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1987978-1-880985-00-7Henry RollinsPissing in the Gene Pool
1992978-1-880985-01-4Henry RollinsArt to Choke Hearts and Pissing in the Gene Pool
1990978-1-880985-02-1RollinsHigh Adventure in the Great Outdoors
  ''978-1-880985-03-8Henry RollinsBang !
1992978-1-880985-04-5   ''One from None: Collected Works, 1987
  ''978-1-880985-05-2   ''Black Coffee Blues
1990978-1-880985-06-9Don BajemaBoy in the Air
1991978-1-880985-07-6Bill ShieldsHuman Shrapnel
1990978-1-880985-08-3Nick CaveKing Ink
1997978-1-880985-09-0Joe ColePlanet Joe
1992978-1-880985-10-6RollinsArt to Choke Hearts and Pissing in the Gene Pool: Collected Writing 1985-1987
1995978-1-880985-11-3Joe CarducciRock and the Pop Narcotic: Testament for the Electric Church
1992978-1-880985-12-0Rollins · Henry RollinsSee a Grown Man Cry
1993978-1-880985-13-7Bill ShieldsThe Southeast Asian Book of the Dead
  ''978-1-880985-14-4Henry RollinsNow Watch Him Die
  ''978-1-880985-15-1Exene CervenkaVirtual Unreality
1994978-1-880985-16-8Alan VegaCripple Nation
1994978-1-880985-17-5Peter MilneFish in a Barrel: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds on Tour
  ''978-1-880985-18-2Tricia WardenBrainlift
1996978-1-880985-19-9Don BajemaReach
1994978-1-880985-20-5R. K. OvertonLetters to Rollins
1997978-1-880985-21-2Ross HalfinFragile: Human Organs
  ''978-1-880985-22-9Ross HalfinFragile: Human Organs
1994978-1-880985-23-6Henry RollinsGet in the Van: On the Road With Black Flag
1996978-1-880985-24-3   ''Get in the Van
1995978-1-880985-25-0Roky Erickson · Casey J. MonahanOpeners II: The Lyrics of Roky Erickson
  ''978-1-880985-26-7M. GiraThe Consumer
1996978-1-880985-27-4Stephanie ChernikowskiDream Baby Dream: Images from the Blank Generation
  ''978-1-880985-28-1Ricky Powell · ZephyrOh Snap!
1995978-1-880985-29-8Ross HalfinThe Photographer's Led Zeppelin
1995978-1-880985-30-4Bill ShieldsLifetaker
1997978-1-880985-31-1Henry Miller · Brenda VenusDear, Dear Brenda: The Love Letters to Brenda Venus
  ''978-1-880985-32-8Henry RollinsEye Scream
  ''978-1-880985-33-5Tricia WardenAttack God Inside
  ''978-1-880985-35-9Nick ZeddTotem of the Depraved
  ''978-1-880985-37-3Henry RollinsSee a Grown Man Cry, Now Watch Him Die
1997978-1-880985-38-0Ross HalfinMetallica: The Photographs of Ross Halfin
  ''978-1-880985-40-3Stephanie ChernikowskiDream Baby Dream: Images from the Blank Generation
1996978-1-880985-41-0Henry RollinsEverything
  ''978-1-880985-42-7   ''Everything
1997978-1-880985-43-4Iggy PopI Need More
1996978-1-880985-44-1Ricky PowellOh Snap!
1997978-1-880985-45-8Ian ShoalesNot Wet Yet: An Anthology of Commentary (1982-1996)
  ''978-1-880985-46-5Natalie JacobsonNo Forwarding Address: A Novel
1998978-1-880985-48-9Henry RollinsDo I Come Here Often (Pt. 2)
1997978-1-880985-49-6Nick CaveKing Ink II
1996978-1-880985-50-2Glen E. FriedmanFuck You Too: Extras + More Scrapbook
1997978-1-880985-51-9Henry RollinsThe First Five (Henry Rollins)
  ''978-1-880985-52-6Dustin PrestridgeKnuckle Deep
1998978-1-880985-54-0Bill ShieldsRosey the Baby Killer and Other Stories
1997978-1-880985-55-7Henry RollinsBlack Coffee Blues (Henry Rollins)
1998978-1-880985-57-1Art FeinThe L.A. Musical History Tour: A Guide to the Rock and Roll Landmarks of Los Angeles
1998978-1-880985-58-8Ellyn Maybe · Exene CervenkaThe Cowardice of Amnesia
  ''978-1-880985-59-5Henry RollinsSolipsist (Henry Rollins)
  ''978-1-880985-60-1Jeffrey Lee PierceGo Tell the Mountain: The Stories and Lyrics of Jeffrey Lee Pierce
  ''978-1-880985-61-8Henry RollinsDo I Come Here Often? (Black Coffee Blues, Pt. 2)
  ''978-1-880985-62-5Various contributorsThe Best of 2.13.61 (Henry Rollins)
1999978-1-880985-63-2Iggy PopThe Complete Lyrics of Iggy Pop 1969 - 1999
1999978-1-880985-65-6John Andrew FredrickThe King of Good Intentions
978-1-880985-66-3Won's Sleep, Won't Shut Up: The Best of Henry Rollins Spoken Word Shows
2000978-1-880985-68-7R.K. OvertonMore Letters to Rollins
  ''978-1-880985-69-4Henry RollinsSmile, You're Traveling (Black Coffee Blues Part 3)
1999978-1-880985-70-0Eric the Pilot
2002978-1-880985-71-7Henry RollinsUnwelcomed Songs: Collected Lyrics 1980-1992 (Henry Rollins)
2003978-1-880985-72-4Nick CaveAnd the Ass Saw the Angel
  ''978-1-880985-75-5Henry RollinsBroken Summers
2004978-1-880985-76-2Henry RollinsGet in the Van: On the Road With Black Flag, 2nd Edition
2005978-1-880985-77-9   ''Roomanitarian
2008978-1-880985-79-3   ''A Dull Roar: What I Did on My Summer Deracination 2006
2009978-1-880985-81-6   ''A Preferred Blur: Reflections, Inspections, and Travel in All Directions
1997978-1-880985-88-5Glen E. FriedmanFuck You Too: The Extras and More Photographs by Glen E. Friedman