Heartways Pr

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1990978-1-879159-03-7Paul FerriniThe Bridge to Reality: A Heart Centered Approach to a Course in Miracles and the Process of Inner Healing
1997978-1-879159-06-8Paul FerriniThe Wounded Child's Journey Into Love's Embrace
2012978-1-879159-10-5   ''The Twelve Steps of Forgiveness: A Practical Manual for Moving from Fear to Love
1995978-1-879159-15-0   ''Love Without Conditions: Reflections of the Christ Mind
1996978-1-879159-16-7   ''The Silence of the Heart: Reflections of the Christ Mind - Part II
  ''978-1-879159-18-1   ''The Ecstatic Moment: A Practical Manual for Opening Your Heart and Staying in It
978-1-879159-22-8Die Schlüssel zum Königreich
1997978-1-879159-23-5Paul FerriniMiracle of Love: Reflections of the Christ Mind
2001978-1-879159-24-2Paul FerriniLove Without Conditions (Reflections on the Christ Mind)
1998978-1-879159-35-8   ''Return to the Garden: Reflections of the Christ Mind
  ''978-1-879159-36-5   ''Living in the Heart: The Affinity Process & the Path of Unconditional Love & Acceptance
  ''978-1-879159-37-2   ''Grace Unfolding: The Art of Living a Surrendered Life
2000978-1-879159-39-6   ''Creating a Spiritual Relationship
1999978-1-879159-41-9Paul FerriniI Am the Door: Exploring the Christ Presence Within
2000978-1-879159-45-7   ''Enlightenment for Everyone: A Practical Guide to Realizing Your True Nature
2001978-1-879159-47-1   ''Dancing With the Beloved: Opening Our Hearts to the Lessons of Love
2004978-1-879159-60-0   ''The Laws of Love: 10 Spiritual Principles That Can Transform Your Life (Pt.1)
  ''978-1-879159-61-7   ''Power of Love 10 Spiritual Practices (Course in Spiritual Mastery)
2006978-1-879159-62-4Paul FerriniThe Presence of Love: God's Answer to Humanity's Call for Help
  ''978-1-879159-67-9   ''Love Is My Gospel: The Radical Teachings of Jesus on Healing, Empowerment and the Call to Serve
2007978-1-879159-68-6   ''Real Happiness: A Roadmap for Healing Our Pain & Awakening the Joy That Is Our Birthright
  ''978-1-879159-69-3   ''Embracing Our True Self: A New Paradigm Approach to Healing Our Wounds, Finding Our Gifts, and Fulfilling Our Spiritual Purpose
2010978-1-879159-82-2   ''The Gospel According to Jesus: A New Testament for Our Time