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1999978-1-883205-00-3Melani Harker · MDOb/gyn Intern Pocket Survival Guide (Intern Pocket Survival Guide) (INTERN POCKET SURVIVAL GUIDE SERIES)
1996978-1-883205-01-0Thomas M., M.D. MastersonOwner's Manual: Young Adult
  ''978-1-883205-03-4Scott M. TennerThe Housestaff Guide to Travel and Tropical Medicine
1998978-1-883205-04-1Robin GoldbergThe Resident Guide to the Outpatient Care of Patients With Hive Disease
1987978-1-883205-05-8The Clinician's Handbook of Preventive Services
2005978-1-883205-08-9ChamberlainPocket Operative Dictations
2000978-1-883205-09-6RothenhausInexpensive Drug Book
2002978-1-883205-13-3U. S. Preventive Services Task Force · Us Preventive Services Task ForceGuide to Clinical Preventive Services: Report of the United States Preventive Services Task Force
2001978-1-883205-16-4International Medical Publishing GroupACLS Pocket Survival Guide
1995978-1-883205-18-8Robert J. LedermanHow to Be A Truly Excellent Junior Medical Student
  ''978-1-883205-19-5International Medical PublishingPALS Pocket Survival Guide
1996978-1-883205-20-1Bureau of MinesFirst Aid
1999978-1-883205-24-9Joseph S. HuwylerA Dancer's Body: A Medical Perspective on Dance
1996978-1-883205-26-3Public HealthUrinary Incontinence in Adults, No. 2: Acute & Chronic
  ''978-1-883205-27-0   ''Cardiac Rehabilitation, Clinical Practice Guideline
2005978-1-883205-28-7Peter PurringtonThe Wound Management Pocket Survival Guide (Intern Pocket Survival Guide) (INTERN POCKET SURVIVAL GUIDE SERIES)
1992978-1-883205-29-4GrossoMost Common Manual For Medical Students
1996978-1-883205-31-7U. S. Dept of Health & Human ServicesPhysical Activity and Health: A Report of the Surgeon General
1998978-1-883205-32-4International Medical Publishing Inc · Office of Disease Prevention Health Pro · Public Health ServicClinician's Handbook of Preventive Services
978-1-883205-33-1Health Information for International Travel
2004978-1-883205-34-8Mario R. Llaneras · Ramin Oskoui · Thomas, M.D. Masterson · Ronald ChamberlainCardiothoracic Surgery Resident Pocket Survival Guide
1999978-1-883205-36-2Resa Leveta1999 Diabetes Calendar - Daily Patient Calendar
1998978-1-883205-37-9Shilpa DesalOpthalmology Resident Pocket Survival Guide (Resident Pocket Survival Guide) (RESIDENT POCKET SURVIVAL GUIDE SERIES)
1999978-1-883205-39-3Anil MinochaGastroenterology Resident Pocket Survival Guide (RESIDENT POCKET SURVIVAL GUIDE SERIES)
1998978-1-883205-40-9International Medical Publishing Inc · DailyDay by Day Diabetes
  ''978-1-883205-41-6LevetanDay by Day Diabetes Calendar
1997978-1-883205-42-3Claude LenfantThe Sixth Report of the Joint National Committee on Prevention, Detection, Evaluation and Treatment of High Blood Pressure
1998978-1-883205-43-0U Levetan Resa · U Salas Jacqueline · Leventan ResaDay-By-Day Diabetes: Daily Words of Diabetes Wisdom
1998978-1-883205-44-7Thomas MastersonA Pocketful of Prevention: Preventive Care Guidelines Adapted From the United States Preventive Services Task Force Report
  ''978-1-883205-45-4Centers for Disease Control & Prevention1998 Guidelines for Treatment of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report)
  ''978-1-883205-46-1Jonathan, M.D. HandlerPocket Book of Emergency And Disability Scores
1999978-1-883205-47-8Thomas Masterson · Tama GerhardtDay-By-Day HIV
  ''978-1-883205-48-5Lew Susie · Kaueh KianooshDay-By-Day Dialysis
2000978-1-883205-53-9Diabetes 2001 Calendar
  ''978-1-883205-54-6Anil Minocha2000 Minocha's Guide to Digestive Diseases
1999978-1-883205-60-7Thomas MastersonDay-By-Day Colitis 2000 Calendar
1999978-1-883205-62-1Bonnie Dickens · Thomas MastersonDay-By-Day Hypertension
2000978-1-883205-71-3Day by Day Dialysis Calendar
1999978-1-883205-72-0Afsane Haddad · Thomas Masterson · Resa LeventanDay-By-Day Cholesterol
  ''978-1-883205-74-4JASalas Jacqueline · Hochberger Larry · Leventan ResaDay-By-Day Diabetes
2000978-1-883205-75-1U. S. Department of Health and Human ServicesHealthy People 2010
1999978-1-883205-76-8Prevention · Centers for Diesease ControlHealth Information for International Travel, 1999-2000
2000978-1-883205-96-6Peter G. BernadY2K Pocket Guide for the Treatment of Common Neurological Disorders

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