Fedogan & Bremer

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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1993978-1-878252-03-6Richard L. TierneyHouse of the Toad
1991978-1-878252-04-3Basil CopperThe Black Death
1993978-1-878252-09-8Richard L. TierneyHouse of the Toad
1994978-1-878252-10-4Carl Jacobi · R. Dixon SmithSmoke of the Snake
1993978-1-878252-11-1Basil CopperExploits of Solar Pons
  ''978-1-878252-12-8Robert BlochThe Early Fears
1995978-1-878252-15-9Hugh B. Cave · Karl Edward WagnerDeath Stalks the Night
1996978-1-878252-16-6Robert M. Price · Gahan WilsonNew Lovecraft Circle
1994978-1-878252-18-0Ramsey Campbell · Stephen JonesShadows over Innsmouth
1995978-1-878252-20-3Basil CopperThe Recollections of Solar Pons
  ''978-1-878252-22-7Howard Wandrei · David H. OlsonTime Burial: The Collected Fantasy Tales of Howard Wandrei
1996978-1-878252-23-4Richard A. LupoffBefore...12:01...and After
  ''978-1-878252-25-8Howard WandreiThe Last Pin
1997978-1-878252-27-2Donald WandreiDon't Dream: The Collected Horror and Fantasy Fiction of Donald Wandrei
  ''978-1-878252-28-9Karl Edward WagnerExorcisms and Ecstasies
1998978-1-878252-29-6Adam NiswanderThe Sand Dwellers
1997978-1-878252-30-2Hugh B. CaveThe Door Below
1997978-1-878252-33-3R. Chetwynd-Hayes · Stephen JonesVampire Stories of R. Chetwynd-Hayes
1999978-1-878252-35-7Stephen Jones · Randy BroeckerDark Detectives: Adventures of the Supernatural Sleuths
1998978-1-878252-37-1Brian LumleyA Coven of Vampires
  ''978-1-878252-38-8Brian LumleyA Coven of Vampires
  ''978-1-878252-39-5The Sand Dwellers Numbered Edition
1999978-1-878252-40-1Basil CopperWhispers in the Night
2001978-1-878252-42-5Donald WandreiFrost
2003978-1-878252-44-9Howard WandreiThe Eerie Mr. Murphy
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2000978-1-878252-48-7Hugh B. CaveBottled in Blonde
2005978-1-878252-56-2Stephen JonesWeird Shadows over Innsmouth
2015978-1-878252-77-7H. P. LovecraftFungi from Yuggoth: A Sonnet Cycle