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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1992978-1-873580-02-8Elisabeth D. SvendsenA Passion for Donkeys
1993978-1-873580-07-3Wynne DaviesAn Introduction to Welsh Ponies and Cobs (Horses & ponies)
  ''978-1-873580-08-0J.R. FlowerdewMice and Voles (British Natural History Series)
  ''978-1-873580-09-7Michael ChinerySpiders (World Wildlife S.)
  ''978-1-873580-10-3Elisabeth D. SvendsenFor the Love of Donkeys
1994978-1-873580-17-2Jessica HolmSquirrels (British Natural History Series)
1995978-1-873580-18-9Anne McBride · Tony Pearce · Darren ReesPortrait of Wildlife on a Hill Farm (Countryside S.)
  ''978-1-873580-19-6Mark OakleySaved from the Sea: Tales from Sea Life Centres (Animals S.)
1995978-1-873580-20-2Rob StrachanMammal Detective (British Natural History Series)
  ''978-1-873580-21-9Chris MeadOwls (British Natural History Series)
  ''978-1-873580-22-6Elisabeth D. SvendsenDonkey Tales (Donkeys)
1996978-1-873580-26-4Valerie RussellShetland Ponies (Horses & ponies)
1997978-1-873580-28-8Trevor BeebeeFrogs and Toads (British Natural History Series)
1996978-1-873580-29-5Hugh KolbCountry Foxes (British Natural History Series)
1997978-1-873580-31-8Martin HemmingtonFoxwatching: In the Shadow of the Fox (Animals S.)
  ''978-1-873580-37-0Elisabeth D. SvendsenThe Professional Handbook of the Donkey (Donkeys)
1998978-1-873580-38-7Victoria RobertsPoultry for Anyone
  ''978-1-873580-39-4Nicola HamiltonAttack of the Genetically Engineered Tomatoes: The Ethical Dilemma of the 90s
1999978-1-873580-44-8Elisabeth D. SvendsenFrom Dawn to Dusk at the Donkey Sanctuary
2000978-1-873580-48-6   ''Tiny Titch Saves the Day
2000978-1-873580-49-3Iona FitzgeraldDales Ponies
  ''978-1-873580-50-9Phil RichardsonBats (British Natural History Series)
2001978-1-873580-51-6Stephen HarrisUrban Foxes (British Natural History Series)
2000978-1-873580-53-0Victoria RobertsDiseases of Free-range Poultry
2001978-1-873580-55-4Andrew KitchenerBeavers (British Natural History Series)
2002978-1-873580-56-1Victoria RobertsDucks, Geese and Turkeys for Anyone
2003978-1-873580-57-8Michael Clark · Brogdale TrustApples: A Field Guide
  ''978-1-873580-58-5Martin GouldingWild Boar in Britain
2002978-1-873580-59-2Katie ThearFree-range Poultry
2003978-1-873580-61-5Owen JohnsonChampion Trees of Britain & Ireland
  ''978-1-873580-63-9Anne McBrideRabbits and Hares
2004978-1-873580-64-6Pat MorrisDormice:Old edition (British Natural History Series)
  ''978-1-873580-66-0Marthe Kiley-WorthingtonEquine Education
2004978-1-873580-67-7Victoria RobertsDiseases of Free-range Poultry
2008978-1-873580-68-4D Svendsen EThe Professional Handbook of the Donkey
2010978-1-873580-71-4Pat MorrisHedgehogs:Old edition
2009978-1-873580-73-8Jessica HolmSquirrels (British Natural History Series)
2008978-1-873580-75-2Jeff MartinBarn Owls in Britain
2010978-1-873580-77-6Rob StrachanMammal Detectives (British Natural History Series)
2012978-1-873580-78-3Victoria RobertsDiseases of Free Range Poultry
2010978-1-873580-79-0David BrownVirgin Pig Keeper
2013978-1-873580-82-0Pat MorrisDormice (British Natural History Series)
2011978-1-873580-83-7Chris MeadOwls (BNHC Vol:1) (The British Natural History Collection)