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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2003978-1-875726-00-4Brett DuncanCP72600 - Progressive Lead Guitar Licks
1987978-1-875726-05-9Steve ShierIntroducing Beats, Fills & Solos (Drums and Drumming)
1994978-1-875726-06-6Stephan Richter and Craig LauritsenCP72606 - Progressive Rhythm Section Method Bass & Drums
1987978-1-875726-08-0Stephan Richter · Craig LauritsenProgressive Rhythm Section Groves for Base & Drums, from Beginners to Advanced Student (Book & CD-ROM)
2010978-1-875726-09-7Craig LauritsenCP72609 - Progressive 1,000,000 Drum Grooves
2015978-1-875726-18-9   ''CP72618 - Progressive Drum Method
2014978-1-875726-26-4Gary Turner and Andrew ScottCP72626 - Progressive Piano Method Book 1 Beginners
2015978-1-875726-27-1   ''CP72627 - Progressive Piano Method Book 2 (Bk.2)
2010978-1-875726-28-8   ''CP72628 - Progressive Rock Piano
1995978-1-875726-29-5Brett DuncanCP72629 - Introducing Blues Guitar (Learn to Play the Guitar)
1989978-1-875726-31-8Craig LauritsenCP72631 - Progressive Drum Grooves (Progressive Series)
2007978-1-875726-34-9Gary Turner and Andrew ScottCP72634 - Introducing Electronic Keyboard Book 1 (Progressive)
2013978-1-875726-36-3Brett DuncanCP72636 - Progressive Fingerpicking Guitar Solos
2003978-1-875726-37-0   ''CP72637 - Progressive Lead Guitar Solos
2011978-1-875726-38-7Gary Turner and Andrew ScottCP72638 - Progressive Electronic Keyboard Method Book 2
2003978-1-875726-45-5Peter GellingProgressive Blues Lead Guitar Method
1990978-1-875726-46-2Peter GellingCP72646 - Progressive Blues Lead Guitar Technique
2003978-1-875726-47-9Jason WaldronPopular Classics of the Great Composers Arranged for Classical Guitar, Vol. 6
2010978-1-875726-49-3Jason WaldronCP72649 - Progressive Fingerpicking Classics Volume 1 (Book 1)
  ''978-1-875726-50-9   ''CP72650 - Progressive Fingerpicking Classics Volume 2 (Book 2)
2001978-1-875726-99-8Garry Turner · Brenton WhiteMetodo De La Guitarra / Progressive Guitar Method (Spanish Edition)