Kate Sharpley Library

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2002978-1-873605-03-5Miguel GarciaLooking Back After Twenty Years of Jail: Questions and Answers on the Spanish Anarchist Resistance
2007978-1-873605-04-2Abel PazThe Story of the Iron Column: Militant Anarchism in the Spanish Civil War (Anarchist Library)
2006978-1-873605-19-6Elias ManzaneraThe Iron Column: Testimony of an Revolutionary (Anarchist Library)
1998978-1-873605-27-1John Patten · Frans MasreelYiddish Anarchist Bibliography
2003978-1-873605-28-8Rhona M. HodgartEthel MacDonald: Glasgow Woman Anarchist (Kate Sharpley Library)
2014978-1-873605-31-8Mariano Aguayo Moran · Fredy Gomez · Antonio Tellez SolaLos Manos: The Story of an Anti-Franco Action Group (Anarchist Library)
2003978-1-873605-33-2AnonymousA Day Mournful and Overcast (Anarchist Library)
1993978-1-873605-35-6Nestor MakhnoMy Visit to the Kremlin
2007978-1-873605-44-8Anna Key · Paul SharkeySalvador Puig Antich and the MIL (Moviemiento Iberico De Liberacion) (Anarchist Sources)
  ''978-1-873605-49-3Ex-Liverpool AFA memberAnti-fascist Action - an Anarchist Perspective: By an Ex-liverpool AFA Member (Anarchist Library)
2008978-1-873605-59-2Maria Occhipinti · Pippo Gurrieri · Letizia Giarratana · Franco Leggio · Stefano FabbriRebellious Spirit: Maria Occhipinti and the Ragusa Anti-draft Revolt of 1945 (Anarchist Library)
2000978-1-873605-62-2Victor GarciaThree Japanese Anarchists: Kotoku, Osugi and Yamaga
1994978-1-873605-65-3Antonio TellezAnarchist Resistance to Franco: Biographical Notes
2000978-1-873605-67-7Des PatchriderThe Couriers are Revolting!: The Despatch Industry Workers Union 1989-92
2004978-1-873605-68-4Julio CarrapatoThe Almost Perfect Crime: The Misrepresentation of Portuguese Anarchism (Anarchist Library)
2008978-1-873605-69-1Juan Carlos Mechoso · Jaime Prieto · Hugo CoresThe Federacion Anarquista Uruguaya (FAU): Crisis, Armed Struggle and Dictatorship, 1967-1985 (Anarchist Library)
2000978-1-873605-72-1Juan Garcia OliverWrong Steps: Errors in the Spanish Revolution
2008978-1-873605-74-5Grigorii Petrovich MaksimovA Grand Cause: The Hunger Strike and the Deportation of Anarchists from Soviet Russia (Anarchist Library)
2002978-1-873605-82-0Anselme BellegarrigueThe Anarchist Manifesto
2005978-1-873605-83-7Miguel GarciaUnknown Heroes: Biographies of Anarchist Resistance Fighters (Anarchist Sources)
2009978-1-873605-84-4Anatoly V. Dubovik · D.I. RublyovAfter Makhno: The Anarchist Underground in the Ukraine in the 1920s and 1930s: Outlines of History and the Story of a Leaflet and the Fate of the ... to Totalitarianism) (Anarchist Sources S.)
2001978-1-873605-87-5K. BullstreetBash the Fash: Bash the Fash Anti-Fascist Recollections 1984-93 v. 1
2005978-1-873605-88-2Rudolf Rocker · Buenaventura Durruti · Errico MalatestaBeating Fascism: Anarchist Anti-fascism in Theory and Practice (Anarchist Sources S.)
2010978-1-873605-90-5Alexander BerkmanThe Tragic Procession: Alexander Berkman and Russian Prisoner Aid (Anarchist Sources S.)
2001978-1-873605-92-9Bartolomeo Vanzetti · Alice Stone BlackwellThe Story of a Proletarian Life