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1992978-1-873376-00-3Ian Fletcher · Ron PoulterGentlemen's Sons: Guards in the Peninsula and at Waterloo, 1808-15
1994978-1-873376-01-0Gordon Turner · Alwyn TurnerThe History of British Military Bands Vol 1: Cavalry and Corps
1997978-1-873376-02-7John Barrat · Stuart ReidTrust in God and Keep Your Powder Dry: A Pictorial History of the English Civil War
1993978-1-873376-03-4M.Bruce PocklingtonThe Pleasures of Coarse Fishing: An Angler's Pitch
  ''978-1-873376-05-8William J. LawrenceA Dorset Soldier: Autobiography of Sgt. William Lawrence, 1790-1869
1994978-1-873376-06-5Ian FletcherWellington's Regiments: The Men and Their Battles 1808-1815: The Men and Their Battles, 1808-15
  ''978-1-873376-07-2Lawrence McDonnellOctober Revolution: Communism's Last Stand: 3
1996978-1-873376-08-9Gordon Turner · Alwyn TurnerThe History of British Military Bands: Guards and Infantry v. 2
1992978-1-873376-09-6John RousA Guards Officer in the Peninsula: Peninsular War Letters of John Rous, Coldstream Guards, 1812-14 (Spellmount/Nutshell military list)
  ''978-1-873376-10-2Michael HickeyThe Unforgettable Army: Slim's XIVth Army in Burma (50 Years on) (50 Years on S.)
  ''978-1-873376-11-9Derek L. JohnsonCricket Masters, 1890-1991: England v.Australia
1992978-1-873376-12-6Donald GibsonHaul Taut and Belay: Memoirs of a Flying Sailor (Into Battle S.)
  ''978-1-873376-13-3Nigel WestacottShires in Our Lives: Heavy Horse (Country S.)
1993978-1-873376-14-0Stephen ChickenOverlord coastline: a history of D-Day, with special emphasis on what can be see today: Guide to D-Day Locations
  ''978-1-873376-15-7Brian RobsonFuzzy-wuzzy: Campaigns in the Eastern Sudan, 1884-85
1994978-1-873376-16-4Ian Fletcher · Andy CookFields of Fire: Battlefields of the Peninsular War
1993978-1-873376-17-1Katherine PrestonInn of the Few: The White Hart - Brasted (Kent) (Into Battle) (Into Battle S.)
  ''978-1-873376-18-8Sheila M. Farrance · Jacqueline A. BennettMemories of a Village Rectory (Local guides)
1995978-1-873376-22-5John MillsFor King and Country: Letters and Diaries of John Mills, Coldstream Guards, 1811-14
  ''978-1-873376-23-2Tag BarnesAngling Memories
1995978-1-873376-24-9Ray WestlakeEnglish and Welsh Infantry Regiments: An Illustrated Record of Service from 1662-1994
1996978-1-873376-25-6Tag BarnesAngling Companions
1994978-1-873376-26-3Ian FletcherIn Hell Before Daylight: Siege and Storming of the Fortress of Badajoz, 16 March to 6 April 1812
2007978-1-873376-27-0Ron TuckerA Teenager's War: The Harrowing World War II Story of a Young Parachute Soldier
1997978-1-873376-28-7Gordon Turner · Alwyn TurnerThe History of British Military Bands: Infantry and Irish v. 3 (The history of British military bands)
1994978-1-873376-29-4Dan Van der VatThe Grand Scuttle: The Sinking of the German Fleet at Scapa Flow in 1919
  ''978-1-873376-30-0Victor MillerNothing is Impossible: Glider Pilot's Story of Sicily, Arnheim and the Rhine Crossing
