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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1996978-1-881542-10-0Laura Lynn LeffersDance on the Water
1995978-1-881542-17-9Robert BryceA Question of Time
1996978-1-881542-20-9Barry BierleyWasichu's Return
  ''978-1-881542-28-5Norma Green HickoxCataclysms: A New Look at Earth Changes
1998978-1-881542-37-7Donald Todd · Donald, R. ToddThe Antilles Incident
1997978-1-881542-38-4Charles WrightThe Best Kept Secrets
  ''978-1-881542-41-4DezraLittle Book of Angels
2000978-1-881542-43-8   ''Pocket Psychic: Tells Your Future Instantly
  ''978-1-881542-44-5   ''Magic Message Book
  ''978-1-881542-45-2   ''My Magical Friend: This Book Really Talks to You
2001978-1-881542-46-9Valerie KirkwoodShadow of Time
2015978-1-881542-49-0René DonovanMe 'n God in the Coffee Shop
1998978-1-881542-50-6Rebecca CramerMission to Sonora
1999978-1-881542-51-3Patricia TelescoMirror, Mirror: Reflections of the Sacred Self
2000978-1-881542-52-0Shari DoddThe Emerald of Lastanzia
1999978-1-881542-53-7   ''Rhiannon: A Novel of Mythical Fantasy
1999978-1-881542-56-8Christopher HardingThe Reindeer Boy: A Mystical Journey into the Dreamland
2000978-1-881542-57-5Diana NilsenWhere You Live -- Counts!
1999978-1-881542-58-2Michael R. PattonThe Raven's Way
2000978-1-881542-59-9Dezra-Lehr GuthrieOcean Messages
2001978-1-881542-60-5Lisa IodiceMichael: A Novel
2000978-1-881542-63-6Rebecca CramerView from Frog Mountain
1999978-1-881542-65-0Bruce GoldbergTime Travelers from Our Future: A Fifth Dimension Odyssey
2000978-1-881542-66-7Barry ChamishReturn of the Giants
2002978-1-881542-67-4Bridget PluisHeaven Waits
2001978-1-881542-68-1K. Skeffington-ClarkTimshar: The Mind Sounders; Book 1: Abduction
2002978-1-881542-71-1Bridget PluisSaying Goodbye is Not Forever
  ''978-1-881542-72-8Susanna Thorpe-ClarkChanging the Thought
  ''978-1-881542-73-5Landi Mellas · David CaywoodThe Other Sky: Reclaiming Who We Are and Why We Came Here
2007978-1-881542-75-9DR. Richard BoylanStar Kids: The Emerging Cosmic Generation
2006978-1-881542-76-6Michael J.S. CarterAlien Scriptures: Extraterrestrials in the Holy Bible
2002978-1-881542-80-3Kelley RosanoIf You Are My Soul Mate ... Why Am I So Unhappy?