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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1992978-1-880448-08-3Martha SoukupRosemary's brain: And other tales of wonder (Wildside minibacks series)
1993978-1-880448-34-2Anne McCaffreyThe Dolphins' Bell (Pern)
2005978-1-880448-47-2Anne McCaffreyExchange of Gifts
1995978-1-880448-48-9Anne MccaffreyAn Exchange of Gifts
1997978-1-880448-53-3John Gregory Betancourt · Marvin KayeThe Best of Weird Tales: 1923
  ''978-1-880448-54-0Mike Resnick · Patrick Nielsen HaydenAlternate Skiffy
1996978-1-880448-61-8S. T. JoshiA Subtler Magick: The Writings and Philosophy of H. P. Lovecraft
1991978-1-880448-68-7R. A. LaffertyLafferty in Orbit
1979978-1-880448-69-4Marvin KayeMy Brother, the Druggist (Marty Gold Mysteries)
1963978-1-880448-74-8Lloyd Biggle Jr.All the Colors of Darkness
1996978-1-880448-75-5Lloyd Jr. BiggleWatchers of the Dark (Jan Darzek Trilogy)
1975978-1-880448-76-2Lloyd Biggle Jr.This Darkening Universe
1971978-1-880448-77-9   ''The World Menders
1981978-1-880448-78-6George H. Scithers · Darrell SchweitzerOn Writing Science Fiction: The Editors Strike Back
  ''978-1-880448-79-3George H. Scithers · Darrell SchweitzerOn Writing Science Fiction: The Editors Strike Back
1976978-1-880448-82-3Karl WurfTo Serve Man: A Cookbook for People
  ''978-1-880448-84-7Keith RobertsThe Grain Kings
1985978-1-880448-87-8Keith RobertsKiteworld
1993978-1-880448-89-2Bradley DentonThe Calvin Coolidge Home for Dead Comedians
  ''978-1-880448-90-8Bradley DentonA Conflagration Artist
2000978-1-880448-92-2R. A. LaffertyDoes Anyone Else Have Something Further to Add?
2010978-1-880448-94-6Lord DunsanyThe Gods of Pegana: Classic Fantasy Stories
1971978-1-880448-95-3R. A. LaffertyThe Devil is Dead
1969978-1-880448-96-0   ''Fourth Mansions
1970978-1-880448-97-7   ''Nine Hundred Grandmothers
1968978-1-880448-98-4   ''The Reefs of Earth
1968978-1-880448-99-1R. A. LaffertyPast Master