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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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  ''978-1-878901-14-9Mary Summer RainDaybreak: The Dawning Ember (No-Eyes Series)
  ''978-1-878901-25-5George G. RitchieMy Life After Dying: Becoming Alive To Universal Love
1992978-1-878901-28-6Ken Eagle FeatherTraveling With Power: The Exploration and Development of Perception
  ''978-1-878901-32-3James P. CarterRacketeering in Medicine: The Suppression of Alternatives
  ''978-1-878901-33-0Mary Summer RainSoul Sounds: Mourning the Tears of Truth
1992978-1-878901-35-4Marva Collins"Ordinary" Children, Extraordinary Teachers
  ''978-1-878901-39-2Mary Summer RainMountains, Meadows, and Moonbeams: A Child's Spiritual Reader
  ''978-1-878901-41-5Marva CollinsOrdinary Children, Extraordinary Teachers
  ''978-1-878901-44-6Armando BenitezFate, Coincidence and the Outcome of Horse Races
  ''978-1-878901-46-0Robert BrewerCaptains (The Good, The Bad And The Ridiculous): The Crewman's Guide for a Better Undestanding of your Captain's Moods, Methods & Madness
1992978-1-878901-49-1Mary Summer RainWhispered Wisdom: Portraits of Grandmother Earth
1998978-1-878901-56-9David L. LevyThe Best Parent Is Both Parents: A Guide to Shared Parenting in the 21st Century
1993978-1-878901-61-3Mary Summer RainSpirit Song: The Introduction of No-Eyes
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  ''978-1-878901-64-4   ''Phantoms Afoot: Helping the Spirts Among Us (No-Eyes)
  ''978-1-878901-66-8Sidney Saylor Farr · Tom Sawyer · Rev. Daniel J. ChesbroWhat Tom Sawyer Learned from Dying
1994978-1-878901-69-9Vernon Kitabu Turner · L. Douglas WilderThe Secret of Freedom
1993978-1-878901-72-9Joseph McMoneagle · Charles T. TartMind Trek: Exploring Consciousness, Time, and Space Through Remote Viewing
1993978-1-878901-80-4Ted WrightWright's Complete Disaster Survival Manual: How to Prepare for Earthquakes, Floods, Tornadoes, & Other Natural Disasters
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1994978-1-878901-96-5Thomas Keller · Deborah S. TaylorAngels: The Lifting of the Veil
  ''978-1-878901-98-9Derrick LonsdaleWhy I Left Orthodox Medicine: Healing for the 21st Century