Buddha Rose Publications

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-1-877792-02-1Scott ShawCambodian Refugees in Long Beach, California: The Definitive Study
1990978-1-877792-04-5Scott ShawThe Passionate Kiss of Illusion
1989978-1-877792-05-2   ''Junk: The Back Streets of Bangkok
2008978-1-877792-06-9   ''Bangkok and the Nights of Drunken Stupor
1988978-1-877792-07-6   ''e.q.
1989978-1-877792-08-3   ''TKO: Lost Nights in Tokyo
1989978-1-877792-09-0Scott ShawLos Angeles Koreatown: An Urban Geographical View of the Factors That Lead to It's Inception & It's Current Urbanization
1991978-1-877792-11-3   ''China Deep
1988978-1-877792-14-4   ''Suicide Slowly
1986978-1-877792-19-9   ''Wet Dreams and Placid Silence
1990978-1-877792-26-7   ''Shanghai Whispers Shanghai Screams
2007978-1-877792-36-6Scott ShawZen Buddhism: The Pathway To Nirvana
  ''978-1-877792-41-0   ''Zen in the Blink of an Eye
  ''978-1-877792-42-7   ''Hapkido: Essays on Self Defense
  ''978-1-877792-43-4   ''Zen: Tales from the Journey
  ''978-1-877792-45-8   ''Marguerite Duras And Charles Bukowski: The Yin And Yang Of Modern Erotic Literature
2008978-1-877792-47-2Scott ShawZen Filmmaking
2009978-1-877792-48-9   ''The Screenplays
  ''978-1-877792-49-6   ''Independent Filmmaking: Secrets of the Craft
2015978-1-877792-86-1   ''Macau in Black and White: A Photographic Exploration