiting With Japanese Candlestick Charts [VHS]
  ''978-1-883272-86-9Jean Eske · Mike McMahonNasdaq Level II Trading Strategies [VHS]
  ''978-1-883272-87-6High Impact Options Trading: Option Profits through Superior Stock Selection [VHS]
  ''978-1-883272-88-3John BoyerTrading Simplified: Using High Probability Trading Techniques to Create a Winning System [VHS]
2000978-1-883272-89-0John BoyerHigh Impact Options Trading: Option Profits Through Superior Stock Selection [VHS]
  ''978-1-883272-91-3Louis B. MendelsohnTrend Forecasting with Technical Analysis: Unleashing the Hidden Power of Intermarket Analysis to Beat the Market (Trade Secrets Series)
978-1-883272-93-7Strategies for Profiting With Japanese Candlestick Charts
2001978-1-883272-96-8Micro Trading Tactics [VHS]
1995978-1-883272-97-5Ken TresterKen Trester's Complete Option Trading System [VHS]
2001978-1-883272-98-2John BoyerTargeting Profitable Entry & Exit Points with Alan Farley [VHS]
2001978-1-883272-99-9John BoyerA Beginners Guide to Short Selling with Toni Turner [VHS]

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