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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1997978-1-882513-19-2Jim Weiss · Charles Perrault · Jacob Grimm · Wilhelm GrimmBest Loved Stories in Song and Dance
1999978-1-882513-20-8Jim WeissSweet Dreams: Enchanting Story Visualizations With Sleepytime Music
1997978-1-882513-26-0   ''Good Night: Enchanting Story Visualizations With Sleepytime Music
  ''978-1-882513-27-7Weiss JimGreek Myths
1999978-1-882513-28-4Jim WeissArabian Nights [Importado]
  ''978-1-882513-29-1Three Musketeers/Robin Hood
1990978-1-882513-31-4JIm WeissKing Arthur and His Knights
  ''978-1-882513-32-1Jim Weiss · Grimm · Chaucer · AesopAnimal Tales
  ''978-1-882513-33-8Jim WeissTales From Cultures Far and Near
1991978-1-882513-34-5   ''She and He: Adventures in Mythology
1998978-1-882513-35-2Sherlock Holmes for Children
1992978-1-882513-36-9Jim WeissRip Van Winkle/Gulliver's Travels
1997978-1-882513-40-6Shakespeare for Children
1997978-1-882513-41-3Christmas Carol & Other Favorites
1996978-1-882513-42-0Jim WeissGiants! A Colossal Collection of Tales and Tunes
1997978-1-882513-43-7Jim Weiss · Nathaniel Hawthorne · Rudyard Kipling · Oscar WildeSpooky Classics for Children: The Canterville Ghost / Dr. Heidegger's Experiment / The Sending of Dana Da
  ''978-1-882513-44-4Jim WeissBest Loved Stories in Song and Dance
1999978-1-882513-45-1Sweet Dreams: Enchanting Story Visualizations With Sleepytime Music
  ''978-1-882513-46-8Jim (NRT) WeissGalileo and the Stargazers: Including Archimedes and the Golden Crown (Galileo and the Stargazers)
  ''978-1-882513-47-5Egyptian Treasures: Mummies and Myths
2000978-1-882513-49-9Jim WeissHeroes in Mythology: Theseus, Prometheus, Odin (A Storyteller's Version Series)
2001978-1-882513-76-5Robert Louis Stevenson--Jim Weiss abridged telling · Jim Weiss--ReaderTreasure Island
2002978-1-882513-79-6Prince and the Pauper
2003978-1-882513-81-9American Tall Tales [Importado]
  ''978-1-882513-82-6Mark Twain · Jim Weiss-RetellingThe Adventures of Tom Sawyer
2004978-1-882513-83-3Jim WeissFamously Funny: A Collection of Beloved Stories and Poems
2004978-1-882513-84-0Jim WeissAbraham Lincoln and the Heart of America
2006978-1-882513-87-1Jim Weiss retelling/Jules Verne · Jim Weiss --ReaderTwenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea