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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1991978-1-880399-00-2Humana FestivalThe Great Monologues from the Humana Festival (Monologue Audition Series)
1992978-1-880399-03-3Craig SlaightGreat Monologues for Young Actors Volume I (Young Actors Series)
1993978-1-880399-05-7Jean HackettThe Actor's Chekhov: Interviews with Nikos Psacharopoulos and the Company of the Williamstown Theatre Festival, on the Plays of Anton Chekhov
  ''978-1-880399-10-1Jocelyn A. Beard · Sharon OttThe Best Women's Stage Monologues of 1992
  ''978-1-880399-11-8Jocelyn A. BeardThe Best Men's Stage Monologues of 1992
  ''978-1-880399-15-6Craig SlaightGreat Scenes and Monologues for Children (Young Actors Series)
  ''978-1-880399-18-7Jocelyn A. BeardThe Best Stage Scenes of 1992
1996978-1-880399-20-0Jane MartinJane Martin Collected Works Volume I: Collected Plays 1980-1995 - Paper
1992978-1-880399-21-7Romulus LinneyRomulus Linney 17 Short Plays
1993978-1-880399-31-6Lanford WilsonLanford Wilson: 21 Short Plays
1994978-1-880399-34-7Terrence McNallyTerrence McNally, Vol. 1: 15 Short Plays
1993978-1-880399-37-8Marisa SmithHumana Festival, 1993: The Complete Plays (Plays for Actors)
1994978-1-880399-42-2Jocelyn A. BeardThe Best Women's Stage Monologues of 1993
1993978-1-880399-49-1Glenn Alterman2 Minutes and Under: Character Monologues for Actors (Monologue Audition Series.)
1993978-1-880399-50-7Nina Finburgh · Anne McArthurHot Tips for Cold Readings: Some Do's and Don'ts for Actors at Auditions
1994978-1-880399-56-9Marisa SmithHumana Festival 1994: The Complete Plays
1995978-1-880399-58-3Donald OliverHow to Audition for the Musical Theatre: A Step-By-Step Guide to Effective Preparation
1994978-1-880399-66-8Jocelyn A. BeardThe Best Stage Scenes of 1994
1995978-1-880399-67-5Henrik IbsenIbsen: Four Major Plays, Vol. I
1994978-1-880399-76-7Richard BrestoffThe Camera Smart Actor (A Career Resource Book)
  ''978-1-880399-77-4Larry SilverbergThe Sanford Meisner Approach: An Actor's Workbook (A Career Development Book)
1995978-1-880399-80-4Michael Bigelow Dixon · Joel A. SmithAnne Bogart: Viewpoints (Career Development Series)
  ''978-1-880399-88-0Albert Ramsdell GurneyA. R. Gurney Collected Plays Volume I: Nine Early Plays - Paper (Vol 1)
1996978-1-880399-89-7Christopher DurangChristopher Durang Volume I: 27 Short Plays
1995978-1-880399-92-7Marisa SmithHumana Festival 1995: The Complete Plays
1996978-1-880399-93-4Mikhail Afanasevich Bulgakov · Frank Dwyer · Nicholas SaundersZoyka's Apartment: A Tragic Farce in Three Acts (Great Translations for Actors Series)
1995978-1-880399-94-1Joel A. SmithAnne Bogart: Viewpoints (Career Development Series)
  ''978-1-880399-98-9Michele Volansky · Michael Bigelow DixonTwenty One-Act Plays from Twenty Years of the Humana Festival: 1975-1995 (Contemporary Playwrights Series)