Jean Greenhowe Designs

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1988978-1-873193-01-3Jean GreenhoweJean Greenhowe's scarecrow family: Seven knitted dolls and baby's pushchair
1989978-1-873193-02-0Jean GreenhoweJean Greenhowe's little gift dolls: Eighteen delightful knitted characters
  ''978-1-873193-03-7   ''Jean Greenhowe's toy collection: Over twenty easy-to-knit designs
1990978-1-873193-04-4   ''Jean Greenhowe's bazaar knits: Forty fund-raising novelties
  ''978-1-873193-05-1   ''Jean Greenhowe's knitted animals: Irresistible soft toy designs
1991978-1-873193-06-8   ''Jean Greenhowe's MacScarecrow clan: The Scottish scarecrow family
1991978-1-873193-07-5Jean GreenhoweJean Greenhowe's Christmas special
1992978-1-873193-08-2   ''Jean Greenhowe's knitted clowns: The red nose gang!
  ''978-1-873193-09-9   ''Jean Greenhowe's traditional favourites: Teddy bears, dolls and Humpty Dumpties
1993978-1-873193-10-5   ''Jean Greenhowe's Mascot Dolls: Ten Dolls with Knitted Display Stands
1994978-1-873193-14-3   ''Snowtime Friends (Cuddly Snowman, Snowballs, Sledge and Novelties)
1995978-1-873193-15-0Jean GreenhoweJean Greenhowe's little dumpling dolls - The Village Ladies Knitting Pattern
1996978-1-873193-17-4   ''Jean Greenhowe's little dumpling dolls-Part Two - The Village Men
  ''978-1-873193-18-1   ''Jean Greenhowe's storybook dolls: Eight delightful knitted characters
1997978-1-873193-19-8   ''Jean Greenhowe's Jemima-Jane and friends: A charming collection of old-fashioned dolls and teddy bears
2001978-1-873193-23-5   ''Jean Greenhowe Knitting Pattern Book Christmas Treasures
978-1-873193-24-2Jean Greenhowe - Knitted Doll - Dolly Mixtures
978-1-873193-26-6Jean Greenhowe - knitted dolls - Fabulous Fun-Knits