Cleveland State University Poetry Center

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1993978-1-880834-02-2Beckian Fritz GoldbergIn the Badlands of Desire (CSU Poetry Series)
  ''978-1-880834-03-9Jared CarterAfter the Rain (Cleveland State University Poetry Series: XXXVII) (CSU Poetry Series) (CSU Poetry Series) (CSU Poetry Series)
1995978-1-880834-11-4ChrystosFugitive Colors
  ''978-1-880834-20-6Jared CarterWork, for the Night is Coming
1997978-1-880834-28-2Marilyn KryslWarscape, with Lovers (CSU Poetry Series) (CSU Poetry Series) (CSU Poetry Series) (CSU Poetry Series)
1999978-1-880834-40-4Jared CarterLes Barricades Mysterieuses: thirty-two villanelles
  ''978-1-880834-45-9Tim SeiblesHammerlock (Imagination Ser. Vol. 3)
2000978-1-880834-49-7Carol PotterShort History of Pets (CSU poetry series) (CSU poetry series) (CSU poetry series)
2003978-1-880834-56-5Henri MichauxSomeone Wants to Steal My Name (Imagination Series) (English and French Edition)
  ''978-1-880834-61-9Mary QuadeGuide to Native Beasts
2004978-1-880834-63-3Tim SeiblesBuffalo Head Solos
2006978-1-880834-70-1Susan GrimmOrdering the Storm: How to Put Together a Book of Poems (Imagination, No. 11)
2007978-1-880834-73-2Barbara PresnellPiece Work (CSU Poetry)
2009978-1-880834-83-1Allison WhiteSelf-Portrait with Crayon (CSU Poetry)
2009978-1-880834-84-8Liz WaldnerTrust (CSU Poetry)
  ''978-1-880834-87-9Mathias SvalinaDestruction Myth (CSU Poetry)
  ''978-1-880834-88-6Allison TitusSum of Every Lost Ship (CSU Poetry)
2010978-1-880834-89-3Elyse FentonClamor (CSU Poetry)
  ''978-1-880834-91-6Lily BrownRust or Go Missing (New Poetry)
  ''978-1-880834-92-3Dora MalechSay So (New Poetry)
2010978-1-880834-93-0Shane McCraeMule (New Poetry)
2011978-1-880834-94-7Emily Kendal FreyThe Grief Performance (New Poetry)
  ''978-1-880834-95-4Zach SavichThe Firestorm
2012978-1-880834-96-1Sandra SimondsMother Was a Tragic Girl (New Poetry)