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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1995978-1-883010-00-3Sharon LovejoySunflower Houses: Garden Discoveries for Children of All Ages
1994978-1-883010-01-0Sharon LovejoyHollyhock Days: Garden Adventures for the Young at Heart
1989978-1-883010-02-7Birgitta Dandanell · Ulla DanielssonTwined Knitting
1995978-1-883010-03-4Deborah ChandlerLearning to Weave
  ''978-1-883010-04-1Deborah ChandlerLearning to Warp
  ''978-1-883010-05-8Susan Belsinger · Carolyn DilleThe Greens Book
2004978-1-883010-06-5Rodrick OwenBraids: 250 Patterns from Japan, Peru, and Beyond
1995978-1-883010-07-2Rita BuchananA Dyer's Garden: From Plant to Pot, Growing Dyes for Natural Fibers
  ''978-1-883010-08-9Anne MorrellThe Techniques of Indian Embroidery
  ''978-1-883010-09-6Lis PaludanCrochet: History & Technique
1996978-1-883010-10-2Carolyn Dille · Susan BelsingerThe Onion Book: A Bounty of Culture, Cultivation and Cuisine
1996978-1-883010-11-9Nola Fournier · Jane FournierIn Sheep's Clothing: A Handspinner's Guide to Wool
1995978-1-883010-12-6Wendy KeelePoems of Color: Knitting in the Bohus Tradition
1996978-1-883010-13-3Vicki SquareThe Knitter's Companion (The Companion Series)
1995978-1-883010-14-0Sandy MaineSoap Book
1996978-1-883010-15-7Asa WettreOld Swedish Quilts
1995978-1-883010-16-4Stephen BealThe Very Stuff: Poems on Color, Thread, and the Habits of Women
1996978-1-883010-17-1Gunilla Paetau SjobergFelt: New Directions for an Ancient Craft
  ''978-1-883010-18-8Jim Becker · Faye BrawnerScented Geraniums
  ''978-1-883010-19-5Thomas DeBaggio · Susan BelsingerBasil: An Herb Lover's Guide
  ''978-1-883010-20-1Ann FeitelsonThe Art of Fair Isle Knitting: History, Technique, Color & Patterns
1997978-1-883010-21-8Catherine Cartwright-Jones · Roy JonesEnchanted Knitting: Charted Motifs for Hand and Machine Knitting
1996978-1-883010-22-5Lise Kolstad · Tone TakleSmall Sweaters: Colorful Knits for Kids
1997978-1-883010-23-2Donna SullivanWeaving Overshot: Redesigning the Tradition
  ''978-1-883010-24-9Kathlyn QuatrochiSkin Care Book
1997978-1-883010-25-6Rob ProctorHerbs in the Garden
1996978-1-883010-27-0Steven FosterHerbs for Your Health: A Handy Guide for Knowing and Using 50 Common Herbs
  ''978-1-883010-28-7Janet MeanyThe Rag Rug Handbook
1997978-1-883010-30-0Noel BennettNavajo Weaving Way
  ''978-1-883010-31-7Derrick M., Jr. DesilvaAsk the Doctor: Herbs & Supplements for Better Health
1998978-1-883010-32-4Roxana BartlettSlip-Stitch Knitting
1997978-1-883010-33-1Alice StarmoreAran Knitting
  ''978-1-883010-34-8Marcia LewandowskiFolk Mittens (Folk Knitting series)
  ''978-1-883010-35-5Kate WellsFabric Dyeing and Printing
1997978-1-883010-36-2Sandy MaineSoothing Soaps: For Healthy Skin
1998978-1-883010-37-9Deb MenzColor in Spinning
1997978-1-883010-38-6Christopher HobbsStress & Natural Healing: Herbal Medicine and Natural Therapies
1999978-1-883010-39-3Nicky EpsteinNicky Epstein's Knitted Embellishments
1998978-1-883010-40-9Nancie WisemanLace from the Attic: A Victorian Notebook of Knitted Lace Patterns
  ''978-1-883010-41-6Galina Khmeleva · Carol R. NobleGossamer Webs: The History and Techniques of Orenburg Lace Shawls
  ''978-1-883010-42-3Nancy NehringThe Lacy Knitting of Mary Schiffmann
2000978-1-883010-43-0Nancy BushFolk Knitting in Estonia (Folk Knitting series)
1998978-1-883010-45-4Christopher HobbsSt. John's Wort: The Mood Enhancing Herb
  ''978-1-883010-46-1   ''Saw Palmetto: The Herb for Prostate Health
  ''978-1-883010-47-8Christopher Hobbs · Kathi KevilleWomen's Herbs, Women's Health
1998978-1-883010-48-5Martha WatermanTraditional Knitted Lace Shawls
  ''978-1-883010-49-2Logan ChamberlainWhat the Labels Won't Tell You: A Consumer's Guide to Herbal Supplements
  ''978-1-883010-50-8Christopher HobbsHandmade Medicines: Simple Recipes for Herbal Health
  ''978-1-883010-51-5Steven FosterAn Illustrated Guide to 101 Medicinal Herbs: Their History, Use, Recommended Dosages, and Cautions
1999978-1-883010-52-2Rob Proctor · David MackeHerbs in Pots: A Practical Guide to Container Gardening Indoors and Out
