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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1992978-1-880323-00-7Louise Fatio · Beatrix Potter · Rudyard KiplingJunior Great Books Series 2: First Semester Student Anthology
  ''978-1-880323-01-4Various AuthorsJunior Great Books Series 2 Second Semester
  ''978-1-880323-02-1Various Authors · Charles Perrault · Brothers Grimm · Hans Christian Andersen · Joan Grant · Natalie Savage Carlson · Flora Annie Steel · Barbara WalkerJunior Great Books (Series 3) - First Semester
  ''978-1-880323-03-8Dorothy Hoge · Gail E Haley · Rumer GoddenJunior Great Books, Series 3, 2nd Semester: An Interpretive Reading, Writing and discussion Curriculum
  ''978-1-880323-04-5more Langston Hughes Lewis Carroll RudyaJunior Great Books Series 4: First Semester Student Anthology
1992978-1-880323-05-2Junior Great Books-Series 4:Second Semester
  ''978-1-880323-06-9Junior Great Books: Series 5, First Semester
  ''978-1-880323-07-6Richard Wilbur · James Kruss · Bill NaughtonJunior Great Books-Series 5: 2nd Semester Anthology
  ''978-1-880323-08-3Brenda ShurleyJunior Great Books Series 6: First Semester
  ''978-1-880323-09-0UnknownJunior Great Books-Series 6: 2nd Semester Anthology
1992978-1-880323-10-6William Seabright · Kurt Vonnegurt · Ed YoungJunior Great Books Series 7: Student Anthology
  ''978-1-880323-11-3Multiple AuthorsJunior Great Books Series 8: Student Anthology
  ''978-1-880323-12-0Great Books FoundationJunior Great Books Series 9: Student Anthology
2007978-1-880323-19-9Daniel Born · Mike Levine · Donald H. WhitfieldThe Seven Deadly Sins Sampler
1992978-1-880323-50-2Great Books · William SeabrightJunior Great Books, Series 5: Interpretive Activities
1993978-1-880323-51-9Great Books FoundationJunior Great Books-Series 6: 1st Semester Interpretive Activities
  ''978-1-880323-52-6Juniior Great BooksJunior Great Books Interpretive Activites Series 5 Second Semester
1997978-1-880323-76-2Great Books FoundationParent and Child (50th Anniversary Series)
  ''978-1-880323-77-9   ''Living with the Past (50th Anniversary Series)
1997978-1-880323-78-6Great Book FoundationOrder and Chaos (The Great Books Foundation 50th Anniversary Series)
  ''978-1-880323-79-3Great Books FoundationIdentity and Self-Respect (The Great Books Foundation 50th Anniversary Series)
  ''978-1-880323-80-9great-books-foundationThe Evil and the Guilty (Great Books Foundation 50th Anniversary Series)
1998978-1-880323-81-6Great Books FoundationPolitics, Leadership, and Justice (Great Books Foundation 50th Anniversary Series)
  ''978-1-880323-82-3   ''Happiness and Discontent (Great Books Foundation 50th Anniversary Series)
2001978-1-880323-86-1   ''The Nature of Life: Readings in Biology
  ''978-1-880323-87-8Nancy CarrReader's Guide to the Great Gatsby: Resources for Reading and Discussion
2002978-1-880323-88-5Joseph Coulson · Peter S. Temes · Jim BaldwinModern American Poetry
2003978-1-880323-89-2Nancy Carr · Joseph Coulson · Steve HettlemanReader's Guide to the Scarlet Letter
2004978-1-880323-90-8Joseph Coulson · Donald Whitfield · Ashley L. Preston · Crispin TickellKeeping Things Whole: Readings in Environmental Science