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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1990978-1-872883-00-7Bob TrubshawAncient Crosses of Leicestershire and Rutland
  ''978-1-872883-01-4   ''Holy Wells and Springs of Leicestershire and Rutland
1991978-1-872883-02-1   ''Standing Stones and Mark Stones of Leicestershire and Rutland
  ''978-1-872883-03-8Walter JohnsonThe Later History of the Megaliths: One Chapter of "Folk Memory"
  ''978-1-872883-04-5S.W. PartingtonRunes and Runic Almanacs: One Chapter of "Danes in Lancashire"
  ''978-1-872883-05-2Bob TrubshawGood Gargoyle Guide: Mediaeval Church Carvings in Leicestershire and Rutland
1991978-1-872883-06-9Kati Koppana23 Cantos for the Goddess
  ''978-1-872883-07-6Christine SmithDrayton Manor and Village: Home of the Peels
  ''978-1-872883-08-3Cuming WaltersHoly Wells: One Chapter of "Church Treasury"
  ''978-1-872883-09-0T.Tindall WildridgeAnimals of the Church in Wood, Stone and Bronze: One Chapter of "Church Treasury"
1992978-1-872883-10-6Sarah DallastonAround Foxton: Memories of an Edwardian Childhood
1991978-1-872883-11-3Bob TrubshawThe Quest for the Omphalos: Finding the Mystical Middle of England
1992978-1-872883-12-0Max Wade-MathewsGrave Matters: a walk through Welford Road Cemetery, Leicester
  ''978-1-872883-13-7Frank E. EarpMay Day in Nottinghamshire
1991978-1-872883-14-4Bob TrubshawGrimr's Year
1992978-1-872883-15-1   ''Putting Things Straight: Aligned Ancient Sites in Leicestershire and Rutland (Leicestershire & Rutland Earth Mysteries)
1992978-1-872883-16-8Alby StoneA Splendid Pillar: Images of the Axis Mundi in the Grail Romances
  ''978-1-872883-17-5   ''The Bleeding Lance: Myth, Ritual and the Grail Legend
  ''978-1-872883-18-2Pauline A. SmithReflections on Wychbury Hill
1993978-1-872883-19-9John Harold WorleyAsfordby 1905-1922: Memories of a Leicestershire Village
  ''978-1-872883-20-5David R. WilliamsCinema in Leicester, 1896-1931
  ''978-1-872883-21-2David LazellSir Julian Cohn at Stanford Hall and a View from the Co-operative College
1993978-1-872883-22-9Max Wade-MatthewsThe Monuments of the Church of Saint Mary De Castro, Leicester
  ''978-1-872883-23-6Alby StoneThe Questing Beast and Other Cosmic Dismemberments
  ''978-1-872883-24-3Bob TrubshawDragon-Slaying Myths Ancient and Modern
  ''978-1-872883-25-0Bill GriffithsA User-friendly Dictionary of Old English
1994978-1-872883-26-7Albert FretwellLow Seams and High Vistas: Baddesley Ensor of Yesteryear
  ''978-1-872883-27-4Francis BeswickTraditional British Honey Drinks
1994978-1-872883-28-1Kati KoppanaTimes Past and Times to be
  ''978-1-872883-29-8Max Wade-MatthewsThe Monuments of St. Nicholas Church and All Saints Church Leicester
1994978-1-872883-30-4Max Wade-MatthewsThe Monuments of Saint Martin's Church Leicester
  ''978-1-872883-31-1Val ShepherdHistoric Wells in and Around Bradford
  ''978-1-872883-32-8Mike Robinson · Amy SimesBroken Trees
1999978-1-872883-33-5Bob TrubshawHow to Write and Publish Local History
1994978-1-872883-34-2Paul BennettCircles, Standing Stones and Legendary Rocks of West Yorkshire
  ''978-1-872883-35-9Francis BeswickTraditional Cider Drinks
  ''978-1-872883-36-6Charles BillsonVestiges of Paganism in Leicestershire
1994978-1-872883-37-3Max Wade-MatthewsThe Monuments of St. Margaret's Church, Leicester
1996978-1-872883-38-0Bob TrubshawLittle-known Leicestershire and Rutland: The Hypertext
1995978-1-872883-39-7Paul BennettCircles, Standing Stones and Legendary Rocks of West Yorkshire
