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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2011978-1-877653-13-1Suzanne Strauss ArtEarly Times: The Story of Ancient Egypt Third Edition
1993978-1-877653-23-0Suzanne Strauss ArtEarly Times: The Story of Ancient Rome
  ''978-1-877653-24-7   ''Early Times: The Story of Ancient Egypt
1994978-1-877653-26-1   ''Early Times: The Story of Ancient Greece
1995978-1-877653-30-8Suzanne Art · Suzanne Strauss ArtEarly Times: The Story of the Middle Ages
  ''978-1-877653-33-9Stephen C. Clem · Stephen ClemStudy Guide - Pierre & Jean
  ''978-1-877653-36-0Renee WhiteEn D'autres Termes: Le Français tel qu'on le parle
1996978-1-877653-37-7Joseph R. · Joseph Scott · Jr. ScottTactics: Conversaciones entre Dos
1997978-1-877653-38-4Stephen C. Clem · Stephen ClemStudy Guide - Candide (French Edition)
1996978-1-877653-40-7Stephen C. ClemLe Cid - Study Guide for French Literature (French Edition)
  ''978-1-877653-41-4Stephen C. Clem · Stephen ClemStudy Guide - L'Ecole des Femmes
1996978-1-877653-42-1Stephen C. ClemModerato Cantabile - Study Guide for the AP French Literature Exam (French edition)
  ''978-1-877653-43-8Suzanne Strauss ArtEarly Times: West Meets East - The Story of Alexander
1986978-1-877653-46-9Mary Collopy-Southworth · Mary SouthworthWordworks: A Grammar Handbook for the Truly Desperate
1998978-1-877653-47-6Hilary RussellThe Portable Writer
1985978-1-877653-52-0Mary Page · Peter GuthrieLittle Worlds: A Collection of Short Stories for the Middle School
1998978-1-877653-54-4Carolyn F. Demaray · Josette J. SmithTriangle: Applications Pratiques De La Langue Francais
1999978-1-877653-55-1David GreuelAnthology of Advanced Placement French Literature - 2004 Exam
  ''978-1-877653-64-3Bruce Cobbold · G. B. CobboldHellas: A Short History of Classical Greek Civilization and its Predecessors
2000978-1-877653-66-7Helen Dunn · Helen W. Dunn · Jonatha Ceely · Judith Robbins · Mary Tyler KnowlesWriting A Research Paper
  ''978-1-877653-73-5Stephen C. ClemUne Si Longue Lettre: Study Guide for French Literature
  ''978-1-877653-74-2Barbara Gatski · John McMullanManual Para Estudiantes Triangulo (Tercera Edicion) Aplicaciones Practicas De La Lengua Espanola (Spanish Edition)
2002978-1-877653-79-7John S. TulpEssentials of American History
2002978-1-877653-81-0Maria Colbert · Abby Kanter · Marisol Maura · Marian SuganoAzulejo: Study Guide for the AP Spanish Literature Course (Spanish Edition) (Spanish and English Edition)
2000978-1-877653-82-7John McMullenTriángulo, 3rd ed. CD set (Spanish Edition)
1997978-1-877653-83-4Carolyn Demarey · Josette SmithTriangle - Set of 3 Cd's: Applications Pratiques De La Langue Francaise (French Edition)
2005978-1-877653-86-5CobboldRome: Empire Without End
2007978-1-877653-87-2Joachim Du Bellay · Louise Labe · Jean de La Fontaine · Charles Baudelaire · Guillaume Apollinaire · Anne HebertLA Poesie: Guide De Lecture: Pour LA Preparation De 2004 L'Examen De Litterature
2005978-1-877653-88-9Tom La FargeUsage: A Workbook for Students of English
2006978-1-877653-89-6Barbara Gatski · John McMullanTriangulo: A Proposito, Manual para estudiante, Cuarta edicion, (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-877653-90-2J. McMullen · B. GatskiTriangulo: A Proposito, Manual Para Profesores, Cuarta Edition (Spanish Edition)
  ''978-1-877653-91-9John McMullen and Barbara GatskiTriangulo: A Proposito, Cuarta edicion, Programa 6 CDs Audios
2007978-1-877653-93-3Lison Baselis-BitounUne Tempete: French Literature Study Guide (French Edition)