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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2015978-1-882514-00-7Cyndy ShearerThe Greenleaf Guide to Ancient Egypt (Greenleaf Guides)
1992978-1-882514-01-4John H Haaren · A. B. PolandFamous Men of Greece
2015978-1-882514-02-1Cyndy ShearerThe Greenleaf Guide to Famous Men of Greece
1989978-1-882514-03-8John H. Haaren · A. B. PolandFamous Men Of Rome: History for the Thoughtful Child
  ''978-1-882514-04-5Cyndy ShearerThe Greenleaf Guide To Famous Men Of Rome
1992978-1-882514-05-2Rob Shearer · John H. Haaren · A.B. PolandFamous Men of the Middle Ages (Greenleaf Press)
  ''978-1-882514-06-9Cyndy Shearer · Rob ShearerThe Greenleaf Guide to Famous Men of the Middle Ages
1990978-1-882514-07-6Mary F. Hyde · Cynthia A. ShearerEnglish For The Thoughtful Child
1996978-1-882514-10-6Robert G. ShearerFamous Men Of The Renaissance & Reformation
1998978-1-882514-11-3Cynthia A Shearer · Robert G ShearerThe Greenleaf Guide to Famous Men of the Renaissance and Reformation
1994978-1-882514-12-0Rob G. Shearer · Cyndy A. ShearerThe Greenleaf Guide To Old Testament History
  ''978-1-882514-13-7Joyce HerzogLearning in Spite of Labels
  ''978-1-882514-14-4Louise A. VernonHeart Strangely Warmed: The Life of John Wesley
1997978-1-882514-17-5Joyce McphersonA Piece of the Mountain:The Story of Blaise Pascal
2004978-1-882514-28-1Alfred J. ChurchThe Story of the Iliad
2000978-1-882514-30-4Cynthia ShearerGreenleaf Guide to Ancient Literature: An Inductive Approach: Gilgamesh, The Odyssey, Oedipus Rex, Oedipus at Colonus, Antigone (Greenleaf Guides)
2009978-1-882514-41-0Robert G ShearerFamous Men of the 16th & 17th Century
2013978-1-882514-44-1Cynthia A. Shearer · Fred Scott · Gordon SouthworthEnglish for the Thoughtful Child Volume 2
2008978-1-882514-45-8Cyndy ShearerThe Greenleaf Guide to Medieval Literature
1997978-1-882514-50-2Joyce McPhersonThe Ocean Of Truth: The Story Of Sir Isaac Newton
1999978-1-882514-54-0   ''The River of Grace: The Story of John Calvin
2005978-1-882514-55-7   ''Artist of the Reformation: The Story of Albrecht Dürer
2009978-1-882514-58-8David RohlFrom Eden to Exile: The Five-Thousand-Year History of the People of the Bible
2008978-1-882514-64-9Robert G.W. ShearerWestern Civilization Year Four - Sourcebook
2009978-1-882514-65-6Robert G. ShearerVoices of the Renaissance and Reformation: Primary Source Documents
2010978-1-882514-90-8Gerry BarkerSome Thoughts on Scouts and Spies: Based upon the experiences of the author and historical observation
2010978-1-882514-91-5Oleg AtbashianShakedown Socialism: Unions, Pitchforks, Collective Greed, The Fallacy of Economic Equality, and other Optical Illusions of "Redistributive Justice"