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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1992978-1-874557-00-5Alan HenryNigel Mansell: World Champion
1994978-1-874557-01-2Murray WalkerMurray Walker's Grand Prix Year 1994
  ''978-1-874557-06-7David WilliamsRallycourse 1994-95
1996978-1-874557-07-4Jeremy ShawAutocourse Indy Car Yearbook 1996-97
1994978-1-874557-11-1John ParsonsOfficial Wimbledon Annual 1994
1999978-1-874557-14-2Rick ShafferAutocourse CART Official History: The First Twenty Years (Hazleton History S.)
1993978-1-874557-15-9Alan HenryAutocourse 1993-94
1999978-1-874557-19-7John ParsonsThe Official Wimbledon Annual 1999
1993978-1-874557-20-3Michael ScottMotocourse 1993-94: The World's Leading Grand Prix and Superbike Annual
1996978-1-874557-22-7Royal and Ancient Golf ClubThe Open Championship 1996
1998978-1-874557-23-4John ParsonsThe Official Wimbledon Annual 1998
  ''978-1-874557-28-9Royal & Ancient Golf ClubThe Open Championship 1998 (Royal & Ancient Golf Club)
1999978-1-874557-29-6Simon ArronGrand Prix Year 1999
1993978-1-874557-30-2Murray Walker · John Townsend · Shell UK LimitedMurray Walker's Grand Prix Year 1993
1995978-1-874557-31-9John ParsonsThe Official Wimbledon Annual 1995
1999978-1-874557-33-3Jeremy Shaw · Peter LoveringAutocourse CART Official Yearbook 1998-99
  ''978-1-874557-34-0Alan HenryAutocourse 1999-2000: The World's Leading Grand Prix Annual
1995978-1-874557-36-4Alan Henry · Michael SchumacherAutocourse - The World's Leading Grand Prix Annual 1995-96
1997978-1-874557-37-1Hazelton PublishingMotocourse Calendar: 1998
1998978-1-874557-38-8Simon ArronGrand Prix Year 1998
1993978-1-874557-40-1Ayrton SennaAyrton Senna's Principles of Race Driving
1995978-1-874557-41-8Michael ScottMotocourse 1995-96: The World's Leading Grand Prix and Superbike Annual
1998978-1-874557-43-2Alan Henry · Peter LoveringAutocourse 1998-99 (Serial)
2000978-1-874557-44-9Jeremy ShawAutocourse CART Official Yearbook 1999-2000
1993978-1-874557-45-6   ''Autocourse Indy Car Yearbook 1993-94
1995978-1-874557-46-3David WilliamsRallycourse: 1995/96: 14th Year of Publication.
1998978-1-874557-47-0Alan Henry · Jacques VilleneuveAUTOCOURSE 1997-1998 - The World's Leading Grand Prix Annual
1993978-1-874557-50-0Doug NyeThe Autocourse History of the Grand Prix Car, 1945-65
1995978-1-874557-51-7Jeremy ShawAutocourse Indy Car Yearbook 1995-96 (Autocourse official yearbook)
1997978-1-874557-52-4Michael ScottMotocourse 1997-98: The World's Leading Grand Prix and Superbike Annual
1998978-1-874557-53-1   ''Motocourse 1998-99: The World's Leading Grand Prix and Superbike Annual
1993978-1-874557-55-5Autocourse 1994 Calendar
1995978-1-874557-56-2Murray WalkerMurray Walker's Grand Prix Year 1995
1993978-1-874557-60-9Motorcourse 1994 Calendar
1995978-1-874557-61-6Paul FearnleyBritish Motorsport Year 1995-96
1997978-1-874557-62-3Jeremy ShawAutocourse PPG CART World Series Official Yearbook 1997-98
2000978-1-874557-64-7Motorbooks InternationalAutocourse Grand Prix: 2001 Calendar
2002978-1-874557-68-5Nigel McKnightTechnology of the F1 Car (Autocourse)
1997978-1-874557-77-7Royal & Ancient Golf ClubThe Open Championship 1997 (Royal & Ancient Golf Club)
2000978-1-874557-78-4Alan Henry · Bernard Cahier · Paul-Henri CahierAutocourse 50 Years of World Championship Grand Prix Motor Racing (Hazleton History S.)
  ''978-1-874557-79-1Alan HenryAutocourse 2000-01 (Autocourse, 2000-2001)
1999978-1-874557-83-8Dennis Noyes · Michael ScottMotocourse Official History: 50 Years of the FIM Road Racing World Championships (Hazleton History S.)
2000978-1-874557-84-5Michael ScottMotocourse 2000-2001: The World's Leading Grand Prix and Superbike Annual
1994978-1-874557-85-2Jeremy ShawAutocourse Indy Car Yearbook 1994-95
1996978-1-874557-86-9John ParsonsThe Official Wimbledon Annual 1996
2000978-1-874557-89-0Simon ArronGrand Prix Year 2000-01
1996978-1-874557-91-3Alan HenryAutocourse 1996-97
1998978-1-874557-92-0Nigel MacKnightTechnology of the Champ Car (Autocourse Technical)
1999978-1-874557-93-7AutocourseAutocourse Grand Prix Calendar: 2000
2001978-1-874557-94-4David Williams · Reinhard KleinRallycourse 2000-01
1994978-1-874557-95-1Alan HenryAutocourse 1994-95
2001978-1-874557-99-9Jeremy ShawAutocourse CART Official Yearbook 2000-01