Gary Gentile Productions

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1996978-1-883056-04-9Gary GentileShipwrecks of New York (Gary Gentile's Popular Dive Guide Series)
1998978-1-883056-05-6Gary GentileThe Technical Diving Handbook
  ''978-1-883056-06-3   ''The Lusitania Controversies: Book One: Atrocity of War and a Wreck-Diving History
1999978-1-883056-07-0   ''The Lusitania Controversies - Book Two: Dangerous Descents into Shipwrecks and Law
2000978-1-883056-08-7   ''Shipwrecks of New Jersey: North (Popular Dive Guide Series)
2001978-1-883056-09-4   ''Shipwrecks of New Jersey: Central (Popular Dive Guide Series)
2002978-1-883056-10-0Gary GentileShipwrecks of New Jersey: South (Popular Dive Guide Series)
2003978-1-883056-12-4   ''Shipwrecks of South Carolina and Georgia (Popular Dive Guide Series)
2004978-1-883056-14-8   ''Shipwrecks of Rhode Island and Connecticut (Popular Dive Guide Series)
2005978-1-883056-16-2   ''Deep, Dark, and Dangerous: Adventures and Reflections on the Andrea Doria
2006978-1-883056-24-7   ''Shadow Divers Exposed: The Real Saga of the U-869
2008978-1-883056-31-5Gary GentileThe Shipwreck Research Handbook
2010978-1-883056-40-7   ''The Kaiser's U-Boats in American Waters
2015978-1-883056-52-0   ''Shipwrecks of Maine and New Hampshire