  ''978-1-883010-53-9Sunny Mavor · Linda WhiteKids, Herbs & Health: A Practical Guide to Natural Remedies
1998978-1-883010-54-6Interweave PressKids Knit: Six Projects, for Kids by Kids
1999978-1-883010-55-3Sandy MaineHerbal Homekeeping: Simple Recipes for a Naturally Clean Abode
1998978-1-883010-56-0Judith Durant · Jean CampbellBeadwork Magazine Presents: The Beader's Companion
1998978-1-883010-57-7Kaffe FassettThe Best of Rowan: 50 Designer Knitting Patterns
1999978-1-883010-58-4Meg SwansenMeg Swansen's Knitting
2000978-1-883010-59-1Cheryl OberleFolk Shawls: 25 knitting patterns and tales from around the world (Folk Knitting series)
1998978-1-883010-60-7Susan ClotfelterThe Herb Tea Book: Blending, Brewing, and Savoring Teas for Every Mood and Occasion
  ''978-1-883010-61-4Steven FosterAn Illustrated Guide: 101 Medicinal Herbs
1999978-1-883010-62-1Mindy GreenNatural Perfumes: Simple, Sensual, Personal Aromatherapy Recipes
  ''978-1-883010-63-8Don PierceBeading on a Loom (Beadwork How-To)
1998978-1-883010-64-5Jean Campbell · Joe CocaBeadwork I: Up close catalog
1999978-1-883010-65-2Interweave PressHandwoven Scarves
  ''978-1-883010-66-9James A. DukeHerbs of the Bible: 2000 Years of Plant Medicine
  ''978-1-883010-68-3Steven FosterSteven Foster's Guide to Herbal Dosages
1999978-1-883010-69-0Logan ChamberlainStandardized Herbs
2000978-1-883010-70-6Christopher HobbsMedicinal Mushrooms: An Exploration of Tradition, Healing & Culture
  ''978-1-883010-71-3Jeannette CookBeading with Peyote Stitch (Beadwork How-To)
2001978-1-883010-72-0Diane FitzgeraldBeading with Brick Stitch (Beadwork How-To)
2000978-1-883010-73-7Mark LareauAll Wired Up: Wire Techniques For the Beadworker and Jewelry Maker (Beadwork How-To)
  ''978-1-883010-74-4Ursina Arn-GrischottDoubleweave: On Four to Eight Shafts
2002978-1-883010-75-1PieceWork MagazineTops With a Twist: 17 Funky Hats to Knit and 1 to Crochet
1999978-1-883010-76-8PieceWork MagazineWeldon's Practical Needlework, Volume 1 (Weldon's Practical Needlework series)
2000978-1-883010-77-5Beadwork magazineThe Best in Contemporary Beadwork: Bead International 2000
  ''978-1-883010-78-2Thomas DeBaggioGrowing Herbs from Seed, Cutting, and Root: An Adventure in Small Miracles
2001978-1-883010-79-9Bobbie IrwinThe Spinner's Companion (Companion)
2000978-1-883010-80-5A. StarmoreThe Children's Collection: Knitting
  ''978-1-883010-81-2Madelyn van der HoogtThe Weaver's Companion (The Companion Series)
2000978-1-883010-82-9PieceWork MagazineWeldon's Practical Needlework, Volume 2 (Weldon's Practical Needlework series)
  ''978-1-883010-83-6   ''Weldon's Practical Needlework, Volume 3 (Weldon's Practical Needlework series)
2002978-1-883010-84-3Deborah RobsonHandspun Treasures from Rare Wools
  ''978-1-883010-85-0Spin-Off MagazineHandspindle Treasury
2000978-1-883010-86-7Arthur O. Tucker · Thomas DeBaggioThe Big Book of Herbs: A Comprehensive Illustrated Reference to Herbs of Flavor and Fragrance
2003978-1-883010-87-4Galina KhmelevaThe Gossamer Webs Design Collection: Three Orenburg Shawls to Knit
2001978-1-883010-88-1Alden AmosThe Alden Amos Big Book of Handspinning: Being A Compendium of Information, Advice, and Opinions On the Noble Art & Craft
  ''978-1-883010-89-8Barbara Albright · Melanie FalickKnitter's Stash: Favorite Patterns from America's Yarn Shops
  ''978-1-883010-90-4Paula Bradstreet RichterStitching a Legacy: American Needlework Projects and Stories
2001978-1-883010-91-1Nancy BushKnitting on the Road
2003978-1-883010-92-8The 'Spin-Off' Index and Resource Directory
2001978-1-883010-93-5Handwoven MagazineHandwoven Index & Resource Guide
  ''978-1-883010-94-2PieceWork MagazineWeldon's Practical Needlework, Volume 4 (Weldon's Practical Needlework series)
  ''978-1-883010-95-9   ''Weldon's Practical Needlework, Volume 5 (Weldon's Practical Needlework series)
2002978-1-883010-96-6   ''Weldon's Practical Needlework, Volume 6 (Weldon's Practical Needlework series)
2001978-1-883010-97-3Vittoria D'AlessioThe Allergy-Free Home: A Practical Guide to Creating a Healthy Environment
  ''978-1-883010-98-0Sandy MaineClean, Naturally
  ''978-1-883010-99-7Vicki StarBeading with Herringbone Stitch (Beadwork How-To)