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1987978-1-870775-00-7Michael H. TooleyPractical Digital Electronics Handbook
1989978-1-870775-01-4R. A. PenfoldSynthesizers for Musicians
1990978-1-870775-02-1Michael H. TooleyEveryday Electronics Data Book
  ''978-1-870775-03-8Ian Robertson SinclairElectronic Power Supply Handbook
2006978-1-870775-04-5Staff of Music Technology MagazineMusic Technology Magazine's Ten Minute Masters
1988978-1-870775-05-2Ian Robertson SinclairIntroducing Digital Audio: Compact Disc, Digital Audio Tape and Sampling
1990978-1-870775-06-9   ''Digital Logic Gates and Flip Flops: What They Do and How to Use Them
1989978-1-870775-07-6R. A. PenfoldComputers and Music: An Introduction
1990978-1-870775-08-3O.N. BishopDigital Electronics Projects for Beginners
2006978-1-870775-09-0Martin DelaneyAbleton Live 5 Tips and Tricks
1988978-1-870775-10-6R. A. PenfoldPractical MIDI Handbook
1990978-1-870775-11-3Steve A. MoneyElectronic Test Equipment Handbook
  ''978-1-870775-12-0O.N. BishopElectronic Projects for Home Security
  ''978-1-870775-13-7R. A. PenfoldPractical MIDI Handbook
2006978-1-870775-14-4Hollin JonesMusic Projects with Propellerhead Reason: Grooves, Beats and Styles from Trip Hop to Techno
1988978-1-870775-15-1R. A. PenfoldElectronics: Build and Learn
2006978-1-870775-16-8Keith GemmellKeep it Simple with GarageBand: Easy Music Projects for Beginners
1991978-1-870775-17-5Brian Heywood · Roger EvanThe PC Music Handbook: For IBM Personal Computers and Compatibles
  ''978-1-870775-18-2R. A. PenfoldAdvanced MIDI User's Guide
2007978-1-870775-19-9Keith GemmellGarageBand Tips and Tricks
2006978-1-870775-20-5Robin VincentPC Music - The Easy Guide
1995978-1-870775-22-9Ian Robertson SinclairIntroducing Digital Audio: Compact Disc, Digital Audio Tape and Sampling
1995978-1-870775-23-6Robbie GladwellGuitar Electronics and Customising
1996978-1-870775-24-3R. A. PenfoldElectronic Music and MIDI Projects
1989978-1-870775-25-0Clive BrooksMake Money from Home Recording
2007978-1-870775-26-7Martin DelaneyMusic Projects with Ableton Live
2006978-1-870775-27-4Debbie Poyser · Derek Johnson · Hollin JonesFast Guide to Propellerhead Reason
1993978-1-870775-28-1Vic LennardMIDI Survival Guide
  ''978-1-870775-29-8David MellorRecording Techniques: For Small Studios
1990978-1-870775-30-4David MellorHow to Set Up a Home Recording Studio
1992978-1-870775-31-1R. A. PenfoldElectronic Projects for Guitar
  ''978-1-870775-32-8   ''Computers and Music: An Introduction
2006978-1-870775-33-5Stephen BennettLogic Pro Tips and Tricks
1994978-1-870775-34-2Peter Buick · Vic LennardMusic Technology Reference Book
  ''978-1-870775-35-9Ian Robertson SinclairMultimedia on the PC
1996978-1-870775-36-6R. A. PenfoldPractical Midi Handbook
  ''978-1-870775-37-3Ian WaughSequencer Secrets: Hints and Tips for MIDI Sequencer Users
1996978-1-870775-38-0Dave ClackettHandbook of MIDI Sequencing
  ''978-1-870775-39-7R. A. PenfoldAdvanced Midi Users Guide
1995978-1-870775-40-3John HarrisTips for Recording Musicians
1996978-1-870775-41-0Sequencer Secrets Disk
1995978-1-870775-42-7Brian Heywood · Roger EvanPC Music Handbook: For IBM Personal Computers and Compatibles
  ''978-1-870775-43-4David MellorHow to Set Up a Home Recording Studio
1996978-1-870775-44-1Peter BuickLive Sound: PA for the Performing Musician
1997978-1-870775-45-8John HarrisRecording The Guitar: Get a Great Sound Onto Tape
  ''978-1-870775-46-5Joe Ortiz · Pauly OrtizBeat It! [With Disk]
1998978-1-870775-47-2Richard RileyElectric Guitar Handbook
