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1994978-1-872004-08-2Nigel EdwardsMini-Cooper (Classics in Colour)
  ''978-1-872004-09-9Bill HoranBill Horan's Military Modelling Masterclass
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1998978-1-872004-19-8Mick WalkerCafe Racers of the 1960s (Mick Walker on Motorcycles)
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1992978-1-872004-27-3Hans HalberstadtF-15E Strike Eagle (Wings)
  ''978-1-872004-28-0Bill HoranMilitary Model Showcase (Europa Militaria)
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978-1-872004-39-6Martin BuckleyJaguar Mkii - Portrait of a Classic
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  ''978-1-872004-48-8   ''Us Army Rangers (Europa Militaria)
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  ''978-1-872004-84-6Martin Windrow · Alan GreeneWindrow & Greene's UK Militaria Directory and Sourcebook: 1994: The Essential Reference Book for the Military Enthusiast
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1992978-1-872004-88-4Ian KnightZulu: Isandhlwana and Rorke's Drift, 22-23 January 1879
1994978-1-872004-89-1David Knowles · MG Car Club V8 RegisterMG V8 Twenty-one Years on from Introduction to RV8
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  ''978-1-872004-97-6Yves DebayThe French Foreign Legion in Action (Europa Militaria)
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1994978-1-872004-99-0Tim RipleyBombs Gone: Modern Aircraft Ordnance in Action (Wings)

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