year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1993978-1-874166-06-1Felix PiraniUniverse for Beginners
1993978-1-874166-08-5Stuart and Litza Jansz. HoodFascism for Beginners
1994978-1-874166-16-0Haim Bresheeth · Stuart HoodHolocaust for Beginners
  ''978-1-874166-17-7John HeatonWittgenstein for Beginners
1995978-1-874166-21-4Richard AppignanesiPostmodernism for Beginners
1991978-1-874166-25-2J. P. McEvoyStephen Hawking For Beginners
1995978-1-874166-27-6Michael WhiteWagner for Beginners
1996978-1-874166-29-0Andrew BrightonPicasso for Beginners
1995978-1-874166-30-6Stuart Hood and Graham CrowleyMarquis de Sade for Beginners
  ''978-1-874166-32-0Brian SedgemoreInsider'S Guide to Parliament (Icon Insiders)
1996978-1-874166-34-4Richard & Loon, Borin Van OsborneIntroducing Eastern Philosophy
  ''978-1-874166-36-8Chris Horrocks · Zoran JevticBaudrillard for Beginners
1992978-1-874166-37-5J. P. McEvoyIntroducing Quantum Theory for Beginners
1996978-1-874166-38-2Jeff CollinsDerrida for Beginners
  ''978-1-874166-39-9Richard OsbourneSociology for Beginners
1996978-1-874166-42-9John & Groves, Judy MaherChomsky for Beginners
  ''978-1-874166-43-6Andrews Robert MarshallInsiders Guide To The Law
1997978-1-874166-53-5Peter PughThatcher for Beginners
  ''978-1-874166-54-2Chris HorrocksFoucault for Beginners
1998978-1-874166-55-9Paul, and JANSZ, Litza COBLEYSemiotics for Beginners
  ''978-1-874166-63-4Gane and ChanNIETZSCHE FOR BEGINNERS
1997978-1-874166-67-2Nicolas TredellF. Scott Fitzgerald - The Great Gatsby (Readers' Guides to Essential Criticism)
  ''978-1-874166-69-6Richard BeynonD.H. Lawrence - The Rainbow/Women in Love: The Rainbow-Women in Love (Readers' Guides to Essential Criticism)
1997978-1-874166-70-2Jane GoldmanVirginia Woolf - To The Lighthouse/The Waves (Readers&quote; Guides to Essential Criticism)
  ''978-1-874166-71-9Susan BruceShakespeare - King Lear (Readers' Guides to Essential Criticism)
1998978-1-874166-75-7Nick SelbyHerman Melville: "Moby Dick" (Icon Reader's Guides to Essential Criticism)
1997978-1-874166-98-6Ziauddin & van Loon, Borin SardarCultural Studies For Beginners
1998978-1-874166-99-3Dave Robinson · Chris GarrattDescartes for Beginners

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