year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1989978-1-870630-09-2John RamsbottomMushrooms and Toadstools (New Naturalist S)
1990978-1-870630-14-6E.M.NicholsonBirds and Men (Collins New Naturalist Series)
  ''978-1-870630-19-1Eric SimmsWoodland Birds
1987978-1-870630-20-7John MilnerRussian Revolutionary Art
1990978-1-870630-24-5C.M.YongeThe Sea Shore (Collins New Naturalist Series)
  ''978-1-870630-29-0T T Macan · E B WorthingtonLife in Lakes and Rivers (Collins New Naturalist Series)
  ''978-1-870630-39-9A.D ImmsInsect Natural History (Collins New Naturalist Series)
  ''978-1-870630-44-3William CondryThe Natural History of Wales
1988978-1-870630-45-0Rodney K. EngenRANDOLPH CALDECOTT: 'LORD OF THE NURSERY'.
1990978-1-870630-49-8Edmund Brisco FordButterflies (Collins New Naturalist Series)
1990978-1-870630-54-2J.E.LousleyWild Flowers of Chalk & Limestone
1988978-1-870630-62-7Alan WykesSaucy Seaside Postcards
1989978-1-870630-63-4Leslie BrownBritish Birds of Prey (Collins New Naturalist Series)
  ''978-1-870630-68-9Leonard Harrison MatthewsBritish Mammals (Collins New Naturalist Series)
1990978-1-870630-69-6Richard Sidney Richmond FitterLondon's Natural History (Collins New Naturalist Series)
1989978-1-870630-83-2William Bertram TurrillBritish Plant Life (Collins New Naturalist Series)
  ''978-1-870630-88-7James Fisher · R.M.LockleySea Birds: An Introduction to the Natural History of the Sea-Birds of the North Atlantic (Collins New Naturalist Series)
1992978-1-870630-94-8J. A. CuddonThe Penguin Book of Horror Stories
1989978-1-870630-98-6F Fraser Darling & J. M. BoydNatural History in the Highlands and Islands (Collins New Naturalist Series)
1994978-1-870630-99-3Godfrey CaveEncyclopedia of the Bible

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