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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-1-872727-04-2Robert OpieThe 1910s Scrapbook: The Decade of the Great War (Scrapbook S.)
1995978-1-872727-08-0Robert OpieThe Wartime Scrapbook - from Blitz to Victory 1939 - 1945
1999978-1-872727-09-7   ''The 1960s Scrapbook (Scrapbook S.)
  ''978-1-872727-14-1Charles A. Numark · Martin S. JacobsAmerica's Wartime Scrapbook: From Pearl Harbour to V-J Day
  ''978-1-872727-18-9Charlotte Parry-CrookeMarklin: The Great Toys of Marklin, 1895-1914 (Maerklin)
  ''978-1-872727-19-6Marcel R.Van CleemputThe Great Book of Corgi, 1956-1983
  ''978-1-872727-24-0Roger FenningsThe Book of Matchbox Labels
1999978-1-872727-28-8Clinton DerricksBuy Golly!: The History of Black Collectables
  ''978-1-872727-29-5Pat HammondTri-ang Railways: The Story of Rovex, Vol. 1: 1950-65
1995978-1-872727-31-8David PresslandPressland's Great Book of the Tin Toy
1999978-1-872727-33-2Robert OpieThe 1930s Scrapbook (Scrapbook S.)
  ''978-1-872727-34-9   ''The Edwardian Scrapbook
1993978-1-872727-36-3Frances BairdAction Man: The Gold Medal Toy for Boys
1992978-1-872727-37-0Daniele Lastu · Jean-Marie LastuAll the World's 1/43 Scale Ferraris: Sport, Prototype, 250 GT and GTO Models v. 1
1999978-1-872727-39-4Robert OpieThe Royal Scrapbook (Scrapbook S.)
  ''978-1-872727-41-7Frances BairdBritish Hard Plastic Dolls
  ''978-1-872727-46-2   ''British Teenage Dolls
1999978-1-872727-49-3Dave CooperHis Master's Voice Portable Gramophones
1998978-1-872727-52-3Chris Graebe · Julie GraebeThe Hornby Gauge O System (Hornby Companion S.)
1999978-1-872727-54-7Colette MansellThe History of Sindy: Britain's Top Teenage Doll 1962-1994
  ''978-1-872727-58-5Pat HammondTriang Hornby: the story of Rovex, Vol 2: 1965-1971
  ''978-1-872727-59-2Paul Klein SchiphorstGolden Years of Tin Toy Trains, The
1998978-1-872727-63-9Robert OpieThe 1950s Scrapbook (Scrapbook S.)
2006978-1-872727-64-6Christopher Baglee · Andrew MorleyThe Art of Street Jewellery
1999978-1-872727-68-4Antoni Emchowicz · Paul NunneleyFuture Toys (Antique Collectors Club)
  ''978-1-872727-70-7Allen LevyBing Toy Catalogue 1898 (The Bing toy catalogues)
1997978-1-872727-72-1Derek HeadBassett-lowke Waterline Ship Models
1999978-1-872727-73-8Robert OpieThe Victorian Scrapbook (Scrapbook S.)
  ''978-1-872727-74-5Geoff Weedon · Richard WardFairground Art
1999978-1-872727-75-2New CavendishThe 1912 Bing Toy Catalogue (The Bing toy catalogues)
1992978-1-872727-76-9James OpieCollecting Toy Soldiers (Ingram collecting series)
1999978-1-872727-78-3Norman JoplinThe Great Book of Hollow-cast Figures
  ''978-1-872727-80-6Joseph Manduca"Meccano" Magazine Anthology (Hornby Companion S.)
  ''978-1-872727-83-7Mike Richardson · Sue RichardsonThe Great Book of Dinky Toys
  ''978-1-872727-86-8Nora EarnshawCollecting Dolls Houses and Miniatures (Popular Toy Collectables)
1997978-1-872727-87-5Gordon HowesdenCollecting Cigarette and Trade Cards
1999978-1-872727-88-2Dawn Cope · Peter CopePostcards from the Nursery: The Illustrators of Children's Books And Postcards 1900-1950
  ''978-1-872727-94-3Robert OpieThe 1920s Scrapbook (Robert Opie's Scrapbook Series)
1999978-1-872727-99-8N.G. TaylorOn Land, Sea and in the Air: Action Man