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1992978-1-879335-01-1Herbert P KeanPrice Guide to Antique Tools
1995978-1-879335-03-5Not AvailableAuburn Tool Co
  ''978-1-879335-05-9   ''D.R. Barton & Co
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1993978-1-879335-32-5John M. WhalenThe Wooden Plane: Its History, Form & Function
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  ''978-1-879335-35-6John H. EvansOrnamental Turning: A Work of Practical Instruction in the Above Art ; With Numerous Engravings and Autotype Plates
  ''978-1-879335-36-3Emil Pollak · Martyl PollakPrices Realized on Rare Imprinted American Wooden Planes 1979-1992
  ''978-1-879335-37-0John Fuller Sr.Art of Coppersmithing: A Practical Treatise on Working Sheet Copper into All Forms
1993978-1-879335-38-7Emil & Martyl PollakPeck, Stow & Wilcox Company's 1900 Centennial Catalog of Tinsmiths' Tools and Machines
1994978-1-879335-39-4Charles HoltzapffelTurning and Mechanical Manipulation, Vol. 2: Holtzapffel's Construction, Action & Application of Cutting Tools (Volume 2)
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1994978-1-879335-44-8Not AvailableThe Handsaw Catalog Collection: A Select Compilation of the Four Leading Manufacturers (1910-1919): E.C. Atkins & Co. ... Et Al
  ''978-1-879335-45-5Henry Disston & SonsHenry Disston & Sons Handbook for Lumbermen Keystone Saw Tool, Steel and File Works
  ''978-1-879335-46-2Charles HoltzapffelTurning and Mechanical Manipulation, Vol. I: Materials, Their Choice, Preparation and Various Modes of Working Them
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1994978-1-879335-48-6Ronald W. PearsonThe American Patented Brace 1829-1924: An Illustrated Directory of Patents
  ''978-1-879335-49-3James LukinTurning Lathes: A Guide to Turning, Screw Cutting, Metal Spinning, Ornamental Turning & cc.
  ''978-1-879335-50-9M. T. RichardsonPractical Carriage Building
  ''978-1-879335-52-3Florian CajoriA History of the Logarithmic Slide Rule and Allied Instruments and on the History of Gunter's Scale and the Slide Rule During the Seventeenth Century
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