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2005978-1-883217-00-6Chuck Sher · Marc JohnsonConcepts for Bass Soloing
  ''978-1-883217-01-3Carlos del Puerto · Silvio VergaraThe True Cuban Bass
  ''978-1-883217-02-0Nelson FariaThe Brazilian Guitar Book: Samba, Bossa Nova and Other Brazilian Styles
  ''978-1-883217-03-7Chuck SherThe New Real Book, Vol. 3
1995978-1-883217-04-4Mark LevineThe Jazz Theory Book
1999978-1-883217-05-1Chuck SherThe Latin Real Book: C Edition
2005978-1-883217-06-8Yellow JacketsThe Yellowjackets Songbook
  ''978-1-883217-07-5Rebeca Mauleon101 Montunos (English and Spanish Edition)
2005978-1-883217-08-2Hal Leonard Corp.Muy Caliente! - Afro-Cuban Play-Along
2000978-1-883217-09-9Chuck SherThe Standards Real Book, C Version
2005978-1-883217-11-2Oscar Stagnaro · Chuck SherThe Latin Bass Book
  ''978-1-883217-12-9Randy HalberstadtMetaphors for the Musician
  ''978-1-883217-13-6Nelson Faria · Cliff KormanInside the Brazilian Rhythm Section
  ''978-1-883217-14-3Chuck SherThe All-Jazz Real Book (C Version)
  ''978-1-883217-15-0Stanford Jazz WorkshopThe Real Easy Book, Level 1: Tunes for Beginning Improvisers (3-horn edition, C version)
2005978-1-883217-16-7Chuck Sher · Michael ZismanThe Real Easy Book, Vol. 2: Tunes for the Intermediate Improvisers (C version)
  ''978-1-883217-18-1Michael ZismanThe Real Easy Book, Vol. 1: Tunes for Beginning Improvisers (B-flat version)
  ''978-1-883217-19-8   ''The Real Easy Book: Tunes for Beginning Improvisers Level 1 (Eb Version)
  ''978-1-883217-20-4   ''The Real Easy Book, Level 1: Tunes for Beginning Improvisers (bass clef)
  ''978-1-883217-23-5Chuck Sher · Michael ZismanThe Real Easy Book, Vol. 2: Tunes for Intermediate Improvisers (bass clef)
2005978-1-883217-25-9Chuck SherThe New Real Book, Vol. 1, Bb Version
  ''978-1-883217-26-6   ''The New Real Book - Volume 1 (Key of Eb)
  ''978-1-883217-27-3   ''The New Real Book, Volume 2 (Key of Bb)
2005978-1-883217-30-3Chuck SherThe New Real Book, Volume 3 (Key of Eb)
  ''978-1-883217-31-0   ''The New Real Book, Volume 3 (Bass Clef)
  ''978-1-883217-33-4   ''The Standards Real Book (Eb Version)
1999978-1-883217-36-5   ''The Latin Real Book - B-flat Edition
2000978-1-883217-37-2   ''The Latin Real Book: The Best Contemporary & Classic Salsa, Brazilian Music, Latin Jazz (Eb Version)
2006978-1-883217-43-3Michael SpiroThe Conga Drummer's Guidebook: Includes Audio CD
2007978-1-883217-47-1Mark LevineJazz Piano Masterclass with Mark Levine(With CD)
  ''978-1-883217-48-8David BerkmanThe Jazz Musician's Guide to Creative Practicing
2008978-1-883217-50-1Ed FuquaWalking Bassics
  ''978-1-883217-51-8Chuck SherThe Real Easy Book, Vol.3: A SHort History Of Jazz
2009978-1-883217-61-7Roberta RadleyThe Real Easy Ear Training Book (The Real Easy Series)
2009978-1-883217-62-4David BerkmanThe Jazz Singer's Guidebook
  ''978-1-883217-64-8Randy VincentJazz Guitar Voicings - Vol.1: The Drop 2 Book
2011978-1-883217-65-5Dan Moretti · Matthew Nicholl · Oscar StagnaroEssential Grooves: for Writing, Performing, and Producing Contemporary Music
  ''978-1-883217-66-2Randy VincentThree-Note Voicings and Beyond
  ''978-1-883217-67-9editor · Chuck SherThe Latin Real Easy Book
2012978-1-883217-74-7Randy VincentLINE GAMES: An In-Depth Study of Single-Note Lines for Guitar
2013978-1-883217-78-5Jeb PattonAn Approach To Comping: The Essentials
  ''978-1-883217-79-2David BerkmanThe Jazz Harmony Book
2014978-1-883217-80-8Mark LevineHow to Voice Standards at the Piano
2014978-1-883217-81-5Randy VincentJazz Guitar Soloing: The Cellular Approach