Kagan Cooperative Learning

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1991978-1-879097-00-1Spencer KaganCooperative Learning Resources for Teachers
1992978-1-879097-02-5Spencer KaganTransparencies for Teachers
1998978-1-879097-04-9Beth AndriniCooperative Learning & Mathematics, A Multi-Structural Approach Grades K-8
1992978-1-879097-05-6Spencer Kagan · Laurie KaganCooperative Learning Course Workbook
1994978-1-879097-06-3Spencer KaganCo-Op Lesson Designs
1992978-1-879097-07-0   ''Co Op Facilitators Handbook
978-1-879097-08-7Cooperative Learning and Higher Level Thinking: The Question Matrix
1992978-1-879097-09-4Lorna CurranCooperative Learning Lessons For Little Ones: Literature-Based Language Arts
1994978-1-879097-10-0Spencer KaganKagan Cooperative Learning
  ''978-1-879097-11-7Illustrated by Celso Rodriguez Spencer KaganSame-Different: Holidays
1992978-1-879097-12-4Laurie RobertsonCo-Op Across the Curriculum
1994978-1-879097-13-1Jeanne StoneCooperative Learning And Language Arts (Grades K-8) 264 pp
1992978-1-879097-14-8Vanston ShawCommunity Building in the Classroom
2000978-1-879097-15-5Laurie KaganFraction Fun through Cooperative Learning, Grades 2-12
1992978-1-879097-16-2Miguel Kagan & Spencer KaganAdvanced Cooperative Learning (All Grades) 112 pp (Book with Element Deck)
  ''978-1-879097-17-9Spencer KaganTransparencies for teachers: French translation
1993978-1-879097-18-6Julie HighSecond Language Learning (All Grades) 144pp
1998978-1-879097-19-3Lorna CurranLessons for Little Ones: Mathematics, Grades K-2
  ''978-1-879097-20-9Virginia DeBoltWrite! Cooperative Learning & The Writing Process (Grades 3-8) 208ppp
2008978-1-879097-21-6Miguel KaganMatch Mine: Language Builder (All Grades) 136pp
2009978-1-879097-22-3   ''Match Mine: Mathematics 136pp (Grades 3-6)
1998978-1-879097-24-7Chuck WiederholdCooperative Learning & Higher Level Thinking: The Q-Matrix w/Question Manipulatives
1995978-1-879097-25-4Laura CandlerCooperative Learning & Wee Science (Grades K-3) 248pp
  ''978-1-879097-26-1Laura CandlerCooperative Learning & Hands-On Science (Grades 3-8) 296 pp
2000978-1-879097-27-8Jeanne StoneCooperative Learning Reading Activities (Grades K-8) 200pp
1996978-1-879097-28-5   ''Cooperating Learning - Writing Activities (Grades K-8) 184pp
1995978-1-879097-29-2Spencer Kagan, & Laurie Kagan Miguel KaganClassbuilding
1996978-1-879097-30-8Laurie RobertsonCooperative Learning & Integrated Curriculum: Jack & The Beanstalk Activities
1996978-1-879097-31-5Harlan RimmermanResources in Cooperative Learning
1998978-1-879097-32-2Tom MortonCooperative Learning and Social Studies, Grades 6-12
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  ''978-1-879097-35-3Laurie KaganDynamic Visuals for the Dynamic Trainer (Book & CD-ROM) (All Grades)160pp
  ''978-1-879097-36-0Ranae Stites & Amanda BuetheCooperative Mathematics (Grades 3-5) 272 pp
2000978-1-879097-37-7Laura CandlerScience Buddies (Grades 3-8) 88pp
1998978-1-879097-38-4Virginia DeBoltWrite! Mathematics: Multiple Intelligences & Cooperative Learning Writing Activities (Grades 4-9)
  ''978-1-879097-39-1   ''Write! Science: MI & Cooperative Learning Activities, Grades 4-9
1998978-1-879097-40-7Virginia DeBoltWrite! Social Studies: MI & Cooperative Learning Activities (Grades 4-9) 144pp
1997978-1-879097-41-4Spencer Kagan, & Laurie Kagan Miguel KaganTeambuilding
1998978-1-879097-42-1George M. Jacobs · Gan Siowck Lee · Jessica BallCooperative Learning: A Sourcebook of Lesson Plans
2008978-1-879097-43-8Laura CandlerDiscovering Decimals through Cooperative Learning, Grades 3-8
1997978-1-879097-44-5Illustrated by Celso Rodriguez Spencer KaganSame-Different Fairy Tales (All Grades) 88pp
1998978-1-879097-45-2Spencer Kagan · Miguel KaganMultiple Intelligences: The Complete MI Book
2000978-1-879097-46-9Laurie KaganMultiple Intelligences: Structures and Activities (All Grades) 280pp
1999978-1-879097-47-6Laura CandlerExploring The Rain Forest: Multiple intelligences & cooperative learning activities
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  ''978-1-879097-53-7Laurie Kagan, & Miguel Kagan Christa ChapmanQuestion Book: Language Arts (Grades 3-12) 160 pp (Higher-Level Thinking Questions)
  ''978-1-879097-54-4Miguel KaganQuestion Book: Developing Character (Grades 3-12) 160 pp
1999978-1-879097-55-1Miguel KaganQuestion Book: Personal & Social Skills (Grades 3-12) 160 pp (Higher-level Thinking Questions)
2000978-1-879097-56-8Spencer KaganSilly Sports & Goofy Games
2001978-1-879097-57-5Dina KushnirCooperative Learning & Mathematics: High School Activities (Grades 8-12)
2006978-1-879097-60-5Laurie Kagan · Spencer KaganStructures for Success Workbook
2001978-1-879097-61-2Laurie KaganCooperative Learning Structures for Success!
  ''978-1-879097-62-9Miguel KaganLogic Line-Ups (All Grades) 88 pp
2002978-1-879097-63-6Debbie MountsSpanish, Beginning: Cooperative Learning & Multiple Intelligences Activities (English and Spanish Edition)
2001978-1-879097-64-3Robert McAdam, & Diane McAdam Bange Claudia Cangilla McAdamPortraits of Character: Book One (Grades 3-8)160pp
  ''978-1-879097-65-0   ''Portraits of Character: Book Two (Grades 3-8) 160pp
  ''978-1-879097-66-7Liana ForestCrafting Creative Community (Grades 3-8) 448pp
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2002978-1-879097-69-8Miguel KaganMix-N-Match Book: Mathematics (Grades 3-6) 184 pp
  ''978-1-879097-70-4   ''Mix-N-Match Book: Language Arts (Grades 3-6) 184 pp
  ''978-1-879097-71-1   ''Mix-N-Match Book: Science (Grades 3-8) 208 pp
  ''978-1-879097-72-8   ''Mix-N-Match Book: Social Studies (Grades 4-9) 208 pp
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2005978-1-879097-84-1Karen Kettle & Dr. Spencer KaganInspirational Quotations
  ''978-1-879097-85-8Angela Manzi & Michael MichelsQuestion Book: Biology (Grades 7-12) 160 pp (Higher-level Thinking)
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2006978-1-879097-99-5Kamala DeviDon't Drink the Punch: An Adventure in Tantra