  ''978-1-872883-40-3Bob TrubshawLittle-known Leicestershire and Rutland
1998978-1-872883-41-0   ''Gargoyles and Grotesque Carvings
1995978-1-872883-42-7Max Wade-MatthewsGrave Matters: Walk Through Welford Road Cemetery, Leicester
1996978-1-872883-43-4Bill GriffithsMeet the Dragon: An Introduction to Beowulf's Adversary
  ''978-1-872883-44-1Susan EvasdaughterCrete Reclaimed: A Feminist Exploration of Bronze Age Crete
  ''978-1-872883-45-8Alby StoneYmir's Flesh
1997978-1-872883-46-5Bob TrubshawGargoyles and Grotesque Carvings in Leicestershire and Rutland: A Collection of Illustrations
  ''978-1-872883-47-2Jeremy HarteResearch in Geomancy 1990-94: A Bibliography
1997978-1-872883-48-9Jeremy HarteResearch in Geomancy 1990-94: A Bibliography
1998978-1-872883-49-6Max Wade-MatthewsGreat Glen: The Story of a Leicestershire Village
  ''978-1-872883-50-2Alby StoneStraight Track, Crooked Road: Leys, Spirit Paths and Shamanism
  ''978-1-872883-51-9Max Wade-MatthewsMusical Leicester
2002978-1-872883-54-0Max MatthewsSepulchral Effigies of Leicestershire and Ruland
1998978-1-872883-55-7Jeremy HarteAlternative Approaches to Folklore: A Bibliography 1969-1996
  ''978-1-872883-56-4   ''Alternative Approaches to Folklore: A Bibliography 1969-96
2002978-1-872883-58-8Martin GoodmanOn Sacred Mountains
  ''978-1-872883-60-1Robert Nigel TrubshawExplore Folklore (Explore Books)
2004978-1-872883-61-8Jeremy HarteExplore Fairy Traditions
2003978-1-872883-62-5Bob TrubshawExplore Mythology (Explore books)
2002978-1-872883-63-2Nigel C. PennickMasterworks: The Arts and Crafts of Traditional Buildings in Northern Europe
2002978-1-872883-64-9Bill GriffithsUser-friendly Dictionary of Old English
2003978-1-872883-65-6Kati KoppanaSnake Fat and Knotted Threads: An Introduction to Traditional Finnish Healing Magic
  ''978-1-872883-66-3Mercia MacDermottExplore Green Men
2005978-1-872883-67-0Bob TrubshawSacred Places: Prehistory and Popular Imagination
2003978-1-872883-68-7Alby StoneExplore Shamanism
  ''978-1-872883-69-4Bob TrubshawRutland Village by Village
2004978-1-872883-70-0   ''Good Gargoyle Guide: Medieval Carvings of Leicestershire and Rutland
2003978-1-872883-71-7Jill BourneUnderstanding Leicestershire and Rutland Place-Names
  ''978-1-872883-72-4John HamiltonGlad for God: A History of the Bousfields of Newark and Bedford to 1903
2004978-1-872883-73-1Janet BordFootprints in Stone: The Significance of Foot- and Hand-prints and Other Imprints Left by Early Men,Giants,Heroes,Devils,Saints,Animals,Ghosts,Witches,Fairies and Monsters
  ''978-1-872883-74-8Max MatthewsA Virtual Walk Around Leicester
2004978-1-872883-75-5Peter Poyntz WrightHunky Punks: A Study in Somerset Stone Carving
  ''978-1-872883-76-2Andy WorthingtonStonehenge: Celebration and Subversion
  ''978-1-872883-77-9Black AnnisLeicestershire Legends
2005978-1-872883-78-6Robert Nigel TrubshawExplore Phantom Black Dogs
  ''978-1-872883-80-9Simon DanserThe Myths of Reality
  ''978-1-872883-81-6Bansi PanditExplore Hinduism (Explore Books)
2005978-1-872883-84-7Gavin SmithSurrey Place-names
  ''978-1-872883-85-4Bill GriffithsA User-friendly Dictionary of Old English and Reader
  ''978-1-872883-89-2Michael DamesTaliesin's Travels: A Demi-god at Large
2006978-1-872883-92-2Merrily HarpurMystery Big Cats
  ''978-1-872883-94-6Marcia MacDermottExplore Green Men
  ''978-1-872883-95-3Janet BordCures and Curses: Ritual and Cult at Holy Wells
2006978-1-872883-99-1Andrew James WrightGhosts and Hauntings in and Around Leicestershire