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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1998978-1-876543-00-6Stan PulgiesMathematics for Year 7
2003978-1-876543-02-0R DixonSpecialist Mathematics Year 12
2004978-1-876543-03-7robert-haeseMathematics for the International Student - Standard Level
2006978-1-876543-04-4John Owen · Robert Haese · Sandra HaeseMathematics for the International Student (IB Middle Years)
2001978-1-876543-07-5R.C. HaeseMathematics for Year 8
2008978-1-876543-10-5Robert Haese · Pamela Vollmar · Keith BlackMathematics for International Student Pre Diploma Studies MYP5
  ''978-1-876543-11-2Paul Urban · David MartinMathematics for the International Student: IB Diploma HL Core, 2nd Edition
978-1-876543-13-6Mathematics for Year 9
2004978-1-876543-15-0John Owen, Robert Haese, S Glen WhifrenMathematical Studies: Standard Level Mathematical Studies for the International Student, International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme
2001978-1-876543-19-8R.C. HaeseMathematics for Year 10
2005978-1-876543-21-1Christopher Haines · Stan Pulgies · Sandra HaeseMathematics for Year 5 (Middle Years Mathematics)
2002978-1-876543-24-2Barry Kissane · Anthony Harradine · A. BoysMathematical Interactions: Data Analysis and Probability
2001978-1-876543-25-9R.C. HaeseMathematics for Year 11: Functions, Statistics & Chance
2005978-1-876543-27-3Christine McRaeFurther Mathematics
2007978-1-876543-29-7Robert Haese · Sandra Haese · Pamela VollmarMathematics for the International Student Year 9 IB MYP 4 by Robert Haese (2007-04-01)
2000978-1-876543-30-3Stan PulgiesMathematics for Year 6
2001978-1-876543-31-0R.C. HaeseMathematics for Year 11: Geometry & Trigonometry
2003978-1-876543-32-7Robert HaeseSpecialist Mathematics: Skills and Concepts Year 12
2005978-1-876543-33-4Peter Blythe · Paul Urban · David M. MartinMathematics HL Options for International Baccalaureate
2008978-1-876543-35-8Robert Haese · Sandra Haese · Pamela VollmarMathematics for the International Student Year 8 IB MYP 3
2000978-1-876543-36-5Anthony HarridineQuantitative Methods for Australian Schools
2001978-1-876543-37-2R.C. HaeseMathematical Applications (Year 11)
2003978-1-876543-38-9Robert HaeseBasic Skills Mathematics: Year 8
2005978-1-876543-39-6Roger Dixon · Michael Haese · Sandra HaeseInternational Baccalaureate Mathematics Standard Level Worked Solutions
2007978-1-876543-40-2Michael Haese · Sandra Haese · Robert HaeseMathematics for Year 8 (Middle Years: Standard)
2008978-1-876543-41-9Robert Haese · Sandra Haese · Kim HarrisMathematics for the International Student Year 7 MYP 2 by Robert Haese (2008-08-01)
2003978-1-876543-44-0Robert HaeseBasic Skills Mathematics Year 9
2005978-1-876543-45-7Roger DixonMathematics for the International Student: Mathematics HL: International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme/ Worked Solutions (Core)
2007978-1-876543-46-4Michael Haese · Sandra Haese · Robert HeaseMathematics for Year 9
2008978-1-876543-47-1Robert Haese · Sandra Haese · Stan PulgiesMathematics for International Student
2003978-1-876543-50-1Robert HaeseBasic Skills Mathematics Year 10
2005978-1-876543-51-8Mal Coad · Cathy Newgrain · Sandra HaeseMathematical Studies SL Worked Solution Manuals
2007978-1-876543-52-5Michael Haese · Sandra Haese · Kim HarrisMathematics for Year 10
2003978-1-876543-56-3S. PulgiesMathematics for Year 7
2007978-1-876543-58-7Kim Harris · Robert Haese · Michael HaeseMathematical Studies (South Australia Series)
2002978-1-876543-61-7R.C. HaeseMathematics for Year 12: Mathematical Applications
2003978-1-876543-62-4S. PulgiesMathematics for Year 6
2007978-1-876543-64-8Sandra Haese · Tom van Dulken · Anthony HarradineMathematics for Year 11 and 12
978-1-876543-67-9Mathematical Studies: Year 12
2003978-1-876543-68-6Robert HaeseBasic Skills Mathematics Year 7
  ''978-1-876543-73-0Robert Haese · Sandra Haese · Scott ForemanMathematics for Year 12
  ''978-1-876543-74-7Robert HaeseBasic Skills Mathematics Year 6
2008978-1-876543-77-8Robert Haese · Michael Haese · Sandra HaeseMathematics for Year 11
978-1-876543-79-2Specialist Mathematics: Year 12 Part 2: Mathematics for Year 12
2006978-1-876543-81-5Sandra HaeseMathematics for Year 4
2008978-1-876543-83-9Robert Haese · Michael Haese · Sandra HaeseMathematics for Year 12
2003978-1-876543-85-3Robert HaeseMathematical Studies Year 12: Worked Solutions
2006978-1-876543-87-7Tom van Duiken · Sandra Haese · John OwenMathematics Standard Level Exam Preparation and Practice Guide for International Baccalaureate
2008978-1-876543-89-1Pamela Vollmar · Edward Kemp · Christopher SangwinPre Diploma SL and HL (MYP5 Plus)
2003978-1-876543-91-4R DixonMathematical Studies Year 12: Worked Solutions
2006978-1-876543-93-8David M. Martin · Paul Urban · Tom Van DulkenMathematics Hl Examination Preparation and Practice Guide for International Baccalaureate
978-1-876543-94-5Mathematics for Year 12: Mathematical Studies
2008978-1-876543-95-2Roger DixonMathematics HL Core: Worked Solutions
2003978-1-876543-97-6Robert HaeseMathematical Studies Year 12: Skills and Concepts
2006978-1-876543-99-0Mal Coad · Glen Wiffen · Glenn Smith · Alison Ryan · Robert HaeseMathematic Studies Examination, Preparation, And Practice Guide