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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-1-872119-00-7Karen Bush201 Handy Hints for Horse Persons
1998978-1-872119-01-4Clare WildeStarting Endurance Riding (Threshold Picture Guide)
2006978-1-872119-02-1Nancy S. LovingGo the Distance: The Complete Resource for Endurance Horses: Complete Resource for Endurance Riding
1998978-1-872119-03-8British Horse SocietyBHS Complete Manual of Stable Management
  ''978-1-872119-04-5Kyra Kyrklund · Jytte LemkowDressage With Kyra
  ''978-1-872119-05-2Mary WanlessFor the Good of the Rider
2006978-1-872119-06-9Tim CouzensHomeopathy for Horses
1998978-1-872119-07-6Sally Ann TottleBodysense: Revolutionise Your Riding with the Alexander Technique
1999978-1-872119-08-3British Horse SocietyRiding & Roadcraft: The British Horse Society Riding and Road Saftey Manual
2006978-1-872119-09-0Linda Tellington-JonesGetting in Touch with Horses: How to Assess and Influence Personality, Potential and Performance
1998978-1-872119-10-6British Horse SocietyWhere to Ride 1999: A Guide to BHS-Approved Establishments in the UK and Ireland (British Horse Society)
1999978-1-872119-11-3Linda PearceBetter Riding Through Exercise (Threshold Picture Guide)
2006978-1-872119-12-0Karen Bush201 More Handy Hints for Horse Persons
  ''978-1-872119-13-7Jane WallaceThe Less Than Perfect Horse: Problems Encountered and Solutions Explained
1999978-1-872119-14-4Blyth TaitBlyth Tait's Cross-country Clinic: The Ultimate Problem-solving Manual for Riders at All Levels
  ''978-1-872119-15-1Gail Williams · Martin DeaconNo Foot, No Horse: Foot Balance - The Key to Soundness and Performance
1999978-1-872119-16-8Clare WildeHands-on Energy Therapy for Horses and Riders
2000978-1-872119-17-5Ernest Dillon · Helen RevingtonShow Jumping for Fun or Glory: A Training Manual for Successful Show Jumping at All Levels
1999978-1-872119-18-2Linda Tellington-JonesImprove Your Horse's Well-being: A Step-by-step Guide to TTouch and TTeam Training
2000978-1-872119-19-9Chris CollesFunctional Anatomy (Threshold Picture Guide 43)
1999978-1-872119-20-5Carl Hester · Bernadette FaurieDown to Earth Dressage: How to Train Your Horse - and Enjoy it!
2006978-1-872119-21-2Jenny HughesThe Painted Horse
  ''978-1-872119-22-9Jenny HughesThe Horse from Nowhere
  ''978-1-872119-23-6Valerie WatsonTrimming and Clipping (Threshold Picture Guide)
2000978-1-872119-24-3Christopher DayHomeopathy (Threshold Picture Guide)
  ''978-1-872119-25-0Martin J. Scott · Gael MarianiBach Flower Remedies for Horses and Riders
  ''978-1-872119-26-7Linda Benedik · Veronica WirthYoga for Equestrians: A New Path for Achieving Union with the Horse
2000978-1-872119-27-4Shawna KarraschYou Can Train Your Horse to Do Anything!: On Target Training - Clicker Training and Beyond
2006978-1-872119-28-1Georgina ColthurstFighting Back
2000978-1-872119-29-8Pegotty HenriquesBalanced Riding: A Way to Find the Correct Seat
2006978-1-872119-30-4Pegotty HenriquesDressage for the Young Rider
2000978-1-872119-32-8German National EquestrianAdvanced Techniques of Dressage (German National Equestrian Fed)
2006978-1-872119-33-5British Horse SocietyThe BHS Manual of Equitation
2001978-1-872119-34-2Mary L. Brennan · Norma EckroateComplete Holistic Care and Healing for Horses: The Owner's Veterinary Guide to Alternative Methods and Remedies
  ''978-1-872119-35-9Petra Holzel · Wolfgang Holzel · Martin PlewaDressage Tips and Training Solutions
2006978-1-872119-36-6Sue HixTraditional Shiatsu for Horses (Threshold Picture Guide)
  ''978-1-872119-37-3Russell LyonHow to Save Money on Your Horse's Vet Bills
  ''978-1-872119-38-0Islay AutyProgressive School Exercises for Dressage and Jumping: A Handbook for Instructors and Riders: A Handbook for Teachers and Riders
2001978-1-872119-39-7Suzan St. MaurThe Horse Lover's Joke Book: Over 400 Gems of Horse-related Humour
  ''978-1-872119-40-3Gael Mariani · Martin J. ScottDogs Misbehaving: Solving Problem Behaviour with Bach Flower and Other Remedies
2006978-1-872119-41-0Linda Tellington-JonesGetting in Touch with Your Dog: How to Influence Behaviour, Health and Performance: How to Understand and Influence Behaviour, Personality and Health
2006978-1-872119-42-7Cherry HillRiding Western (Threshold Picture Guide)
2002978-1-872119-43-4Jane WallaceTeaching Children to Ride: A Handbook for Instuctors
2006978-1-872119-44-1Linda Tellington-JonesGetting in Touch with Your Dog [VHS]
2002978-1-872119-45-8German National Equestrian FederationThe Principles of Driving (Complete Riding & Driving System)
  ''978-1-872119-46-5Islay Auty · British Horse SocietyBHS Training Manual for Stage 3 and PTT (Official BHS Exam Series)
2006978-1-872119-47-2David W. Ramey DVMNavicular Syndrome Explained (Horse Health Explained)
