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1991978-1-880029-00-8Outdoor projects: [editors, Mary Hansen, Warren Ramezzana]
1992978-1-880029-01-5Morton J. SchultzModern Home Plumbing: Repairs and Improvements
  ''978-1-880029-02-2Creative HomeownerLuxury Home Plans: Two Hundred Designs from 3500 to 10,900 Square Feet
1993978-1-880029-03-9Herb Hughes Mr.Custom Closets: Organize and Build (Creative Homeowner Press Book)
1995978-1-880029-04-6Editors of Creative HomeownerGazebos & Other Outdoor Structures
1993978-1-880029-05-3Creative Homeowner PressDecks (Quick Guide)
1992978-1-880029-06-0Editors of Creative HomeownerQuick Guide: Floors: Step-by-Step Remodeling Techniques
  ''978-1-880029-07-7   ''Quick Guide: Patios & Walks: Step-by-Step Construction Methods
  ''978-1-880029-08-4Creative Homeowner Press · Arnie Edelstein · Kimberly KerrigoneWalls & Ceilings (Quick Guide)
1994978-1-880029-10-7Creative Homeowner300 Affordable Home Plans: Home Designs Under 2,650 sq. ft.
1992978-1-880029-11-4Morton J SchultzModern home plumbing: Repairs, improvements, and projects
  ''978-1-880029-12-1Editors of Creative HomeownerQuick Guide: Plumbing: Step-by-Step Repair Procedures
1996978-1-880029-13-8   ''Quick Guide: Wiring: Step-by-Step Repair Procedures
1993978-1-880029-14-5PlayPlay Yards, Play Things
1994978-1-880029-15-2James BarrettWorking With Tile
1993978-1-880029-16-9Jane CornellRooms to Grow: Creating Rooms and Furniture for Children
1993978-1-880029-18-3The concise guide to building fences
  ''978-1-880029-19-0James BarrettThe concise guide to building sheds
1994978-1-880029-20-6Jim Barrett Mr.Quick Guide: Storage Sheds: Step-by-Step Construction Methods
  ''978-1-880029-21-3James BarrettCeramic Tile (Quick Guide)
1993978-1-880029-22-0Creative HomeownerFences & Gates (Quick Guide)
1994978-1-880029-23-7Editors of Creative HomeownerQuick Guide: Windows & Doors: Step-by-Step Remodeling Techniques
1993978-1-880029-24-4David M. GroffThe Complete Guide to Wallpapering
  ''978-1-880029-25-1Pamela WestlandMaking Wreaths for All Seasons
1994978-1-880029-27-5Mark Feirer Mr.QuIck Guide: Trim: Step-by-Step Installation Techniques (Quick Guide)
  ''978-1-880029-28-2Creative Homeowner PressCreative Homeowner Press Quick Guide: Small Gasoline Engines
1994978-1-880029-29-9James Barrett · Laura TringaliPonds & Fountains (Quick Guide)
  ''978-1-880029-30-5Walter Jowers · Alexander Samuelson · Meredith Books · Creative Homeowner PressInterior & Exterior Painting (Quick Guide)
1995978-1-880029-31-2Jerry GermerBathrooms
1994978-1-880029-32-9Creative HomeownerDistinctive Home Plans: 200 Designs from 3,400 to 7,700 Sq. Ft
1996978-1-880029-33-6   ''Most Popular One-Story Homes: 470 Designs to Suit a Range of Styles and Budgets
1994978-1-880029-34-3Creative Homeowner · CreativeMost Popular Two-Story Homes: 478 Designs to Suit a Range of Styles and Budgets
  ''978-1-880029-35-0Creative Homeowner PressFive Hundred Most Popular Home Plans
  ''978-1-880029-36-7Richard V. NunnBasic Wiring
1995978-1-880029-37-4Editors of Creative HomeownerQuick Guide: Roofing: Step-by-Step Installation Techniques
1994978-1-880029-38-1Creative Homeowner PressDecorative Paint Finishes
1995978-1-880029-40-4David Toht · Editors of Creative HomeownerQuick Guide: Siding: Step-by-Step Installation Techniques
1996978-1-880029-41-1Editors of Creative HomeownerCabinets & Built-Ins: 26 Custom Storage Projects
1995978-1-880029-42-8Mark Feirer Mr.Quick Guide: Attics: Step-by-Step Construction Methods
1996978-1-880029-43-5John Cronin Mr.Quick Guide: Pool & Spa Maintenance: Step-by-Step Repair and Upkeep
1995978-1-880029-44-2Mark Feirer Mr.Quick Guide: Basements: Step-by-Step Construction Methods
