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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1995978-1-881901-07-5Giovanni MeliMoral Fables and Other Poems (Sicilian/English Anthology) (English, Italian and Italian Edition)
2006978-1-881901-09-9Cezar KurtiLearn Albanian: Mesoni Shqip
2008978-1-881901-15-0Connie Mandracchia DecaroSicily: The Trampled Paradise Revisited Second Edition (Sicilian Studies, V. 3)
1999978-1-881901-18-1Dante AlighieriDante's Lyric Poems (Italian Poetry in Translation)
  ''978-1-881901-20-4Camille CusumanoThe Last Cannoli
2008978-1-881901-25-9J. K. Bonner · Gaetano CipollaIntroduction to Sicilian Grammar
2001978-1-881901-29-7Dante Alighieri Joseph TusianiDante's Divine Comedy: As Told for Young People
2004978-1-881901-41-9Joseph Frederic PriviteraSicilian: The Oldest Romance Language
2005978-1-881901-45-7Gaetano CipollaSiciliana: Studies on the Sicilian Ethos (SICILIAN STUDIES, . 12.)
  ''978-1-881901-51-8   ''The Sounds of Sicilian: A Pronunciation Guide
2009978-1-881901-60-0Cezar KurtiLearn Albanian/Mesoni Shqip: An Introduction to Albanian Grammar - And Albanian-English Vocabulary