Resurrection Pr

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1990978-1-878718-00-6John J. DillonA Path to Hope: For Parents of Aborted Children and Those Who Minister to Them
  ''978-1-878718-01-3Don HansonFrom the Weavers Loom: Reflections on the Sundays and Feasts
1991978-1-878718-02-0Robert Faricy · Scholastica BlackborowThe Healing of the Religious Life
978-1-878718-03-7Miracle in the Marketplace
1991978-1-878718-04-4Michael BuckleyHis healing touch: A personal witness to the power of God's healing love
  ''978-1-878718-05-1Kevin RanaghanIn The Power Of The Spirit: Effective Catholic Evangelization
  ''978-1-878718-06-8James P LisanteOf life and love
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1993978-1-878718-08-2Linda SchubertFive Minute Miracles (Spirit Life Series)
1991978-1-878718-09-9Margaret O'Brien O.S.U.Discovering Your Light: Common Journeys of Young Adults
1992978-1-878718-10-5Robert Degrandis · Linda SchubertHealing Through the Mass
1993978-1-878718-11-2Joan M. JonesThe Gift of the Dove
1993978-1-878718-12-9Ave ClarkLights in the Darkness
  ''978-1-878718-13-6William O'MalleyYoung People Know What! (Spirit Life Series)
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1993978-1-878718-17-4Susan Muto · Adrian Van KaamStress and the Search for Happiness
  ''978-1-878718-18-1Susan Muto · A. VanraamHarnessing Stress: A Spiritual Quest
  ''978-1-878718-19-8Susan Muto · Adrian Van KaamHealthy and Holy Under Stress: A Royal Road to Wise Living (Spirit Life Series)
1994978-1-878718-20-4James LisanteLet's Talk: The Gospel Challenge for American Catholics
  ''978-1-878718-21-1Larry KupfermanA Rachel Rosary
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1995978-1-878718-29-7Ruthann Op WilliamsHealing Your Grief
1996978-1-878718-30-3Nancy BenvengaHealing the Wounds of Emotional Abuse: The Journey Worth the Risk
1995978-1-878718-31-0Mitch FinleySeason of Promises: Praying Through Advent With Julian of Norwich, Thomas a Kempis, Caryll Houselander, Thomas Merton, Brother Lawrence, Max Picard
1996978-1-878718-32-7   ''Season of New Beginnings
  ''978-1-878718-33-4Ethel PochockiSoup Pot: Stories for All Seasons for Children of All Ages
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1997978-1-878718-35-8Adolfo QuezadaLoving Yourself for Gods Sake (Spirit Life Series)
  ''978-1-878718-36-5Matthew Linn · Dennis Linn · Barbara RyanTo Heal As Jesus Healed
  ''978-1-878718-37-2Mitch FinleySurprising Mary: Meditations and Prayers on the Mother of Jesus
1997978-1-878718-38-9Francis X. GaetaCome, Celebrate Jesus! Reflections for Advent and Christmastide Including Special Feast Days, O Antiphons and Las Posadas (Spirit Life Series)
  ''978-1-878718-39-6Barbara Shlemon RyanLiving Each Day by the Power of Faith: Thirty Meditations to Deepen Your Trust in God
1998978-1-878718-40-2Mike D.The Healing Rosary
  ''978-1-878718-41-9Francis X. GaetaWhat He Did for Love: A Companion for the Forty Days of Lent
  ''978-1-878718-42-6Robert E. LauderYour Sacred Story: How Relationships, Sexuality, and Spirituality Shape Us
1999978-1-878718-43-3Jim VlaunLife, Love and Laughter: The Spirituality of the Consciousness Examined
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