1997978-1-870775-48-9David MellorHow to Become a Record Producer (Music How-To)
1996978-1-870775-49-6Simon MillwardThe Fast Guide to Cubase
  ''978-1-870775-50-2Joe Ortiz · Pauly OrtizBeat it!: Program Your Own Drum and Percussion Patterns
1997978-1-870775-51-9Ian WaughMaking Music with Digital Audio
1997978-1-870775-52-6R. A. PenfoldAudio Amplifier Projects
1998978-1-870775-53-3Peter BuickMaking Desktop Movies
  ''978-1-870775-54-0Stella HemmingsMusician's Survival Guide to Life on the Road
  ''978-1-870775-55-7Stephen BennettFast Guide to EMagic Logic
  ''978-1-870775-56-4R. A. PenfoldVideo Projects: For the Home Constructor
  ''978-1-870775-57-1Simon MillwardFast Guide to Cubase VST
1998978-1-870775-58-8Ian WaughMusic on the Internet
1999978-1-870775-59-5John HarrisTips for Recording Musicians
  ''978-1-870775-60-1Robin VincentPC Music: The Easy Guide
  ''978-1-870775-61-8Bruce DickinsonSet Up Your Own Record Label
2000978-1-870775-62-5Phil Brookes · Ian Edwards · Bruce DickinsonRunning a Band As a Business
1999978-1-870775-63-2Ian WaughCubase Vst - Tips & Tricks
2000978-1-870775-64-9David MellorHow to Set Up a Home Recording Studio
  ''978-1-870775-65-6Stephen BennettMaking Music with Emagic Logic Audio
  ''978-1-870775-66-3Simon MillwardFast Guide to Cubase VST
2000978-1-870775-67-0Ian WaughQuick Guide To... MP3 and Digital Music
  ''978-1-870775-68-7   ''Quick Guide To Digital Audio Record (Quick Guides)
  ''978-1-870775-69-4   ''Quick Guide to Dance Music (Quick Guides)
2000978-1-870775-70-0Ian WaughQuick Guide To Analogue Synthesis (Quick Guides)
2001978-1-870775-71-7Simon MillwardFast Guide to Cubase VST
  ''978-1-870775-72-4Mike SimmonsCreating a Music Website
2002978-1-870775-73-1Simon MillwardSound Synthesis with VST Instrument
2001978-1-870775-74-8Richard RileyAudio Editing with Cool Edit
2002978-1-870775-75-5Keith GemmellGet Creative With Cubase VST
  ''978-1-870775-76-2Robin VincentPC Music: The Easy Guide
  ''978-1-870775-77-9Charles SlaneyThe DJ Handbook
  ''978-1-870775-78-6Stephen BennettMaking Music with Emagic Logic 2nd edition
2002978-1-870775-79-3Marc CooperMaking Music with Steinberg Nuendo
  ''978-1-870775-80-9David E. FranksMaking Music with Sonic Foundry ACID
2003978-1-870775-81-6Debbie Poyser · Derek JohnsonFast Guide to Propellerhead Reason
  ''978-1-870775-82-3Keith GemmellGet Creative With Emagic Logic
  ''978-1-870775-83-0Simon MillwardFast Guide to Cubase SX
  ''978-1-870775-84-7Stephen BennettEmagic Logic Virtual Instruments: A User's Guide
2003978-1-870775-85-4Len SassoEmagic Logic Tips and Tricks
  ''978-1-870775-86-1Keith GemmellGet Creative with Cubase SX
  ''978-1-870775-87-8Robin VincentGuitarist's Guide To Computer Music: With Cubase SX: With Cubase SL
  ''978-1-870775-88-5Dave HillMaking Music with Ableton Live
2004978-1-870775-89-2Martin DelaneyLaptop Music: Create, Record, Perform or Just Listen to Music on Your Laptop Computer
  ''978-1-870775-90-8Keith GemmellCubase SX/SL Tips and Tricks
2004978-1-870775-91-5Simon MillwardFast Guide to Cubase SX, 2nd Edition
2005978-1-870775-92-2Stephen BennettMaking Music with Logic Pro
  ''978-1-870775-93-9Debbie Poyser · Derek JohnsonFast Guide to Propellerhead Reason
2004978-1-870775-94-6Richard RileyAudio Editing with Adobe Audition
2005978-1-870775-95-3Keith GemmellMaking Music on the Apple Mac
  ''978-1-870775-96-0Stephen BennettMaking Music with your Computer: Record Your Own Music Onto CD
  ''978-1-870775-97-7Hollin JonesPropellerhead Reason Tips and Trick
  ''978-1-870775-98-4Simon MillwardFast Guide to Cubase SX
2006978-1-870775-99-1Charles SlaneyDJ Handbook