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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1988978-1-871512-01-4Aileen PatersonMaisie Goes to School
  ''978-1-871512-03-8Aileen PatersonMaisie and the Posties
  ''978-1-871512-04-5   ''Maisie's Festival Adventure
1989978-1-871512-05-2   ''Maisie Loves Paris
  ''978-1-871512-06-9   ''Maisie Goes to Hospital
1991978-1-871512-09-0   ''What Maisie Did Next
1992978-1-871512-29-8Aileen PatersonMaisie in the Rainforest
  ''978-1-871512-33-5   ''Maisie and the Puffer
1994978-1-871512-36-6Nick HeskethBodkin, Keeper of the Marsh
  ''978-1-871512-40-3Aileen PatersonMaisie Goes to Hollywood
  ''978-1-871512-41-0   ''Maisie Digs Up the Past
  ''978-1-871512-42-7James DrummondWallace Has a Happy Christmas
1995978-1-871512-45-8Nick HeskethBodkin and the Big City
1995978-1-871512-46-5Aileen PatersonMaisie's Merry Christmas
1997978-1-871512-52-6Judy PatersonChildren's Guide to Edinburgh
1998978-1-871512-55-7Aileen PatersonMaisie and the Pirates
  ''978-1-871512-57-1Judy PatersonDwarfie Stane (Scottish Folk Tales)
  ''978-1-871512-58-8   ''The Witch of Fife (Scottish Folk Tales)
  ''978-1-871512-59-5   ''Peerifool (Scottish Folk Tales S.)
1998978-1-871512-60-1Judy PatersonThomas the Rhymer (Scottish Folk Tales)
1999978-1-871512-61-8   ''The Fisherman's Son (Scottish Folk Tales S.)
  ''978-1-871512-62-5   ''Tamlane (Scottish Folk Tales S.)
  ''978-1-871512-63-2   ''The History of Scotland for Children
2001978-1-871512-64-9Joan LingardThe Same Only Different
  ''978-1-871512-65-6Aileen PatersonMaisie Jumps into Japan
2002978-1-871512-69-4   ''Maisie Bites the Big Apple
2001978-1-871512-74-8Aileen PatersonMaisie Toy
2003978-1-871512-77-9Diana HendryNo Homework Tomorrow