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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1992978-1-878346-10-0Wendy Schaetzel LeskoNo Kidding Around: Americas Young Activists Are Changing Our World and You Can Too
1994978-1-878346-24-7Matthew Lesko · Mary Ann MartelloFree College Money, Term Papers, and Sex Ed
  ''978-1-878346-25-4Matthew Lesko · Mary Ann Martello1001 Free Goodies and Cheapies
1996978-1-878346-33-9   ''Gobs and Gobs of Free Stuff
1995978-1-878346-34-6Matthew Lesko · Mary Ann Martello · Andrew NaprawaFree Health Care, Free Medical Information and Free Prescription Drugs
1996978-1-878346-35-3Matthew Lesko · Andrew NaprawaFree Legal Help
2001978-1-878346-40-7Matthew Lesko · Andrew Naprawa · Mary Ann MartelloFree Money to Change Your Life
1998978-1-878346-47-6Wendy Schaetzel Lesko · Emanuel TsourounisYouth!: The 26% Solution
1999978-1-878346-49-0Matthew Lesko · Mary Ann MartelloFree Stuff for Busy Moms!
2000978-1-878346-50-6Matthew LeskoFree Stuff for Women's Health, Fitness, and Nutrition
  ''978-1-878346-51-3   ''Free Money and Help for Women Entrepreneurs
  ''978-1-878346-52-0   ''Free College and Training Money For Women
  ''978-1-878346-59-9Matthew Lesko · Andrew NaprawaGovernment Giveaways for Entrepreneurs IV
2000978-1-878346-60-5Matthew LeskoFree Money For Your Retirement
2003978-1-878346-65-0Mary Ann Lesko Matthew · MartelloFree Money to Pay Your Bills
2004978-1-878346-67-4Matthew Lesko · Mary Ann MartelloFree Money To Get A Better Home
  ''978-1-878346-68-1Matthew LeskoFree Money To Quit Your Job
2005978-1-878346-69-8   ''Free Money for Entrepreneurs: You Won't Get Rich Working for Somebody Else (Free Money Books)
  ''978-1-878346-81-0Mary Ann Martello Matthew LeskoFree Money for Everybody
978-1-878346-84-1Free Money for Everyone: How to Get Government Grants for the Whole Family!
2006978-1-878346-87-2Matthew Lesko · Mary Ann MartelloAmerican Benefits for Seniors: Getting the Most Out of Your Retirement
2007978-1-878346-93-3Matthew LeskoMatthew Lesko's Government Money Club: USA's Largest Database of Government Money & Services