  ''978-1-880029-45-9Jerry Germer RA Mr.Quick Guide: Insulation & Ventilation: Step-by-Step Installation Techniques
1996978-1-880029-46-6Ed Baldwin Mr.Bird Feeders: Step-by-Step Project Plans
1996978-1-880029-47-3Jim BarrettWalks, Walls & Fences
1997978-1-880029-48-0Creative Homeowner Press · Richard Ziegner · Neil SoderstromWalls, Floors & Ceilings
1995978-1-880029-51-0Basic wiring for Canada
  ''978-1-880029-52-7Drew CorinchockQuick Guide Gazebos
1996978-1-880029-53-4Creative Homeowner PressGuia Rapida: Instalaciones Electricas\Quick Guide: Wiring
  ''978-1-880029-54-1   ''Guia Rapida: Plomeria\Quick Guide: Plumbing
1996978-1-880029-55-8Creative Homeowner PressGuia Rapida: Paredes y Cielos Rasos\Quick Guide: Walls and Ceilings
  ''978-1-880029-56-5   ''Guia Rapido: Pisos\Quick Guide: Floors
1995978-1-880029-57-2Staff of Creative Homeowner PressBuild It Yourself: 8' Square Gazebo
  ''978-1-880029-58-9   ''Build It Yourself: 8' x 8' Shed-Roof Storage Shed
  ''978-1-880029-59-6   ''Build It Yourself: 12' x 12' Low Deck
  ''978-1-880029-60-2   ''Build It Yourself: 12' x 12' Raised Deck
1995978-1-880029-61-9Staff of Creative Homeowner PressBuild It Yourself: Six-Sided Picnic Table
1995978-1-880029-62-6Staff of Creative Homeowner PressBuild It Yourself: Rectangular Picnic Table
  ''978-1-880029-63-3   ''Build It Yourself: Adirondack Chair
  ''978-1-880029-64-0   ''Build It Yourself: 12' x 18' Multi-Level Deck
  ''978-1-880029-65-7   ''Build It Yourself: Six-Sided Gazebo
  ''978-1-880029-66-4   ''Build It Yourself: Screen in a Porch
1996978-1-880029-67-1Jane CornellLighting Your Home: Inside and Out- Design, Select, Install
1996978-1-880029-68-8James A. Hufnagel · Kathie Robitz · Barbara SabellaKitchens: Design, Remodel, Build
  ''978-1-880029-69-5the Staff of Creative Homeowner PressBuild It Yourself: Cold Climate Dog House
  ''978-1-880029-70-1Staff of Creative Homeowner PressBuild It Yourself: Standard Dog House
1996978-1-880029-71-8Staff of Creative Homeowner PressBuild It Yourself: 12' x 12' Modular Deck
  ''978-1-880029-72-5   ''Build It Yourself: Firewood Storage Shed
  ''978-1-880029-73-2   ''Build It Yourself: Garbage/Recycling Bin
  ''978-1-880029-74-9   ''Build It Yourself: Wrap Around Deck
  ''978-1-880029-77-0   ''Build It Yourself: Trellis-Covered Deck
1996978-1-880029-78-7the Staff of Creative Homeowner PressBuild It Yourself: One Car Garage
  ''978-1-880029-79-4Creative Homeowner PressBasic Wiring
  ''978-1-880029-80-0Staff of Creative Homeowner PressBuild It Yourself: 8' x 8' Barn-Style Shed
  ''978-1-880029-83-1Editors of Creative HomeownerQuick Guide: Wiring: Step-by-Step Repair Procedures
  ''978-1-880029-84-8Creative Homeowner PressHome Decorating With Paint, Tile, Wallcovering
1996978-1-880029-85-5Jane Cornell · David H. Jacobs · Mark FeierAdding Space Without Adding on
  ''978-1-880029-86-2Christine BeallMasonry: Concrete, Brick, Stone
  ''978-1-880029-87-9Jack P. JonesQuick Guide: Garages & Carports: Step-by-Step Construction Methods
  ''978-1-880029-88-6Jeff Beneke Mr.Quick Guide: Stairs & Railings: Step-by-Step Construction Methods
  ''978-1-880029-89-3Creative Homeowner PressDesigning & Planning Bathrooms
1996978-1-880029-90-9Creative Homeowner PressPlanning a Better Kitchen
1997978-1-880029-91-6Cretive Homeowner PressShelving & Storage (Quick Guide)
  ''978-1-880029-92-3Creative Homeowner Press · Christine Beall · Alexander SamuelsonMasonry Walls
  ''978-1-880029-93-0Steve CoryDecks: Plan, Design, & Build
  ''978-1-880029-96-1James BarrettFences, Gates and Trellises
  ''978-1-880029-97-8Tomothy BakkeWalls, Walks & Patios: Plan - Design - Build
1998978-1-880029-98-5John D. Wagner Mr.House Framing
1997978-1-880029-99-2Jerry Germer RAPlanning Your Addition