2002978-1-872119-48-9Gail Williams · Martin DeaconNo Foot, No Horse: Foot Balance - The Key to Soundness and Performance
2004978-1-872119-49-6Carl Hester · Polly EllisonReal Life Dressage: Training Advice from Novice to Grand Prix
2006978-1-872119-50-2Suzan St.MaurCanine Capers: Over 350 Jokes to Make Your Tail Wag
2002978-1-872119-51-9Perry WoodReal Riding: How to Ride in Harmony with Horses
  ''978-1-872119-52-6Mary WanlessRide with Your Mind Essentials: Innovative Learning Strategies for Basic Riding Skills
2015978-1-872119-53-3Jennie Loriston-ClarkeLungeing and Long-Reining
2006978-1-872119-54-0Sarah WhiteheadPuppy Training for Kids
  ''978-1-872119-55-7David W. Ramey DVMLaminitis Explained (Horse Health Explained)
  ''978-1-872119-56-4Islay AutyThe BHS Instructors' Manual for Teaching Riding
2006978-1-872119-57-1Islay AutyBHS Training Manual for Progressive Riding: Tests 1-6 (Official BHS Exam Series)
  ''978-1-872119-58-8Betsy Steiner · Jennifer O. BryantGymnastic Training for Horse and Rider: Using a Mind, Body, Spirit Approach
  ''978-1-872119-59-5Islay AutyThe BHS Training Manual for Stage 2 (Official BHS Exam Series)
  ''978-1-872119-60-1Ernest Dillon · Helen RevingtonShow Jumping for Fun or Glory: A Training Manual for Successful Show Jumping at All Levels
  ''978-1-872119-61-8Islay AutyLearn to Ride with The British Horse Society
2006978-1-872119-62-5Clare WildeEndurance Riding: From First Steps to 100 Miles
  ''978-1-872119-63-2British Horse SocietyRiding and Roadcraft: The BHS Riding and Road Safety Manual (Official Bhs Exams Tests 1-6)
  ''978-1-872119-64-9German National EquestrianAdvanced Techniques of Dressage (Gnef Series) (German National Equestrian Federation's Complete Riding and)
  ''978-1-872119-65-6Kyra KyrklundDressage with Kyra
  ''978-1-872119-66-3Islay AutyBHS Training Manual for Stage 1 (Official BHS Exam Series)
2003978-1-872119-67-0Perry WoodPractical Horse Whispering (Threshold Picture Guide)
2006978-1-872119-68-7Mary WanlessFor the Good of the Rider
2005978-1-872119-69-4   ''For the Good of the Horse
2006978-1-872119-70-0Susan McBaneCaring for Older Horses and Ponies (Threshold Picture Guide)
2006978-1-872119-71-7Christina BeltonThe Principles of Riding (GNEF) (German National Equestrian Federation) (German National Equestrian Federation's Complete Riding and)
  ''978-1-872119-72-4Jenny MorganShowing Native Ponies
2004978-1-872119-73-1Blyth TaitCross Country with Blyth Tait
  ''978-1-872119-74-8   ''Blyth Tait's Cross-Country Clinic
2006978-1-872119-75-5Anna Clemence Mews · Julie DickerWhat Horses Say: How to Hear, Help and Heal Them
  ''978-1-872119-76-2Linda Tellington-JonesGetting in TTouch with Your Cat: A New and Gentle Way to Harmony, Behaviour, and Well-being
  ''978-1-872119-77-9Anne Grimshaw · Sallie WalrondTrot On: Sixty Years of Horses
2006978-1-872119-78-6David W. Ramey DVMRespiratory Problems Explained (Horse Health Explained)
  ''978-1-872119-79-3Jane Holderness-RoddamShowing
2005978-1-872119-80-9Joyce HarmanThe Horse's Pain-Free Back and Saddle-Fit Book
2006978-1-872119-81-6Hilary Page SelfA Modern Horse Herbal
2004978-1-872119-82-3British Horse SocietyThe BHS Directory of Where to Ride, Train & Stable Your Horse (British Horse Society)
2006978-1-872119-83-0Islay AutyThe BHS Training Manual for Stage 3 (British Horse Society) (Official BHS Exam Series)
  ''978-1-872119-84-7   ''The BHS Training Manual for the PTT (British Horse Society) (British Horse Society) (Official BHS Exam Series)
  ''978-1-872119-85-4Hilary PageVeteran Horse Herbal
  ''978-1-872119-86-1Hugh MorsheadDesign and Build a Cross-Country Course
2006978-1-872119-87-8Pennie HooperSports Massage for Horses
  ''978-1-872119-88-5Perry WoodBombproofing Tips: quickly learn how to bombproof your horse (Threshold Picture Guide series)
  ''978-1-872119-89-2Melissa TroupThemed Lesson Plans for Riding Instructors: A Handbook for Teaching Recreational Riders
2005978-1-872119-90-8Perry WoodEasy Handling (Threshold Picture Guide)
2006978-1-872119-91-5Rob JonesBHS Trec (British Horse Society)
  ''978-1-872119-92-2Elizabeth FurthVisions of Polo
  ''978-1-872119-93-9Elmar Pollmann-SchweckhorstTraining the Modern Show Jumper
2006978-1-872119-94-6Ginny Oakley · Stephanie SoskinWhat Not to Wear on a Horse
  ''978-1-872119-95-3Melissa TroupEveryday Jumping: for Riders and Instructors: A Handbook for Riders and Instructors
  ''978-1-872119-96-0Linda PurvesHorse and Rider Fitness: The Essential Guide for All Riders
2009978-1-872119-97-7Celia ClarkeWarmblood Influences on the Modern Sports Horse
2006978-1-872119-98-4Jane SkepperYour Mare's First Foal
  ''978-1-872119-99-1Linda Tellington-JonesThe Ultimate Horse Behaviour and Training Book: A Revolutionary and Enlightened Approach for the 21st Century