1995978-1-873376-31-7Don ForemanWords for Speechless Moments: A Beginner's Guide
1994978-1-873376-32-4Thomas J. CutlerThe Battle of Leyte Gulf: 23-26 October 1944
1995978-1-873376-33-1John WellhamWith Naval Wings: The Autobiography of a Fleet Air Arm Pilot in World War II
  ''978-1-873376-34-8William Daniell · David AddeyA Voyage Round Great Britain: Sheerness to Land's End in the Steps of William Daniell RA (1769-1837)
1998978-1-873376-35-5Martin RosNight of Fire: Black Napoleon and the Battle for Haiti
  ''978-1-873376-36-2Martin RosNight of Fire: Black Napoleon and the Battle for Haiti
1994978-1-873376-37-9Cinzia RomaniTainted Goddesses: Female Film Star of the Third Reich
1998978-1-873376-38-6Albert SeatonThe Battle for Moscow
1995978-1-873376-39-3John GallagherThe Battle of Brooklyn: 1776, the Red and Angry Glare
  ''978-1-873376-40-9Gunther E. RothenbergNapoleon's Great Adversary: Archduke Charles and the Austrian Army, 1792-1814
1997978-1-873376-41-6Michael ReynoldsThe Devil's Adjutant: Jochen Peiper, Panzer Leader
1995978-1-873376-42-3David ChandlerSedgemoor, 1685: From Monmouth's Invasion to the Bloody Assizes
1995978-1-873376-43-0A. Korthals-Altes · N.K.C.A.in't Veld · A. Korthals AltesThe Forgotten Battle: Overloon and the Maas Salient 1944-45
1996978-1-873376-45-4P.J.R. MilehamScottish Regiments: a Pictoral History, 1633-1995
1995978-1-873376-46-1Philip J. HaythornthwaiteNapoleon's Military Machine
  ''978-1-873376-47-8Patrick MayhewOne Family's War
  ''978-1-873376-48-5Colonel Le CouteurMerry Hearts Make Light Days: War of 1812 - Journal of Lieutenant John Le Couteur, 104th Foot
  ''978-1-873376-49-2Paul KerriganCastles and Fortifications in Ireland, 1485-1945
1996978-1-873376-50-8Ramon L. JimenezCaesar Against the Celts
1995978-1-873376-51-5William Lawrence · Eileen HathawayA Dorset Soldier: Autobiography of Sgt. William Lawrence, 1790-1869
1996978-1-873376-52-2Robert Sinclair ParkinBlood on the Sea: American Destroyers Lost in World War II
  ''978-1-873376-53-9Peter C. SmithThe Battle of Midway: The Battle That Turned the Tide of the Pacific War
1996978-1-873376-54-6Archie HunterKitchener's Sword-Arm: The Life and Campaigns of General Sir Archibald Hunter
  ''978-1-873376-55-3Richard Van EmdenTickled to Death to Go: Memories of a Cavalryman in World War I
1999978-1-873376-56-0Mark HealyKursk, 1943: The Greatest Tank Battle in History (Armour in Theatre) (Armour in Theatre S.)
1996978-1-873376-57-7Maurice HarveyGibraltar
1997978-1-873376-58-4E.D. SmithValour: History of the Gurkhas
1996978-1-873376-59-1Stuart Reid1745: A Military History of the Last Jacobite Rising
  ''978-1-873376-60-7Martin HoyleMozart (World of Opera)
  ''978-1-873376-61-4Robert HardcastleVerdi (World of Opera) (World of Opera S.)
  ''978-1-873376-62-1Timothy RamsdenPuccini (World of Opera) (World of Opera S.)
1996978-1-873376-63-8Rowland CotterillWagner (World of Opera) (World of Opera S.)
