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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1987978-1-870673-00-6Geraldine LaceyCreating Topiary
1996978-1-870673-08-2Sylvia CroweGarden Design
1999978-1-870673-12-9Geoffrey JellicoeGeoffrey Jellicoe: "Studies in Landscape Design" v. 3: The Studies of a Landscape Designer Over 80 Years: "Studies in Landscape Design" v. 3
  ''978-1-870673-16-7Gertrude Jekyll · Lawrence WeaverGertrude Jekyll and the Arts and Crafts Garden
1996978-1-870673-17-4Alistair MorrisAntiques from the Garden
1999978-1-870673-19-8John HowellsThe Rose and the Clematis: As Good Companions
  ''978-1-870673-21-1Patricia Riley HammerThe New Topiary: Imaginative Techniques from Longwood Gardens
  ''978-1-870673-24-2John HowellsTrouble-free Clematis: Viticellas
1998978-1-870673-25-9Jack KramerBotanical Orchids: And How to Grow Them
1999978-1-870673-27-3Gertrude JekyllGertrude Jekyll: An Anthology - The Making of a Garden
  ''978-1-870673-29-7Jane BrownThe English Garden Through the Twentieth Century
1999978-1-870673-30-3David HicksMy Kind of Garden
  ''978-1-870673-31-0Timothy ClarkMargery Fish's Country Gardening
  ''978-1-870673-33-4Alistair MorrisAntiques from the Garden
  ''978-1-870673-34-1Brian Rittershausen · Wilma RittershausenOrchids: The Complete Grower's Guide
2000978-1-870673-35-8Rosamund WallingerGertrude Jekyll's Lost Garden: The Restoration of an Edwardian Masterpiece
1999978-1-870673-36-5Virginia McNaughtonLavender: The Grower's Guide
2001978-1-870673-39-6Nathaniel LloydTopiary: Garden Craftsmanship in Yew and Box
1999978-1-870673-40-2Sylvia CroweGarden Design
  ''978-1-870673-41-9William Frank HillA Landscape Handbook for the Tropics
1999978-1-870673-42-6Nancy J. OndraGrasses: Versatile Partners for Uncommon Garden Design
  ''978-1-870673-46-4Diana SnapeThe Australian Garden: Designing with Australian Plants
  ''978-1-870673-47-1John HowellsChoosing Your Clematis
  ''978-1-870673-48-8David HicksDavid Hicks: My Kind of Garden
2005978-1-870673-51-8John HowellsEveryone's Clematis - The Montanas: A Book for Gardeners
2007978-1-870673-52-5John BrookesRoom Outside: A New Approach to Garden Design
2008978-1-870673-53-2David AustinThe Rose
2007978-1-870673-55-6Charles Quest-Ritson · Penelope HobhouseThe Gardens of Europe: A Traveller's Guide
2008978-1-870673-56-3Caroline Holmes · Nicholas Barlow · Tim KnoxFollies of Europe: Architectural Extravaganzas
2010978-1-870673-57-0Georgina MassonItalian Gardens
2008978-1-870673-58-7Peter Cox · Peter HutchisonSeeds of Adventure: In Search of Plants
2010978-1-870673-59-4David HicksDavid Hicks: My Kind of Garden
2008978-1-870673-61-7Marie-Francoise ValeryGardens of the Loire Valley
2009978-1-870673-62-4Allan GuestThe Auricula: History, Cultivation and Varieties
2016978-1-870673-65-5David AustinClimbing and Rambler Roses
2013978-1-870673-69-3   ''Old Roses
2018978-1-870673-70-9   ''David Austin's English Roses
2017978-1-870673-71-6   ''Modern, Bush and Shrub Roses
2011978-1-870673-73-0Seamus O'BrienIn the Footsteps of Augustine Henry
  ''978-1-870673-74-7Caroline HolmesMonet at Giverny
2012978-1-870673-76-1Claude Hitching · Jenny LillyRock Landscapes: The Pulham Legacy
2013978-1-870673-79-2Barbara BakerContemporary Designers' Own Gardens
2015978-1-870673-85-3Katharina Adams · Petra PelzGrasses in the Garden: Design Ideas, Plant Portraits and Care