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2004978-1-882670-00-0Nancy CaterSpring: A Journal of Archetype and Culture, #70, Muses (Spring Journal: A Journal of Archetype and Culture)
1995978-1-882670-06-2James Hillman · David L. Hart · Paul Kugler · Connie ZweigSpring 58: A Journal of Archetype and Culture (No. 58)
1999978-1-882670-16-1Robert SteinBetrayal of the Soul in Pyschotherapy
2004978-1-882670-19-2Noah PikesDark Voices: The Genesis of Roy Hart Theatre (Africa Series, 1)
2003978-1-882670-24-6Tom CheethamWorld Turned Inside Out: Henry Corbin and Islamic Mysticism
2004978-1-882670-27-7Nancy CaterSpring Journal, #71, Orpheus: A Journal of Archetype and Culture
2007978-1-882670-28-4Christine DowningGods in Our Midst (Electra)
2005978-1-882670-29-1Marion WoodmanSpring #72, Body and Soul: A Special Issue Honoring Marion Woodman (Spring Journal: A Journal of Archetype and Culture)
  ''978-1-882670-30-7Nancy CaterSpring 73 Cinema & Psyche: A Journal of Achievement and Culture
  ''978-1-882670-31-4Maureen MurdockFathers' Daughters: Breaking the Ties That Bind
2006978-1-882670-32-1Patricia ReisDaughters of Saturn
2007978-1-882670-34-5Lionel CorbettPsyche and the Sacred: Spirituality Beyond Religion
2006978-1-882670-36-9Nancy CaterSpring #74 Alchemy: A Journal Archetype and Culture (Spring Journal)
  ''978-1-882670-37-6David MillerDisturbances in the Field: Essays in Honor of David L. Miller
  ''978-1-882670-38-3Armando Nascimento RosaOedipus - The Untold Story: A Ghostly Mythodrama in One Act
2003978-1-882670-40-6Michael ConfortiField, Form and Fate: Patterns in Mind, Nature, & Psyche
2005978-1-882670-42-0Wolfgang GiegerichNeurosis of Psychology: Primary Papers Towards a Critical Psychology - Volume 1 (Collected English Papers) (v. 1)
2007978-1-882670-43-7Wolfgang GiegerichTechnology and the Soul (Collected English Papers) Vol. 2
2008978-1-882670-44-4   ''Soul Violence: The Collected English Papers Of Wolfgang Giegerich, Vol. 3 (Studies in Archetypal Psychology)
2010978-1-882670-45-1   ''Soul Always Thinks: Collected English Papers, Volume IV (Studies in Archetypal Psychology)
2007978-1-882670-47-5Robert RomanyshynWounded Researcher: Research with Soul in Mind
2008978-1-882670-54-3Stanton MarlanArchetypal Psychologies: Reflections in Honor of James Hillman (Studies in Archetypal Psychology)
2009978-1-882670-55-0Stephen AizenstatDream Tending
2009978-1-882670-57-4David E. SchoenWar of the Gods in Addiction
  ''978-1-882670-58-1Michael KearneyA Place of Healing:Working With Nature And Soul At The End
  ''978-1-882670-60-4Murray SteinSpring #82 A Journal of Archetype and Culture: Symbolic Life 2009 (Spring: a Journal of Archetype and Culture)
  ''978-1-882670-61-1Vine Deloria Jr.C.G. Jung and the Sioux Traditions: Dreams, Visions, Nature and the Primitive
  ''978-1-882670-62-8Stephen AizenstatImagination and Medicine
2009978-1-882670-63-5Jennifer Leigh Selig · Dennis Patrick SlatteryReimagining Education: Essays on Reviving the Soul of Learning
2007978-1-882670-65-9Craig ChalquistTerrapsychology: Reengaging the Soul of Place
  ''978-1-882670-66-6Nancy CaterSpring #75 Psyche & Nature Part 1 of 2: A Journal of Archetype and Culture (Spring Journal)
  ''978-1-882670-67-3Nancy CarterSpring #76 Psyche & Nature Part 2 of 2: A Journal of Archetype and Culture (Spring Journal)
  ''978-1-882670-68-0Benjamin SellsThe Essentials Of Style: A Handbook For Seeing And Being Seen
  ''978-1-882670-69-7Edward S. Casey · David L. MillerSpring 77: A Journal of Archetype and Culture, Philosophy and Psychology
2007978-1-882670-79-6Michael KearneyMortally Wounded: Stories of Soul Pain, Death, and Healing
  ''978-1-882670-81-9Tom CheethamAfter Prophecy: Imagination, Incarnation, and the Unity of the Prophetic Tradition (Studies in Archetypal Psychology)
2009978-1-882670-86-4Sanford DrobKabbalistic Visions: C.G. Jung and Jewish Mysticism
2005978-1-882670-89-5Maren Tonder HansenTeachers of Myth: Interviews on Educational and Psychological Uses of Myth with Adolescents
  ''978-1-882670-90-1Greg MogensonNorthern Gnois: Thor, Baldr, and the Volsungs in the Thought of Freud and Jung
  ''978-1-882670-91-8Paul KuglerRaids on the Unthinkable: Freudian and Jungian Psychoanalyses
  ''978-1-882670-92-5Wolfgang GiegerichDialectics and Analytical Psychology: The El Capitan Canyon Seminar (Studies in Archetypal Psychology)
2005978-1-882670-93-2David L. MillerChrists
  ''978-1-882670-94-9   ''Three Faces of God: Traces of the Trinity in Literature and Life
  ''978-1-882670-95-6Linda Schierse LeonardFollowing the Reindeer Woman: Path of Peace and Harmony
2004978-1-882670-96-3Lyn CowanPortrait of the Blue Lady: The Character of Melancholy (Electra)
  ''978-1-882670-97-0David L. MillerHells and Holy Ghosts: A Theopoetics of Christian Belief
2003978-1-882670-98-7Nancy CarterElectra: Tracing a Feminine Myth Through the Western Imagination