  ''978-1-873376-64-5Martin PoppelHeaven and Hell: The War Diary of a German Paratrooper
  ''978-1-873376-65-2John Spencer CooperRough Notes of Seven Campaigns in Portugal, Spain, France and America During the Years 1809-15 (Spellmount Library of Military History)
  ''978-1-873376-66-9Moyle ShererRecollections of the Peninsula (Spellmount Library of Military History)
  ''978-1-873376-67-6Thomas BrooksThe War North of Rome, June 1944-May 1945
1996978-1-873376-68-3James Pinckney HarrisonMastering the Sky: A History of Aviation from Ancient Times to the Present
  ''978-1-873376-69-0Jack CoombeThunder Along the Mississippi: The River Battles That Split the Confederacy
1997978-1-873376-70-6J.N.P. WatsonThrough Fifteen Reigns: A Complete History of the Household Cavalry
1996978-1-873376-71-3Anthony SterlingThe Highland Brigade in the Crimea: Founded on Letters Written During the Years 1854-56
  ''978-1-873376-72-0Rudyard KiplingThe Irish Guards in the Great War: The First Battalion
1997978-1-873376-73-7Erik HildingerWarriors of the Steppe: Military History of Central Asia, 500BC - 1700AD
  ''978-1-873376-74-4Charles O'NeilThe Military Adventures of Charles O'Neil (Spellmount Library of Military History)
  ''978-1-873376-75-1Masanobu Tsuji · H.V. HoweJapan's Greatest Victory, Britain's Worst Defeat: Capture and Fall of Singapore, 1942
1996978-1-873376-76-8David RoseOff the Record: Life and Letters of a Black Watch Officer
1997978-1-873376-77-5B.P. HughesFirepower: Weapons Effectiveness on the Battlefield, 1630-1850
1997978-1-873376-78-2Samuel A. SouthworthGreat Raids in History: From Drake to Desert One
  ''978-1-873376-79-9William Thornton KeepIn the Service of the King: The Letters of William Thornton Keep at Home, Walcheren, and in the Peninsula, 1808-1814
  ''978-1-873376-80-5Philip J. HaythornthwaiteWellington's Military Machine
  ''978-1-873376-81-2Gunther E. RothenbergThe Art of Warfare in the Age of Napoleon
1998978-1-873376-82-9David Chandler · Ian Fletcher · Charles J. Esdaile · Philip J. Haythornthwaite · Paddy Griffith · Jack Gill · Paul Chamberlain · John GrehanThe Peninsular War: Aspects of the Struggle for the Iberian Peninsula
1997978-1-873376-83-6Rudyard KiplingThe Irish Guards in the Great War 2nd Battalion
1999978-1-873376-84-3Patrick Stearns"Q" Ships, Commerce Raiders and Convoys
1997978-1-873376-85-0Charles BoutflowerThe Journal of an Army Surgeon During the Peninsular War (Spellmount Library of Military History)
  ''978-1-873376-86-7Dianne GravesA Crown of Life: World of John McCrae
1997978-1-873376-87-4H. C. Colonel WyllyThe Campaign of Magenta and Solferino, 1859
1998978-1-873376-88-1David SmurthwaiteProject Korea: British Soldier in Korea, 1950-53
  ''978-1-873376-89-8Jenny Spencer-SmithRex Whistler's War, 1939-July 1944: Artist into Tank Commander
1997978-1-873376-90-4Michael ReynoldsSteel Inferno: I SS Panzer Corps in Normandy
  ''978-1-873376-91-1Albrecht Von BoguslawskiTactical Deductions from the War of 1870-71
1998978-1-873376-93-5John PrevasHannibal Crosses the Alps: The Enigma Re-examined
1997978-1-873376-94-2Denis Le MarchantMemoirs of the Late Major General Le Marchant
2004978-1-873376-95-9David ChandlerBlenheim Preparation: The English Army - Collected Essays
1999978-1-873376-96-6Mike LoadesDuels, Jousts and Tournaments
1997978-1-873376-97-3William Daniell · David AddeyA Voyage Round Great Britain: Land's End to the Clyde in the Steps of William Daniell RA (1769-1837)
1998978-1-873376-98-0Ray WestlakeKitchener's Army
2001978-1-873376-99-7Ian KnightWith His Face to the Foe: Life and Death of the Prince Imperial