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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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1993978-1-879479-07-4Eric TangbornA Fischer Favorite: The King's Indian Attack
  ''978-1-879479-08-1Yasser SeirawanNo Regrets: Fischer-Spassky 1992
  ''978-1-879479-09-8   ''No Regrets: Fischer-Spassky 1992
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  ''978-1-879479-14-2Eric TangbornThe Complete Torre Attack
1994978-1-879479-15-9John DonaldsonLegend on the Road
1995978-1-879479-19-7John Donaldson · Nikolay MinevAkiba Rubinstein: Uncrowned King
1994978-1-879479-21-0Eduard GufeldMy Life in Chess: The Search for La Gioconda
1995978-1-879479-26-5John DonaldsonAkiba Rubinstein: The Later Years
1995978-1-879479-27-2Nikolay Minev · John DonaldsonAkiba Rubinstein: The Later Years
1997978-1-879479-33-3John RiceChess Wizardry: The New ABC of Chess Problems (American Batsford Chess Library)
1996978-1-879479-34-0Raymond Keene · Byron JacobsA Complete Defense For Black
1997978-1-879479-35-7Paul KeresPaul Keres: The Road to the Top
1996978-1-879479-36-4Joe Gm GallagherBeating The Anti-King's Indians
1997978-1-879479-42-5Peter Wells · Viacheslav OsnosThe Complete Richter-Rauzer
  ''978-1-879479-43-2Paul MotwaniH.O.T. Chess
1996978-1-879479-44-9Steffen PedersenThe Dutch for the Attacking Player
1997978-1-879479-45-6John NunnThe Complete Najdorf 6 Bg5
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  ''978-1-879479-49-4John Nunn · Paul KeresPaul Keres: The Quest for Perfection (New American Batsford Chess Library)
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1999978-1-879479-77-7Adrian MikhalchishinHanging Pawns
1999978-1-879479-85-2Eric Tangborn · John DonaldsonThe Unknown Bobby Fischer