Heartmath Llc

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1992978-1-879052-00-0Paula ElliottFluffy and Sparky: A Story About True Buddies
1991978-1-879052-01-7Deborah RozmanThe Crystal Lady
1992978-1-879052-02-4Paula ElliottEvery Day Can Feel Like Christmas: Story Coloring Book
1991978-1-879052-04-8Jeffrey GoelitzSecrets from the lives of trees
  ''978-1-879052-05-5Mom · Sara Paddison · Deborah RozmanJust Love the People: The Family Frequency
  ''978-1-879052-07-9Doc Lew ChildreHeart Smarts: Teenage Guide for the Puzzle of Life
1996978-1-879052-13-0Deborah Rozman · Doc Lew ChildreBuddy Bubbles: Magical Games for a Child's Heart
1992978-1-879052-16-1Doc Lew ChildreSelf-Empowerment: The Heart Approach to Stress Management: Common Sense Strategies
  ''978-1-879052-17-8Sara PaddisonThe hidden power of the heart: Achieving balance and fulfillment in a stressful world
  ''978-1-879052-18-5Doc Lew ChildreThe how to book of teen self discovery: Helping teens find balance, security & esteem
1993978-1-879052-20-8   ''Quantum Intelligence: The Speed of Balance: Entering the Holographic Universe
1989978-1-879052-23-9Deborah RozmanMeditation for Children: Pathways to Happiness, Harmony, Creativity & Fun for the Family
1994978-1-879052-24-6   ''Meditating With Children: The Art of Concentration and Centering: A Workbook on New Educational Methods Using Meditation
1996978-1-879052-25-3Joseph SundramPassport to Completion: Unleashing the Intelligence to Heal the Emotional Virus Within
1996978-1-879052-26-0Doc Lew Childre · Sara Hatch PaddisonTeaching Children to Love: 80 Games & Fun Activities for Raising Balanced Children in Unbalanced Times
1991978-1-879052-27-7Jeffrey GoelitzSecrets from the Lives of Trees
1998978-1-879052-28-4Doc Lew Childre · Sara Paddison · Howard MartinHeartmath Discovery Program Level 1: Daily Readings and Self-Discovery Exercises for Creating a More Rewarding Life
1995978-1-879052-32-1Doc Lew ChildreA Parenting Manual: Heart Hope for the Family
  ''978-1-879052-33-8Doc Lew Childre · Deborah RozmanCut-Thru: Achieve Total Security and Maximum Energy
1992978-1-879052-34-5Doc Lew ChildreSelf Empowerment
  ''978-1-879052-35-2Sara PaddisonThe Hidden Power of the Heart: Achieving Balance and Fulfillment in a Stressful World
1994978-1-879052-36-9Doc Lew ChildreThe How to Book of Teen Self Discovery: Helping Teens Find Balance, Security and Esteem
1996978-1-879052-37-6   ''Cut-Thru: Achieve Total Security and Maximum Energy: A Scientifically Proven Insight on How to Care Without Becoming a Victim
  ''978-1-879052-38-3   ''Freeze-Frame Inner Fitness System
1994978-1-879052-39-0Doc Lew ChildreFreeze-Frame: Fast Action Stress Relief: A Scientifically Proven Technique
1995978-1-879052-40-6   ''Freeze-Frame: Fast Action Stress Relief: A Scientifically Proven Technique
1997978-1-879052-41-3Doc Lew Childre · Howard MartinHeart Signals (Cassette): Access Codes to the Video Game of Life
1998978-1-879052-42-0Doc ChildreFreeze-Frame: One Minute Stress Management: A Scientifically Proven Technique for Clear Decision Making and Improved Health (Heartmath System)
  ''978-1-879052-43-7Sara PaddisonThe Hidden Power of the Heart: Discovering an Unlimited Source of Intelligence
2000978-1-879052-44-4Doc ChildreTools for Emotional Management: Heartmath's Cut-Thru Techniques
  ''978-1-879052-45-1Bruce CryerFrom Chaos to Coherence: The Power to Change Performance (Multimedia Learning Program)
  ''978-1-879052-46-8Bruce CryerFrom Chaos to Coherence (The Power to Change Performance)
  ''978-1-879052-47-5Doc Lew ChildreHeart Zones: Music to Boost Vitality
2000978-1-879052-48-2Doc Lew ChildreHeart Zones: Music to Boost Vitality
  ''978-1-879052-49-9Speed of Balance: A Musical Adventure for Emotional and Mental Regeneration
  ''978-1-879052-50-5Speed of Balance: A Musical Adventure for Emotional and Mental Regeneration
2001978-1-879052-51-2Doc ChildreQuiet Joy: Music for Facilitating the Heart-Mind-Body Connection
  ''978-1-879052-52-9   ''Quiet Joy