Francis Joseph Publications

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1988978-1-870703-00-0Nicholas CostaAutomatic Pleasures: History of the Coin Machine
1994978-1-870703-02-4Francis SalmonCollecting Carlton Ware (Collecting English Ceramics S.)
1999978-1-870703-03-1Muriel MillerThe Chintz Collector's Handbook and Price Guide
1988978-1-870703-05-5Kevin PearsonCharacter Jug Collectors' Handbook
2003978-1-870703-06-2Tony KennyThe Bunnykins Collectors Handbook
1999978-1-870703-08-6Bernard BumpusCollecting Rhead Pottery
1997978-1-870703-09-3Howard Martin BonserRoyal Crown Derby Paperweights 1981-1996
1988978-1-870703-10-9Howard Watson · Pat WatsonCollecting Clarice Cliff
1995978-1-870703-11-6Harvey MayThe Beswick Price Guide: A Complete Guide to All Beswick Wares (Collecting English Ceramics S.)
  ''978-1-870703-12-3Muriel MillerCollecting Royal Winton Chintz
1998978-1-870703-13-0Pinchin Salmon · Francis SalmonBeatrix Potter and Bunnykins Price Guide: Royal Doulton, Beswick, Royal Albert Figures and Tableware
2001978-1-870703-14-7Robert Prescott-WalkerCollecting Lalique Glass: Extensive Guide to the Work of Rene Lalique, with Colour Guide and Prices
1988978-1-870703-15-4Harvey MayBeswick Price Guide
1994978-1-870703-16-1Francis SalmonCollecting Moorcroft Pottery
1996978-1-870703-17-8Brendan SalmonNature's Secrets in Health and Vitality: Complete Guide to Natural Health, Nutritional Supplements and Herbal Remedies
1997978-1-870703-18-5Howard Watson · Pat WatsonThe Colourful World of Clarice Cliff
2003978-1-870703-19-2Francis JosephThe Complete Wade Price Guide: A Colour Handbook and Price Guide (Collector's Choice S.)
2002978-1-870703-20-8Marion Quintin-BaxendaleCollecting Carnival Glass
2003978-1-870703-21-5Mike RichardsonCollecting Corgi Toys
1996978-1-870703-22-2Ray BarkerCrown Devon Collectors Handbook
1998978-1-870703-23-9Muriel MillerThe Royal Winton Collectors Handbook from 1925: Cottage Ware, Art Deco, Lustre Ware, Pastels, Etc.
1990978-1-870703-25-3John BartlettEnglish Decorative Ceramics
1995978-1-870703-26-0Kevin Pearson · Peter MillerThe Character Jug Collectors' Handbook: A Complete Guide to All Royal Doulton Character Jugs
1999978-1-870703-28-4Vic SchulerCollecting British Toby Jugs: Includes Ralph Wood, Victorian, Twentieth Century and Kevin Francis Toby jugs
1992978-1-870703-30-7Howard Watson · Pat WatsonThe Colourful World of Clarice Cliff
2004978-1-870703-31-4Mike RichardsonCollecting Matchbox
2003978-1-870703-33-8David SerpellCollecting Carlton Ware (Carlton Ware Collectors Handbook)
1992978-1-870703-35-2Howard Watson · Pat WatsonCollecting Art Deco Ceramics: Shapes and Patterns from the 1920s and 1930s
1997978-1-870703-36-9   ''Collecting Art Deco Ceramics: Shapes and Patterns from the 1920s and 1930s
1992978-1-870703-40-6Kevin PearsonCharacter Jug Collectors' Handbook
1996978-1-870703-41-3   ''Doulton Figure Collector's Handbook: Price Listing and Colour Reference to All Royal Doulton Figures
2003978-1-870703-43-7David SerpellCollecting Carlton Ware
2002978-1-870703-44-4Howard Martin BonserCollecting Royal Crown Derby Paperweights: Colour Price Guide to All Paperweights Up to Present Date. (Collectors Handbook)
1996978-1-870703-46-8Robert Prescott-WalkerCollecting Lalique Glass
1992978-1-870703-50-5Kevin PearsonThe Doulton Figure Collector's Handbook
2003978-1-870703-51-2Harvey MayCollecting Beswick
2002978-1-870703-53-6Robert Prescott-WalkerCollecting Moorcroft Pottery: A Colour Guide with Valuations
1995978-1-870703-56-7Pat Watson · Howard WatsonClarice Cliff Price Guide: Price, Shape and Colour Pattern Guide
1990978-1-870703-60-4Ronald A. SmithThe Premier Years of Margaret Thatcher
1997978-1-870703-61-1Francis SalmonThe Wade Collectors Handbook: Complete Listing and Prices to Wade Collectables
1996978-1-870703-62-8Stella AshbrookPendelfin Collector's Handbook
2000978-1-870703-63-5Robert Prescott-WalkerCollecting Poole Pottery
1995978-1-870703-66-6Pinchin SalmonBeatrix Potter and Bunnykins Price Guide: A Complete Guide to All Figures from Royal Doulton, Beswick and Royal Albert
1998978-1-870703-67-3Robert Prescott-WalkerCollecting Shelley Pottery
2003978-1-870703-70-3R.J. GulliverPocket Dragons: A Collector's Handbook and Price Guide (Collector's Choice S.)
1997978-1-870703-71-0Marion Quintin-BaxendaleCarnival Glass Collectors Handbook: A General Guide to Price and Identification of Carnival Glass (The Collectors Choice)
2001978-1-870703-72-7Stella AshbrookCollecting Sylvac Pottery
1997978-1-870703-73-4May HarveyThe Beswick Price Guide
1992978-1-870703-75-8Kevin FrancisCollecting Susie Cooper
2003978-1-870703-76-5Stella AshbrookCollecting Sylvac
2001978-1-870703-78-9Howard WatsonCollecting Clarice Cliff
  ''978-1-870703-79-6Harvey MayThe Beswick Price Guide: Price and Colour Guide to Beswick Pottery Collectables
1992978-1-870703-80-2   ''Beswick Price Guide
2007978-1-870703-81-9Vicky HooperCollecting Beatrix Potter
1999978-1-870703-83-3Stella Ashbrook · Frank SalmonThe Pendelfin Collector's Handbook
1992978-1-870703-85-7John HughesCollecting David Winter Cottages
2003978-1-870703-86-4Stella AshbrookPendelfin Collector's Handbook
  ''978-1-870703-89-5Francis JosephThe Golly Collectors Handbook, With 2003/04 Price Guide
1994978-1-870703-90-1Vic SchulerCollecting British Toby Jugs (Collecting English Ceramics S.)
2003978-1-870703-94-9Howard Watson · Pat WatsonThe Complete Clarice Cliff
1995978-1-870703-96-3Francis JosephCollecting Susie Cooper (Collecting English Ceramics S.)
2003978-1-870703-97-0Mike RichardsonCollecting Dinky Toys: Complete Listing and Colour Price Guide for Dinky Toys from 1933