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1992978-1-875671-00-7Stewart WilsonBoston, Mitchell, and Liberator in Australian service (Australian airpower collection series)
  ''978-1-875671-01-4Job MacarthurAircrash: The Story of How Australia's Airways Were Made Safe Vol 2
1994978-1-875671-02-1Stewart WilsonAnson Hudson and Sunderland in Australian Service (Australian Air Power Collection)
1993978-1-875671-03-8Stuart WilsonPhantom, Hornet and Skyhawk in Australian Service
  ''978-1-875671-04-5Steve EatherTarget Charlie
1994978-1-875671-05-2Stewart WilsonSea Fury, Firefly & Sea Venom in Australian Service (Australian airpower collection series)
  ''978-1-875671-07-6Stewart WILSONVampire, MacChi and Iroquois In Australian Service
  ''978-1-875671-08-3Stewart WilsonMilitary aircraft of Australia
1995978-1-875671-09-0Gerard Frawley · Jim ThornThe International Directory of Civil Aircraft 1995/96
1995978-1-875671-11-3MacArthur JobAir Disaster, Vol. 1
  ''978-1-875671-12-0Stewart WilsonSabre, Mig-15 & Hunter (Legends of the Air) (Vol 1)
  ''978-1-875671-14-4Eric. AllenAirliners in Australian Service: Volume I
  ''978-1-875671-15-1Steve EatherFlying squadrons of the Australian defence force /Steve Eather
  ''978-1-875671-16-8Stewart WilsonTiger Moth, Ct-4, Wackett & Winjeel in Australian Service (Australian Airpower, 13)
1996978-1-875671-17-5   ''Boeing B-17 B-29 & Lancaster (Legends of the Air, 2) (Vol 2)
1996978-1-875671-19-9Macarthur Job · Matthew TeschAir Disaster (Vol. 2)
  ''978-1-875671-20-5Gerard Frawley · Jim ThornInternational Directory of Military Aircraft, 1996/97
  ''978-1-875671-21-2Stewart WilsonViscount, Comet & Concorde (Legends of the Air, 3)
  ''978-1-875671-22-9Eric AllenAirliners in Australian Service - Volume 2
1997978-1-875671-24-3Stewart WilsonZero Hurricane & P-38 (Legends of the Air) (Vol 4)
1996978-1-875671-25-0Dennis NewtonAustralian air aces: Australian fighter pilots in combat
1997978-1-875671-26-7Gerard FrawleyThe International Directory of Civil Aircraft 1997/98
  ''978-1-875671-27-4Stewart WilsonBoeing B-47, B-52 and the Avro Vulcan (Legends of the Air Series Vol 5) (v. 5)
1998978-1-875671-29-8"Australian Aviation Magazine"Laughter on the Wing
1997978-1-875671-31-1Falklands 2
1998978-1-875671-32-8Gerard FrawleyInternational Directory of Military Aircraft: 1998/99
1999978-1-875671-34-2Macarthur Job · Matthew TeschAir Disaster (Vol. 3)
1999978-1-875671-35-9Stewart WilsonAircraft of WWII
1998978-1-875671-36-6   ''Boeing 707, Douglas Dc-8 & Vickers Vc10 (Legends of the Air 6)
  ''978-1-875671-37-3Jones Mike McCollAirlines A - Z: A Guide For Nervouse Airline Travellers
1999978-1-875671-38-0Jim ThornMustang Summer
1998978-1-875671-41-0Anne RenniePain-Free Living: A Cookbook for Arthritis Sufferers
1999978-1-875671-42-7Gerard FrawleyInternational Directory of Civil Aircraft (1999-2000)
  ''978-1-875671-43-4Thorn JimAlive And Well
  ''978-1-875671-44-1Stewart WilsonAirliners of the World
2000978-1-875671-45-8   ''Spitfire (Sovereign Series)
2001978-1-875671-48-9MacArthur JobAir Disaster (Vol. 4: The Propeller Era)
2000978-1-875671-49-6Gerard FrawleyThe International Directory of Military Aircraft: 2000/01
  ''978-1-875671-50-2Stewart WilsonCombat Aircraft Since 1945
2001978-1-875671-51-9   ''Mustang (Sovereign Series)
2001978-1-875671-52-6Gerard FrawleyThe International Directory of Civil Aircraft 2001/2002
2002978-1-875671-53-3Stewart WilsonPhantom
  ''978-1-875671-54-0Australian EditorsDehavilland Mosquitto Sovereign 4
  ''978-1-875671-55-7Gerard FrawleyInternational Directory of Military Aircraft 2002/03
  ''978-1-875671-56-4John WinslowMayday
  ''978-1-875671-57-1Stewart WilsonAnsett. - The Story of the Rise and Fall of Ansett 1936-2002
2003978-1-875671-58-8Gerard FrawleyThe International Directory of Civil Aircraft 2003/2004

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