Dawn Pubns

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1992978-1-883220-02-0Kristin Joy PrattUn paseo por el bosque lluvioso
2006978-1-883220-04-4Kristin Joy Pratt-SerafiniA Swim Through the Sea
1995978-1-883220-06-8Joseph Bharat Cornell · Michael DeranjaJourney to the Heart of Nature: A Guided Exploration
1994978-1-883220-15-0Petrea KingLiving Well with HIV\AIDS: Living Well
1995978-1-883220-27-3Joseph Bharat CornellOcean Animals Clue Game: Playful Nature Card Games About Animals and Their Lives
  ''978-1-883220-31-0Carol Reed-JonesThe Tree in the Ancient Forest
  ''978-1-883220-32-7Carol Reed-JonesThe Tree in the Ancient Forest
  ''978-1-883220-33-4James KaspersonLittle Brother Moose
1996978-1-883220-44-0Joseph Bharat CornellRainforest Animals Clue Game (Playful Nature Card Games)
  ''978-1-883220-47-1Karin IrelandWonderful Nature, Wonderful You
1996978-1-883220-48-8Karin IrelandWonderful Nature, Wonderful You
1997978-1-883220-58-7David L. RiceLifetimes
  ''978-1-883220-59-4David L. RiceLifetimes
  ''978-1-883220-60-0Carol MalnorA Teacher's Guide to Lifetimes: Lesson Plans to the Book
  ''978-1-883220-66-2Joseph P. AnthonyThe Dandelion Seed
  ''978-1-883220-67-9Joseph P. Anthony · Cris ArboThe Dandelion Seed
1998978-1-883220-70-9Robert F. BaldwinThis Is the Sea That Feeds Us
1998978-1-883220-72-3Barbara Shaw McKinneyA Drop Around the World
  ''978-1-883220-73-0Joseph CornellSharing Nature with Children, 20th Anniversary Edition
  ''978-1-883220-74-7Bruce Malnor · Carol MalnorA Teacher's Guide to A Walk in the Rainforest
1997978-1-883220-75-4   ''A Teacher's Guide to A Swim Through the Sea
  ''978-1-883220-77-8   ''A Teacher's Guide to Drop Around the World: Lesson Plans for the Book A Drop Around the World
1998978-1-883220-78-5John Muir · Donnell RubayStickeen: John Muir and the Brave Little Dog
  ''978-1-883220-79-2John Muir · Donnell RubayStickeen: John Muir and the Brave Little Dog
1998978-1-883220-80-8Virginia L. KrollMotherlove (Sharing Nature With Children Book)
1989978-1-883220-87-7Joseph Bharat CornellSharing Nature With Children II
1999978-1-883220-89-1David L. RiceBecause Brian Hugged His Mother
  ''978-1-883220-93-8Diane IversonMy Favorite Tree: Terrific Trees of North America (Sharing Nature With Children Book)
2011978-1-883220-98-3Joseph AnthonyIn a Nutshell
1999978-1-883220-99-0Joseph AnthonyIn a Nutshell